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Super Dungeon Explore, the chibi board game, returns with LEGENDS — featuring a new starter box, campaign play, and RPG action!
Super Dungeon Explore, the chibi board game, returns with LEGENDS — featuring a new starter box, campaign play, and RPG action!
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Cursed Knight Spawn Preview

Posted by Soda Pop Miniatures (Creator)

Hello Explorers!

Chatted with Justin today, and while there is no Arcade Beta update this week, he is anticipating a big on next week. So this week we are going to take a look at some more alternate profile cards that will be included in the 2nd Edition box. 

Delays suck, we all know that. However, sometimes a delay allows us to do some cool extra's that we might not have gotten to do otherwise. Such is the case of the cards I'm previewing today.

We had so much fun building the alternate kobolds that we decided to do some more alternate cards, and add them to the 2nd Edition box, so that it is bursting with cool play options. We decided the kobolds shouldn't get all the fun though, and built some alternate cards for the Bramble Knight spawning point. Without further ado, lets take a look at—


Where the Fae Wood meets the Glauerdoom Moor is a particularly dread location. Here, the trees bend and twist, the branches clasping and tearing at any who pass. Beneath these wicked boughs the are the Cursed Knights of the Moorlands. Forsaking the Forgotten King, these twisted Chimera have fallen under the thrall of the dragon Nightsong the Eternal. Vicious and brutal, they enact their undead Lord’s will with unflinching cruelty.

The Cursed Knight is an alternative profile for the Bramble Knight spawning point. The Cursed Knight features the standard slate of spawning point attributes. However, it's Hex Aura special ability sets it apart. Inflicting Hex on Heroes which stray too close.

Deathlords have lost all trace of their former human selves. As centuries have passed, the cursed magic which keeps them alive has degraded their minds and their sharpened their appetite for cruelty. This otherness radiates from them in waves of despair, shattering foes’ resolve and even robbing the desire to flee as the Deathlord merciless cuts through their ranks.

That art! Just going to take a moment.....

Okay, The Grobbit Deathlord has big shoes to fill, since the Grobbit Executioner is one of the more brutal 16-Bit monsters in the game. It is safe to say, he does this in spades. Two actions and a STR 2B1R at a melee attack range is solid on it's own, but you'll notice he has the special ability Mob meaning he gets +1B STR for every other friendly model with Mob in melee range of his target.

The ability Despair also amps up the Deathlord's kill quotient, forcing all enemy models within two squares to reduce the result of all defense rolls by 1 star. Should you attempt to escape the Deathlord, you must deal with Predator which allows him to make a melee attack against models that try to move away. Ouch!

Finally, the Cursed Cleaver offensive action is a Lance 4 area effect, which hits 8 squares thanks to his large base and inflicts both Bane and Hex!

The Billmen who make up the ranks of the Moorland Militia are a remarkably disciplined force. Indeed, these ruthless soldiers train relentlessly to keep themselves in peak condition and fighting form. It is no surprise that they take great pride in this discipline and how it elevates them above the formless mass of skeletons and zombies which they often fight alongside.

Scariest Billmen you ever did see! The Moorland Militia is a solid grunt, who is bolstered by the ability Mob. This means the militia like to fight in packs, or just make the Grobbit Deathlord extra brutal.

Skull Squawk knights are a secretive bunch. In fact, there are none who can recall ever seeing one outside of their armor or sharing a single word with another. This shadowy aloofness, combined with Skull Squawks’ uncanny supernatural abilities lead many to wonder if they are truly within the realm of the living at all...

The Skull Squawk is brutally fast and virtually impossible to escape, due to a number of factors. The first, is its raw movement of 8 squares. Next, is the Ghost ability which lets it move right through walls and structures. Finally, if you're still too far away, the offensive action Frogger allows it to move 5 squares before making its offense roll! 

When faced with a particularly hard to crack opponent, the Skull Take offensive action boosts the squawk's STR by +1R and inflicts Bane on the target. Mwhahahaha!


