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Super Dungeon Explore, the chibi board game, returns with LEGENDS — featuring a new starter box, campaign play, and RPG action!
Super Dungeon Explore, the chibi board game, returns with LEGENDS — featuring a new starter box, campaign play, and RPG action!
6,611 backers pledged $1,290,522 to help bring this project to life.

Arcade Rulebook, Sculpt Compendium, A Case of Mold

Posted by Soda Pop Miniatures (Creator)

Hello Explorers!

Going forward, I am going to be moving updates to Wednesday. That way, we here at Soda Pop have Thursday and Friday to answer questions that may come up from an update before the weekend.

We have a couple of cool items to share with you this week. 


The first is the laid out Arcade Rulebook. Please note that it has currently undergone only one editing pass, and still has some placeholder images for diagrams and black and white images while art is finished being colored. There's also some compression artifacts on the images, since it is a big file. Don't Panic! The final book's images will all be super crisp and clear. It is looking stellar, and we hope you enjoy looking through it!

Download the Arcade Rulebook

Over the next weeks we'll be doing additional editing passes to fine tune the layout. If you have feedback on the rulebook, email it to by Monday, October 16th. Title your email, "Arcade Rulebook Edits," so that it can be sorted properly. At this point, playtesting is done, but if you catch anything we miss we would love to hear about it! (Also, please keep in mind, if you have a question about the kickstarter those questions go to


Next up, we have images of every sculpt for the kickstarter, all complete and organized for you to look through. You can download every image right here:

Download the Sculpt Compendium

I picked out a few of my favorites below, because they're awesome!

 The Grim Golem! This guy is one of the mini-bosses from the Realm of the Midnight Tower. He is currently rendered in grey but will be the pink/magenta color of other Midnight Tower models when produced. I love the details on this guy: the miniature Nether Elf handler hanging out on his shoulder, the gargoyles carved around him, and the awesome little door in his belly. Are there more nether elves hanging out inside? They'll never tell!

Aubnar Buttonbjorn is such a dapper dwarf. An expert tailor, this NPC is a true master with equipment modifications, and Heroes who employ his services are always impeccably equipped. Plus he has buttons on his hat, and that is radical.

 The Yowling. Egg helmet! Just. Too. Adorable.


Generally mold is a bad thing, but in this case it's a welcome sight. We had our manufacturers snap some pictures of a few of the molds they have already completed. I always find behind the scenes shots like this fascinating.

These first shots are for the Crown Guard Warband





This second group are molds for the Frostbyte Ravagers Warband.




Next week, I'll have an update for the Consul's Grimoire for Legends and other cool stuff that we can gather up to share with you. A huge thank you to everyone who has already begun sending in your feedback!

As a reminder, here is the link for feedback:

Legends Feedback Form!

(We're working on modifying it to be more Legends specific. ;)

See you next week!



THE DREAMING: The time before Crystalia, when only the Goddess existed, drifting within the Etherium. Also known as The Time of Mist, The Time Before, Birth of the Goddess, and The Starlight Sea.

- A Timeline of Crystalia, compiled by Master Librarian Nikolai Ten


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    1. Trav11111 on

      Some of the entries in the index say the wrong page #. (ex. status effects and shape shifting say page 39, but are actually on 41)

    2. André Eriksson on

      Oh my goddess! The sanctioned witch looks sooooo cuuuuuute! <3333

    3. Wesley Chandler on

      @SPM Justin I was unable to send a email to you, I sent it to the info email.

    4. Soda Pop Miniatures 7-time creator on

      I'm not certain what usual effects you mean? Gaining two wrath tokens IS the effect.

      For edits, please email justin.gibbs@ninjadivision,com or they are easy to miss and we cannot guarantee they will be made. Thanks for the feedback!

    5. Soda Pop Miniatures 7-time creator on

      They are the same, good catch.

      This issue has been brought up and will be fixed.

