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An adorable chibi dungeon crawl featuring competitive and cooperative play!
An adorable chibi dungeon crawl featuring competitive and cooperative play!
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Super Dungeon Explore: Forgotten King



The fair land of Crystalia is under siege. The Dark Consul and his monsters plague the land, corrupting and destroying all before them. All that stands in the way are brave Heroes like you! 

Super Dungeon Explore brings classic video game style hack and slash adventures to your tabletop. Heroes are pitted against the evil Dark Consul in a fast-paced dungeon battle game. Gather powerful loot, customize your Heroes, and defeat the dungeon's boss in fully cooperative Arcade Mode. Or play in Classic Mode and have one player take control of the dungeon pitting the Consul's hordes of monsters against your fellow players.

 Forgotten King, our third expansion, is an exciting new starting point for playing games of Super Dungeon Explore with your friends. This Kickstarter is Soda Pop Miniatures first self-published Super Dungeon product. Its purpose is to deliver an enhanced game experience that updates gameplay for veteran players, while providing a perfect entry point for new players.

Forgotten King is a stand-alone board game that includes everything you need to play your games of Super Dungeon Explore, including: a complete and updated rulebook, 57 preassembled miniatures, 6 beautifully illustrated double-sided dungeon tiles, counters, and game cards.

The Dark Consul's power has created spawning points throughout the dungeon that will create endless hordes of monsters to ravage Crystalia. The Heroes must journey through the dungeon and destroy all of the spawning points in order to summon and defeat the dreaded dungeon boss. The Consul must destroy all of the Heroes before they succeed.

Over the course of a game the Heroes and Consul take turns activating models. As monsters are destroyed the Consul will spawn reinforcements from spawning points. This power is not to be used lightly. Each spawning point has a finite amount of power and every spawn will drain its energy, and the Heroes will attempt to hasten their destruction with all their skill and strength.

With each spawning point’s destruction a powerful mini-boss will spawn. One by one the Heroes will seek to defeat them earning loot, treasure, and valuable princess coins. Once the last spawning point is destroyed the dungeon boss will spawn and an epic battle for the fate of Crystalia will commence!

Play how you want!

Forgotten King features two game modes: Classic and Arcade.

In Classic Mode, one player assumes the role of the Dark Consul and opposes the other players. As the Consul they control all of the monsters in the dungeon, attempting to defeat the Heroes and bring darkness to Crystalia.

In Arcade Mode, all players take the role of the Heroes. The Arcade Deck controls the dungeon, issuing the Consul's commands for his minions: how they engage the Heroes, where to attack, and when to unleash their devastating special actions.

You can also tailor your dungeon, modifying the difficulty to suit your players.

Beyond the box, Soda Pop Miniatures features our new PVP Arena Living Ruleset, pitting Hero vs Hero available for free on our website. In addition, Forgotten King has been designed in anticipation of our upcoming Super Dungeon: Legends campaign expansion.

No matter how you play, Super Dungeon Explore features fast and furious fun. With a vibrant player community tens of thousands strong and growing, you'll never want for players. Forgotten King is your perfect gateway into the heroic realm of Crystalia!

Backwards Compatible

If you are already a fan of Super Dungeon Explore, Forgotten King is fully backwards compatible with your existing models and game cards. Forgotten King includes a short errata detailing any necessary changes you need to take into account. However, for the completionist all backers will receive three upgrade card packs that include current errata, rebalanced monsters, and Arcade cards for cooperative play.

Rules Previews

Hero Cards | Monsters & Spawning | Mighty Monster Chart | Explore Cards | Backpack | Princess Coins | Dungeon Tiles | Potions | Creeps

Model Walkthroughs

Old-Growth Hollow Monsters | Bramble Knight Monsters | Questing Knight | Fae Alchemist | Thundervale Huntress | Princess Emerald

There is only one pledge level. It gets everything listed here and any unlocked free LOOT—Super Easy!

Model Showcase

Brave-Mode Candy | Pets | Forgotten King | Trent | Questing Knight | Thundervale Huntress

Welcome to the Blacksmith Shop. Here you can find all the optional purchases that are available in addition to the contents of your pledge. If you would like a Blacksmith item simply use the "Manage Pledge" button in the top right corner of the page. Increase your pledge by the amount of the Blacksmith item(s) you want.  

Blacksmith items are not exclusive!  

At the end of the Kickstarter we will send you a survey and provide a pledge manager allowing you to choose and add any optional items you want.

Some free Loot items are also available below in the Blacksmith Shop. In this case the Blacksmith items are only if you want additional copies.

Tutorial on how to increase your pledge for Blacksmith Shop rewards.

