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Super Dungeon Explore, the chibi board game, returns with LEGENDS — featuring a new starter box, campaign play, and RPG action!
Super Dungeon Explore, the chibi board game, returns with LEGENDS — featuring a new starter box, campaign play, and RPG action!
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Complete Previews of Arcade, Bosses and More!

Posted by Soda Pop Miniatures (Creator)

Hello Explorers,

We have been feverishly working on layout for Arcade, the Bosses of Legend, and more. We were not able to quite get all of Wave 2 ready in time for today, but we completed a huge swath of items for you to take a look at! We'll continue pushing through the outstanding wave 2 items between now and next update to share with you!


If you missed the first preview we posted with all of the Explore content, you can download it from the link below.


We hope this gives you some fun reading material over the weekend!

See you next update!

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    1. Matt Drake

      Every time I see one of these previews I get all excited again. I need to get painting so I can be ready when this new stuff shows up!

    2. Tonixz on

      Thanks Joseph Fife =)

    3. Wesley Chandler on

      Sorry maybe I missed it, but does anyone know if they have a card for Deeproot Druid and Angry Bear in the proofs?

    4. Nakano

      @Donny Good point! There should be that emphasizing. Rules even state: "Cards that come with a specific model have that model’s portrait on the card for easy identification when customizing the deck."
      Should the rules state some upper limit / recommendation for how many boo bootys should be included in a deck? Expansions may have new types of these so could pick randomly that amount. Recommendation could be like for every x treasure cards (basic + model specific) shuffle 1 boo booty into Treasure Deck.

    5. Joseph Fife on

      Tonixz, Justin has voiced interest in Relics for older bosses, but wont commit to anything until the KS is done

    6. Nephastus on

      Many typos, missing icons and stranger things found on card previews. The demogorgon spitted on it?

    7. Tonixz on

      Will existing, already released bosses get their own relic cards?

    8. Missing avatar

      geraint on

      Umm, wave 2 is all very nice. but where the hell is my wave 1?

    9. Andrew Willis on

      while I appreciate all the work your putting into arcade, as well as all the lovely wave 2 shinies... is there any news on wave 1?

    10. Missing avatar

      Donny Britton on

      One more, just noticed some of the expansion treasure cards don't have their models icon. Other than that, looking good. �

    11. Missing avatar

      Donny Britton on

      There are a couple of copy and paste errors on the core arcade cards, like the nether clutch gang. Also, there is a gang for the tower arbalists, is this right? It doesn't appear to do anything, that the single card doesn't (which is included as well?) Lastly, are there still going to be alternate profiles for the Forgotten King models?

    12. Missing avatar

      Niels Kühn on

      @Wiiliam Look at Update 90, they are part of Legends, not Explore or Arcade

    13. William Baker on

      Why aren't the Amethyst and Citrine dice on the components list please?

    14. Dave Monteforte on

      Looks awesome. Perhaps someone can clear up one question I have but forgot to ask until now. The rulebook doesn't say whether or not you can reactivate the same monster with skull points if you activated it for free. My thoughts are no, but I can't find it in the rules

    15. Benjamin Curto

      Unfortunately I won't get a chance to playtest this until early 2021.... luckily that should still be plenty of time for you to make adjustments based on my feedback before production.

    16. Cador

      wow, i am impressed! that looks really super cool!!!!! i was a little worried if i ever get smth :) cant wai to play arcade mode!!!!

    17. Aitor Vilchez Acha on

      Warning, cards have some lines.