    6. Missing avatar

      Matthew Tsushima

      Also, for the Loud Slurping rule - it shows as "(Potion - Green - 1) [Support] This Hero gains two Wrath tokens."

      Is this in addition to the normal benefit of the potion itself, or does this effect replace the Potion's normal effect? (I would tend towards the replacement of effect, as the Loud Slurping action is a Green Potion, and does not appear to be limited to requiring an already Green Potion to use - it just limits the timing to the Consul's turn, according to the callout. Therefore, if the Potion's usual effect remains, the timing of the effect of a non-green potion (one not designed for use on the Consul's turn) could act weird?)

    7. Missing avatar

      Matthew Tsushima

      @Deke Are the Difficulty cards for Easy Mode and Hard Mode supposed to have the same back? On page 10 of the rulebook, there are pictures of each of the types of Difficulty cards, but they look the same. Am I missing the differences?

    8. Chris on

      Not much more to say than "Reminds me why I backed" :D

      I'm a complete SodaPop/NinjaDivision Noob so it's updates like that keep me smiling :D

      Quality update folks.... quality update :D

    9. Soda Pop Miniatures 7-time creator on

      All of the minis will be in one piece. :)

      That would be an awesome wallpaper! Hmm...

      The Hexcast Sorceress (female) is in the Arcade box. Just clarifying, as this campaign does include a male Sorcerer who is NOT in the Arcade box. Indeed, each of the new core games includes six Heroes, and Angry Bear/Deeproot Duid will become their own separate Hero blister. Also, I should say, everyone will receive all models for which they pledged, regardless of how they end up being sold at retail.

      Thanks for the discussion! If you need a direct answer to anything from me, the best place for that is the main comment section as opposed to one in response to an update. Just letting you guys know so you can get your questions answered as quickly as possible. :)

      -Ninja Justin

    10. Drew on

      I hadn't realized that the Hexcast Sorcerer got moved into the Arcade box.

      I think that makes six heroes in each of the new sets, right? That is, if the Angry Bear/Druid becomes a separate hero pack.

    11. Drew on

      Could you guys take the page 2 artwork and make it a wallpaper for us?

    12. Nicholas E. Kelsch on

      Ugh with the winks... Well can we at least get the female druid's wink fixed to look like the cat burglar? Lazy eye vs wink.

    13. eWave on

      @Soda Pop
      Thank you for the sculpt compendium and the mold pictures.

    14. Jared Bond

      ...I lost so much skin assembling that first box.

    15. Joseph Fife on

      @jared, King Starfire was given to all pledges that include Dragon Back Peak 2.0 and the pledge manager was reopened to allow people to add 2.0 to their pledge. you can try emailing them to see if they will let you add it now. Justine made some intimations that they might.

    16. Alexandre Valois on

      Daniel, all minis are multi-part but pre-assembled. Only the first edition of Super Dungeon Explore required assembly.

    17. Daniel Mooneyham

      How many of the minis are in one piece? Or, does everything require some gluing? I am terrible at the hobby portion of this, and originally when I pledged, everything looked like solid no-fuss minis.

    18. Jared Bond

      Looks like King Starfire was given to a few pledge levels. For the rest of us....will there be a way to include him?

    19. Jen on

      Now this is a great update, I love the sculpts and I know I'm not the only one. The biggest concern I had was that everything had been put on hold while the rules were overhauled and clearly that isn't the case.

      Going forward, can I suggest that the updates include one or two production pictures? Digital sculpts or prototypes or production minis or molds, anything like that. I think it helps to reassure backers that the game is definitely coming - and it gets people excited about the minis.

    20. Coralline Algae on

      Good to know. I couldn't remember for the life of me. Thanks for the quick answer.

    21. Soda Pop Miniatures 7-time creator on

      You only need one backpack for all Heroes.