Model Showcase

Twilight Knight | Glimmerwing | Tabbybrook Mage | Deeproot Wolf Rider

For a boxed game of this size and weight shipping is a large cost. Because of this we will be charging shipping based on the actual cost to ship the goods you order. 

Each backer will be provided a $10 credit towards the cost of shipping. The remainder of the cost will be charged by our pledge manager before product shipment begins.

We are happy to say that we have secured fulfillment options in multiple countries to reduce your shipping costs significantly. This means that you will not be required to pay the customs or VAT costs that would be incurred by shipping from the United States.   

We will have shipping hubs in: United States, Canada, UK, Hong Kong, and before shipment begins Australia.
For more details on shipping including cost estimates please see the FAQ at the bottom of the page.

Join Candy on her adventure to unlock even more great Super Dungeon Explore items! As our pledge total reaches the goals below, Candy will unlock the treasure chests revealing the wonders within.

The intrepid Cola has always joined Candy on her adventures. In the game he has been an ability, a pet, and now he gets to stand alone as a Hero and mini-boss! Once we reach $900,000 the giant shuriken wielding Ninja Cola will be free to all pledges of

Soda Pop Miniatures is Super excited to be publishing through our sister company Ninja Division. And where there are ninjas there is Kunoichi Candy! Ninja are notoriously shady characters and they often walk the line narrow line between darkness and light—between Hero and Mini-Boss. That's right, Kunoichi Candy will come with cards to be used as either a Hero or a Mini-Boss! Lets ninja dance!

The Always Super! pledge already features an incredible 95 miniatures. We could send all those free Loot models in a plain old brown box, but it's way more fun when you have a stylish Boo Booty box! The Boo Booty Box will be perfect for carrying around all your free Loot. It will also help to significantly reduce your shipping costs by putting all of your free bonus items in a single box. Super!

Perfect for satisfying your inner child, spending some coloring time with your kids, or just for a fun short story and an enjoyable look at brand new Super Dungeon Explore art! *Crayons not included. ;)

Put the "Explore" into your games of Super Dungeon! Explore cards provide unique discovery effects to every tile your Heroes enter! Monsters are only part of the danger within the Dungeons of Crystalia. Explore cards represent many of the hazards, pitfalls, benefits, or even outright insane moments that can occur as the Heroes explore the dungeon.

Even under the just rule of the Von Wildings, the Glauerdoom Moor was never a forgiving land. Under the curse of the vampire lord, Von Drakk it is a deadly one. The land has grown sick. The once healthy moors and wetlands have become disease infested, their ancient burial grounds disturbed by grave robbers, witches, and dark creatures. The miserable inhabitants lead miserable lives, knowing that even death will not release them from their service.

Long ago the inhabitants of the Glauerdoom used pumpkins to carve jack-o-lanterns to trick the restless spirits of the moor to pass by their homes at night. In time the spirits grew wise to this deception and decided to play a trick of their own. Now pumpkin patches are grim, haunted, places where the creatures that go bump in the night lurk, waiting for their prey.

The Mistmourn Coast is a dangerous place even for the natural inhabitants of the Fae Woods. Outsiders fear the troll tribes of the Mistmourn, but those familiar with this perpetually shrouded wood know that the fae creatures are the true danger. Primal and unearthly, what motivates these creatures is unknown. Shamans bind them to pillars of salt to stay their wrath or do their bidding. Yet these magics have a dark consequence. When the spells of binding are broken the magics of the formerly bound fae are trapped with the shattered salt pillar. Their essence infuses new life within the Salt and they are reborn as elemental golems. Driven only by blind instinct these Salt golems lash out at any who are near.

The Claws of the Wyrm enforce the Dragon Priests' will among the unruly Kobolds and bring death to their enemies. The Dragon Blades are sworn foes to all draconic creatures. They are ruthless foes and particularly skilled when facing their most hated foe—dragons. 

What happens when a good soda goes bad? Tricked into imbibing a cursed Shadow Soda the Dark Consul has captured a shard of Candy's essence and spun it into living shadow. Now this dark Nether Shadow terrorizes Crystalia, sowing discord and confusion wherever she goes.

Dungeon Tiles! Add even more variety to your games of Super Dungeon Explore with this pack of six, all new, double-sided dungeon tiles! Featuring stunning art and 12 unique layouts, the Dungeons of Crystalia tile set is designed to look fabulous no matter which monsters lurk within its depths!

This is another much requested item—unique treasure and loot art! Once we reach $475k all treasure and loot cards will feature unique art representing the card's equipment. We mean all of it, including the treasure cards from previous expansions and mini-bosses that will be included in the upgrade decks. You'll be swimming in new treasure art just like a certain wealthy duck through treasure!