Just a reminder that the pledge manager will be closing again February 27th, so that we can finalize quantities for wave one production. If you would like to adjust your order, or still need to pay for shipping, please contact us at

Until next week—


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    1. Carolina on

      I dont think they will remove creeps as they still make creeps with all new bosses and tiles. The explore cards seems to be removed though as there is no explore cards for Roxor in the new roxor expansion box.

    2. Taggathias on

      The #40th update mentioned it. No idea about creeps yet.

    3. Taggathias on

      I believe they're making an expansion dealing with pets called pet parade, much like what they did with arena I'd imagine. Maybe not so elaborate, they haven't said too much about it. I guess they wanted to flesh out their purpose and game play without cramming it into the back of the rule book. Not %100 sure, but it sounded like we'll be getting it, whatever it is, with our pledges. (not sure which ones)

    4. Whut Whut on

      Plus all those great models...Beatrix, Goro. Hoping what I've been reading isn't accurate.

    5. Whut Whut on

      Hoping creeps and explore cards are still part of the system as well. I'd prefer to have features modified rather than completely removed.

    6. Foxwhisperer on

      I red through the Arcade beta rules and did not find any mention of how to use creeps (giris, squirrells, spites etc.) in games. Are the Creeps dropped from Arcade games altogether? So all those creep models are useless now? So sad!

    7. Matt Drake

      This is so cool! I love having options for the same models!

      Of course, now I'm left with an overwhelming desire to pick up another Forgotten King for more plastic, which isn't going to turn into a serious thing I have to do until there are alternates for all the monsters and maybe the heroes, too.

      I will echo that if you do this with the turtles and fire blobs I'll have a reason to pick up Roxxor 2.0.

    8. Carolina on

      @ Nephastus The best thing with the bramle knight spawn point is that we got 2 of them in the forgotten king box so I will repaint one of mine into this one so no need to buy any additional. But I hope they don't do an alternative of the Old-Growth Hollow cause I only have one of those.
      Don't get me wrong, I really really love these extra cards just that I want to be able to paint them also and the old growth hollow will be harder to get an extra copy of. I am looking forward to other alternative cards though so please don't stop =)

    9. chang on

      nice! cool, thanks

    10. jonathan on

      Let's just hope your delays are worth waiting eh?

    11. Chinh Tran on

      +1 to what Jason Dreger said:
      "If you make some alternate profiles for the Rock Tops and Fire Flows I will have the excuse I need to get the 2nd edition of the Caverns of Roxxor even though I have the 1st ed ;)"

    12. Nephastus on

      I like to get some alternate cards for models from Forgotten King box, but it make sense put the alternate cards into one possible Forgotten King 2.0 core box with new rulebooks without command/exploration deck. Maybe in the future. I think better about chasing copies of models I already own for paintjob purposes: too expensive (in money and space on the shelf). Better just use the "original" color scheme or create my own color scheme to paint my miniatures, when I can.

      Lucky me to have old kobold warrens and egg clutch unpainted, but no way I going to buy more bramble knights or another Forgotten King box just to make alternate color schemes.

    13. insider714 on

      Frost-top Gang would be an excellent alternate for the rock-top gang

    14. Ayleron on

      How about some alternate style heroes? And if there is time more hero bosses like the deranged alchemist. Heroes alternates first though. That would be fun.

      Also it would be way cool to get a kind of overall ETA. Will there be a backer playtest for legends as well?

    15. Connor C. McKee on

      Woohoo! I love being given excuses to play models different ways. I would love it if you guys kept running with this "alternate cards for existing models" path, whether in this box, or as future products.

    16. Nakano

      Really nice that you're making all these alternative spawning points / monster card options available! 2nd Edition Box seems to have a great gameplay variety with alternative cards.

    17. Michael Bennett on

      Any chance of future alternate sculpts for some or all of these?

    18. Jason Dreger on

      If you make some alternate profiles for the Rock Tops and Fire Flows I will have the excuse I need to get the 2nd edition of the Caverns of Roxxor even though I have the 1st ed ;) Just sayin.