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Super Dungeon Explore, the chibi board game, returns with LEGENDS — featuring a new starter box, campaign play, and RPG action!
Super Dungeon Explore, the chibi board game, returns with LEGENDS — featuring a new starter box, campaign play, and RPG action!
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    1. Missing avatar

      Matthew Tsushima

      FYI, the Royal Paladin entry under Guardian does not have its flavor text description.

    2. Soda Pop Miniatures 7-time creator on

      *send all the edits!!! :)

    3. Missing avatar

      masfrazier on


      Also @Alan I'm not sure about a build your own arcade adventure thing for legends, it could be done but you would definitely lose a lot of the surprise story elements having a consul player brings. HOWEVER, we unlocked like what, 20 or 5000 digital adventures? I'm interpreting that to mean a bunch of premade dungeon setups with adaptations for arcade legends.

    4. Trav11111 on

      @adam H-B magic is 4 squares, missile is 6 squares. It's in the Attacking in Combat.

      In the hero handbook can we get all the fluff in one spot? When looking for important info it's nice not to have to sift through it.

      Something like this.

      Description- blah blah blah

      Attacks- blah blah blah

      Skills- blah blah blah

      Play barbarian if- blah blah blah

      Character creation- (skills, attacks, abilities, level up)

      This allows you to understand the barbarian and let's you easily look up what you need to know while playing.

    5. Adam H-B on

      Are the ranges for Ranged/Magic attacks listed anywhere? I can't seem to find them.

    6. Trav11111 on

      Never mind, I found the skill description. The page layout just confused me.

    7. Trav11111 on

      I've read through what you have as the base rules and really like how it sounds. I do have a small suggestion. I'd like to see a list of skills. Some are explained, but a couple are just a description but nothing about what it does. Secondly, where does the old loot and treasure deck fit in, or are those gone? I know you have affinities now, are heroes limited to items they share affinities with?

    8. Robert Perocchi on

      Where can we send spelling errors, etc. to?

    9. Missing avatar

      Jerry Gran on

      Hope you are on he mend. I'd much rather the project be awesome and late than early and bad. Thanks again for a cool update.
      Let's see some more minis next one :)

    10. Missing avatar

      das Grau Geist on

      If this new mode works for you, OK, fair enough then.

    11. André Eriksson on

      Super happy about this update! <3 Now I have some evening reading. <3 I want a model of that Ember Mage... She looks sooooooo cuuuuuuuuwte TwT ~

    12. Brushforhire on

      Thank you for the mini info.

    13. Nephastus on

      @das Grau Geist I liked the proposed way to play Legends. That's what I was expecting. Truly a new game mode. I'm calmer now that Deke gave some simple answers that everyone needed to know.

    14. growls on

      "the factory till we are holding the hard components in our hands for approval... NO MISTAKES!"

      yes a repat f the wolf riders sadle would be 'unfortunate' - ruined a nice model.

    15. Federico Angotzi on

      Finally! Good work guys!
      Please give us some pre-built heroes and one adventure to play. Can't wait to play test this.

    16. Alan Jones on

      Kinda concerned with the 'play without a consul' section (my group is a fan of arcade mode). Any idea if legends is going to ship with a 'create your own adventure' section?

    17. Trav11111 on

      @das Grau Geist I actually think it's a good thing that it plays differently. The way it's set up allows for wiggle room to grow on it. Such as races may actually vary some of those stats later on.

    18. Missing avatar

      das Grau Geist on

      I am not happy to hear that "How to Play" is a completely different way to play compared to Explore or Arena or Arcade, when streamlined play should go like this (for Heroes):
      1. Action(s) up to AP, if desired; or Run.
      2. Movement up to MP
      3. remaining Action(s), if any.

    19. Coralline Algae on

      Thanks for addressing that.

    20. Soda Pop Miniatures 7-time creator on

      Couple of answers to things below:
      @Brushforhire - all minis are sculpted, have been for a while. Molds are either done or being set for Wave 1 as we speak... and... if we are REALLY lucky (no promises) perhaps we can get Wave2 and Wave 1 minis together -
      @Charles - On the PDFs, use the normal SDE dice, the Amethyst and Citrine dice, should have been detailed in descriptions, and perhaps shown in an update - and are pretty simple ... Ill see about getting that sorted with the adventure PDF.
      @Trav11111 - so, part of this monumental undertaking is really the frosting for our world. hundreds of pages of background and story, and artwork in progress or finished showing your races, genders, and occupations so you can get your imagination going on all the coming variety... and... NEW races and things you have never seen!
      @TonyDeFrancisco - "I see something blue.... something blueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee"
      @CorallineAlgaeX - We are down to tools for toys, everything is laid out, but we do not have our production run on the calendar with the factory till we are holding the hard components in our hands for approval... NO MISTAKES!

    21. Coralline Algae on

      Still no mention of wave 1.

    22. Tony De Francisco

      +1 for the UHF reference

      "open wide!"

    23. Trav11111 on

      This isn't very important, but when you make the rules I'd obviously a picture for each class, but I'd really like a 16bit picture of the character jobs. Again, it's not really important

    24. Brushforhire on

      So... any word on the mini aspect of this project?

    25. Charles Carper on

      This looks very promising. One thing though, and maybe I missed it in the pdf files. When you release the first campaign pdf, could you provide a chart of what is on the dice so we can playtest and substitute standard d6's. I am really looking forward to the next manuals. This is the type of update that I was looking for.