      Also, glad to see the excitement about the sculpts. :)

      -Ninja Justin

    22. Coralline Algae on

      @Deke - Do players only need one Hero Backpack for this game? I thought each player needed one but I could be wrong. The other items show a number in the content section if there is more than one.

    23. Coralline Algae on

      I really like the new expression on the Cat Burgler and that +3 mustache on the Sergeant-at-Arms. The Frostbite Face Beaters are also cooler than I remembered. The female Druid is still my favorite of the bunch.

      It's nice to get a reminder of why many of us backed this game. Nobody makes better chibi minis. It's a shame SDE & RRI backers had to burn the Starfinder campaign to catch Soda Pops attention.

    24. Soda Pop Miniatures 7-time creator on

      Ah, those are all new elements that were added to Arcade during 2nd edition's development. The design of them was determined by our creative director and graphic artist. Since they were all new and are unique to Arcade, they similarly got a unique look to them. If you look at page 9 you can see that the fronts still carry the distinctive border.

    25. Alexandre Valois on

      @Deke, page 4 of the arcade rulebook shared in today's update, which lists the components.

      The hero, loot and monster cards still seem to have maintained the signature border on the back of the cards, however all new arcade cards (challenge, plot, difficulty) have a full color back with illustration in the middle without border.

      On a more positive note, loving the work on the MMC and backpack.

    26. Soda Pop Miniatures 7-time creator on

      The design on the arcade cards have not changed. Can you point me to where you are looking?

    27. Alexandre Valois on

      @Deke, if you are still around...

      All arcade cards now seem to have lost the border around them. I feel like this change makes them look a bit off, but then again am used to the FK cards. The main project page shows mockups with a border however. Was there a reason for the change in design style?

    28. Missing avatar

      Johnnie on

      @Deke and @Alexandre Thanks for clarifying, its been so long I don't remember everything that is included ^_^

    29. Alexandre Valois on

      Great, will be looking forward to next week's Legend update then.

    30. Soda Pop Miniatures 7-time creator on

      The Druid and Angry Bear will be included with the other single Heroes, as part of your rewards.

      The "Playing Arcade Style" rules are actually the contents of the Consul's Grimoire update next week. ;)


    31. Kenna

      All hail the mighty Sculpt Compendium!

    32. Soda Pop Miniatures 7-time creator on

      Our sales team is working hard to make those products easier to get in the UK and Europe.


    33. Alexandre Valois on

      Deke! Woot! Can you clarify when we can expect to see the Arcade rules for Legends?

    34. Coralline Algae on

      Does anybody know which game or expansion will have the Deepwood Druid & Angry Bear? The front page says he's in 2.0 but I know he was taken out along with the Hexcast Sorceress. I see the sorceress is in Arcade now, just can't find the Druid.

    35. Alexandre Valois on

      Johnnie, the Grim Golem was an unlocked stretch goal. It won't be part of the Midnight Tower\Arcade box

    36. Soda Pop Miniatures 7-time creator on

      The Grim Golem is not part of the Arcade box. It is one of the free mini-bosses that was unlocked during the campaign. It is from the same realm as the monsters in the Arcade box (Midnight Tower), so thematically fits with them very well.


    37. Missing avatar

      Johnnie on

      I have not followed rigorously the campaign in a while. Is the Midnight Tower getting two mini-bosses? One Knight of the Tower and one Grim Golem? I know that Midnight Tower is becoming the arcade core box instead of level box, but is it going to be bigger than the classic core box? That one only have one mini-boss least the last I have heard.

    38. Missing avatar

      Gareth Hinds on

      Great to see some quality transparent info regarding progress! It's been a rocky road and glad to hear Dekes better after his health ordeal. Yeah the waits been longer than hoped but at least now it's good to see the wait will be worth it. Is there any chance though of ever seeing SDE: Arena, Fireback Mountain Tilset with figs and the crossover University figs in the UK? Customs is getting worse the closer Brexit looms.

    39. Missing avatar

      Jerry Gran on

      These are so awesome!