Never underestimate an angry creep swinging an onion! Wherever Goro is there is sure to be a pack of Giri. Like their capricious master, Giri are at times both blessing and boon. It is said that a crop blessed by Giri is sure to be plentiful as long as their bellies are full. Unfortunately, like most creeps, Giri tend to come in packs and it is not uncommon for their feeding to devour the entire crop no matter how plentiful it was. Many farmers choose to not invoke these spirits at all, and place shrines and offerings to Goro and Giri on the edge of the Fae Wood, hoping to keep the spirits within its borders.

The Emerald Valley is a difficult place to find even among the inhabitants of the Fae Wood. It is home of the dragon, Glimmerwing and she protects her realm with powerful glamors and fae magic that conceal it from the rest of the Crystalia. Glimmerwing rarely leaves her secluded vale preferring to spend her time among the Kodama and Kinoko that flourish there. Her reclusive nature should not be mistaken for a desire to live peacefully. Indeed, she guards her domain and its borders ruthlessly. She is often known to leave the Emerald Valley to strike out against any who journey too near, even if the travelers do so unknowingly.  

The Silver Chevaliers have long sought glorious causes across Crystalia. Finding and destroying Glimmerwing proves to be just such a cause. After all, what gallant knight could resist the lure of traveling deep into an enchanted forest to slay a dragon?

You've all asked for it, so now it's time for some Dark Heroes to join the cause of Crystalia! No one truly knows what motivates these desperate individuals. In truth, it matters little so long as they remain loyal to the party for the adventure at hand.

With a new Dungeon Boss on the loose, Heroes are sure to need lots of wound counters!

The forest spirit Goro has always been a mercurial and fickle creature. Even in times of peace Goro has relished challenging mortals with puzzles, tricks, and cunning traps. That these tests and pranks occasionally turn deadly is of no concern to Goro. Whispered to be as old as the Deeproot Tree itself, it is likely that Goro does not even truly comprehend mortality.

Keep track of your potions in style! 

The Lunar Elves were driven from their ancestral home in the Dragonback Peaks by the dragon Starfire. Now, scattered across Crystalia they earn their living as best they can as sell-swords and entertainers. 

Slime Time! Creeps are an ever present threat in a dungeon. Based on the Explore Card you draw when entering a tile you may encounter one or two creeps or an entire Creep Factory! Slimes like to get close and personal, oozing onto their favorite colored equipment and preventing its use.  

The Royal Wardens are charged with maintain the King's peace, as well as executing his warrants, and collecting outstanding taxes. His powerful crossbow combined with his ability to hold felons immobile and pull them to him, ensures none can escape the King's justice.

Kingdom Death's, Twilight Knight Pinup, comes to Crystalia! No stranger to battling evil the Twilight Knight has joined the brave defenders of Crystalia to banish the Dark Consul once and for all.

The fickle nature of the fae creatures of the Mistmourn Coast makes them difficult to control and it requires powerful spells cast upon crystals of salt, which are naturally anathema to all fae, to bind them to the Consul's will.

The Deeproot Wolf Riders patrol the dangerous borders of the Fae Wood. Their spirit wolves are renowned predators of the Mistmourn Coast. Only the bravest and most skilled Deeproot Elves can hope to befriend one to carry it into battle.

A dungeon can be a dark and scary place, and that's why even Brave-Mode Candy never travels without her intrepid sidekick Never-Lost Cola. His magical compass allows the adventuring party to redraw their Explore Card when entering a new tile—Super! 

Tabbybrook Mages are powerful water mages. Their ability to manipulate this vital element is unparalleled, able to use it to heal their allies, push back opponents or even unleash it in deadly lances of scalding heat or numbing cold.

Pets are an all new unit type. At the beginning of the game the adventuring party can add six pet cards to the treasure deck. If a pet card is drawn, you've rescued the pet! A Hero can then become the pet's master, gaining the pet's help through the rest of the adventure.

Risks and challenges

Soda Pop Miniatures has been involved in a number of successful Kickstarters, from which we have learned a great deal about managing the scope of large projects. We will always try to mitigate risks, but a project of this size can run into unforeseen delays in development, production, shipping and clearing customs.

Development for the Forgotten King is nearly complete, with all models sculpted and ready for tooling, and all copy and rules in final testing. We expect a quick turnaround and will keep our backers informed as to the production status through delivery.

We are committed to delivering your copy of Forgotten King as soon as possible. Should any promotional items or rewards risk causing a delay in delivery for any reason, we will start to ship product in waves to get you your copy of the game and all finished rewards as soon as possible.

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