    26. Brian Torrens on

      Very nice! I have already downloaded the two documents and will most likely read them this evening. Very excited!

      Keep up the great work. I'm looking forward to seeing more.

    27. Soda Pop Miniatures 7-time creator on

      Hello Explorers
      This week we are happy to present you with the first two books for Legends, the How to Play guide and the Hero Handbook. Along with these two books I’d like to discuss a little bit about the design philosophy that went into them, and preview some highlights that we are particularly excited about.
      These rules have been a long time coming, we know. The original Legends draft was completely built upon the original 2nd Edition draft, which as we know was completely revamped over the course of last year. Like the first draft of Legends, the second draft was going to be built upon the foundation of second edition, so it sat for sometime while we ironed out the shape of 2nd Edition going forward. Once we had clear direction on 2nd I took up the new draft of Legends once again. It continued to suffer the problems of the first draft where it only compounded and complicated a version of Super Dungeon which was not designed as a lite RPG. And so, the second draft too was discarded. Legends (as you will read it now) then began in earnest as a standalone game using your existing models and tiles.
      Early drafts of this version were written in late February. Unfortunately, I encountered a spot of heart problems beginning in March and over the course of about three months had three emergency room visits and a hospital stay. While I was working during the time, it was limited, and for better or worse, I stubbornly held onto this draft of Legends, because I love it. Normally, we don’t talk too much about our or our employees private lives, since they are just that—private. However, I know that you have been chomping at the bit for Legends content and these issues were a contributing factor to the timeline.
      Once I was on the other side (yay medication!) I have been diligently working on getting Legends ready for you and now here we are.
      The goal of Legends is to provide you with lite roleplaying board game experience set in and using your Super Dungeon models. I had several aims with this system; one it had to be fun even for experienced roleplayers who don’t shy away from complexity, but it also needed to be simple enough that our kids and non-gamer friends could enjoy it. Fortunately, the core Super Dungeon system can in a lot of ways be boiled down to, “roll more stars” and is easy and fun to learn. The key then was to add depth without overloading that core simplicity.
      To that end, core How to Play is very simple. At only 20ish pages it is easy to absorb, and when paired with the pre-built Heroes we will be providing in a future update should make learning the basics of the game simple and fun.
      The key thing to remember when reading the How to Play book is that this is NOT Explore or Arcade, even if elements have the same name or seem similar, it is best to review them carefully for differences. A key difference is actions and movement. In Legends, a Hero only makes a single action and a single movement of 4 squares, and that movement may not be broken up. This makes a Hero’s activation very quick, and allows the entire adventuring party to take their turn together, so that no player is waiting around for their turn.
      We’ve also made it so a lot of actions combo with one another, encouraging cooperation. A simple combo is that Melee Attacks add +1B to attack rolls targeting a model suffering a status effect. Another is if the model you attack is engaged with another friendly model you add +1B to the attack roll. These combos can stack and require teamwork between the party members. Making it so that not only do you participate in every turn, your model can also contribute to other Hero’s success outside of its activation.
      A lot of these tricks will continue to manifest as we reveal more components of the game such as items, loot, and wonders, but the foundation is all contained within the How to Play guide.
      The Hero Handbook is your first taste of what is possible from building onto the How to Play guide. The first part is a simple explanation of how to read your Hero card, the next two sections get into the many possibilities you have when building your Heroes.
      There are 12 different classes and each class has its own unique skills, jobs, and abilities. Each class fulfills a unique role in your adventures. And making sure everyone in the party builds their Heroes to complement each other is a key aspect in building a successful adventuring group.
      The Heroes you build though are more than just a jumble of skills and abilities, we’re really taking our time to flesh out the world of Crystalia, providing you with background information on both the classes and the jobs. All the text still needs a good editing pass, but I hope you have as much fun reading them as I did writing them.
      All in all there are 180 job and rank abilities among the 12 classes (not counting the class specific skills and actions), providing you with a lot of options to play with over the years, and (I’m sure like you) we’re already thinking of more jobs, more abilities and more options. So future expansions are going to be very exciting—not to get ahead of ourselves. ;)
      For the jobs and classes we did our best to include a job and class that can represent any Hero model we have released, along with a bunch of new ones that are getting some epic art.
      I hope that as you read the Handbook your imagination ignites and you start visualizing all of the cool Heroes you will be able to make. I can’t wait to see the models I’m sure you will use and convert to represent them!
      This is just the first, though formidable, chunk of Legends content. I am already deep in writing the Consul’s Grimoire and my goal is to get you Hero cards, some base monsters, and an adventure to try out as soon as possible. The equipment deck and store deck are also in development and will come along with the Consul’s Grimoire.
      Please feel free to provide feedback on the forums and comments section, and we will keep reading them. However, when doing so remember that this is only a part of the whole. There’s a lot to dive into with these documents, and I hope you enjoy reading them!

    28. Missing avatar

      Ian Mulligan on

      Nothing on wave 1? It is far past the spring deadline. Please address this delay.

    29. Keats on

      So that's what hearing our concerns about the lack of direction with the projects looks like? A few pdfs of rules with no indication of your current status and way forward? Huh, pdfs are just another unfinished part of this project.

    30. JazzFlight

      Any other information regarding production timeline on Wave 1? I mean, we were waiting on Legends stuff as well, but we're also interested in having the first set of stuff in our hands... :/