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Relic Knights is an anime-themed miniature skirmish game featuring diceless game mechanics and gorgeous miniatures.
Relic Knights is an anime-themed miniature skirmish game featuring diceless game mechanics and gorgeous miniatures.
2,489 backers pledged $386,826 to help bring this project to life.

Updated Cards and Rulebook

Posted by Soda Pop Miniatures (Creator)

Greetings Knights,

We would once again like to thank everyone who assisted with edits for the first batch of Relic Knights cards.

For this update we have downloads for all of the cards, now featuring those updates, so that you can start playing or strategizing right away with the final rules and cards!

Our print manufacturer has received all of the files and is finishing setting up the files for printing. We have already seen and approved the eproofs for the rulebook and cards. We had to do some edits to the token sheet to account for any shift that may occur in printing, but nothing major, as well as a few tweaks to the building art. The edits were nothing significant visually, just some adjustments to ensure proper cutting. Printing of approved elements is already underway. Not too much longer!

In the meantime, 

download the cards, 

download the rulebook,

and start planning your forces and color schemes, we are!


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    1. Nolan Jurgens on

      Too late to change it now, but should the PC-9 Breaker upgrade card have "Diamond Corps" as its top title?

    2. Brandon Myers

      on Gabe and Tycho, an earlier update / comment did say that they woudl be getting new cards, but no new models. I figure they are just chilling with the Darkspace cards in another dimension

      @Anthony - good call.. she was pretty impressive if i remember correctly

    3. Anthony on

      About Gabe and Tyco, it would also depend on who has that license (CMON or Ninja Division) now. Remember, the first edition came out under CMON.

      I'm just wondering where that other figure that a fan made is. It has been a while since I heard about it.

    4. Stefano Liggeri on

      Is there a chance to get the rulebook single paged? It would be better to read it on tablet.

    5. Major Glitch on

      @Dan - You are correct that they cannot produce more physical models than what was agreed upon in the original KS. They can apparently update the stat cards, as they have confirmed new stats for those two units will be forthcoming.

    6. Dan Hess on

      I would be surprised if there are new versions of Gabe and Tycho. Though, i obviously don't have specific knowledge about the limitations and stuff, they were licensed IP and that license ran out. I'm not sure if that prevents them from printing cards as well as figures or what. But there may be legitimate legal barriers to those two being updated.

    7. Missing avatar

      Dominic Lea

      Hi guys,

      In case you read these, I think people are hoping for a revised production/delivery timetable. It's probably due. Appreciate the regular updates though. Things are looking good.

    8. Major Glitch on

      We will be getting new cards for all existing units (Darkspace and Limited Edition). Justin has said they’ll be included with the preview for the new units.

      As for the new version of the rulebook, I hope the low-res image of the table of contents is an error and not what’s being printed. I also second the request for a single-page export of the rulebook for use on mobile devices. (I’m sure it’s coming, though it’d be nice to have available ASAP).

    9. Steve Rynders on

      Any chance we'll get to see how the models are coming along?

    10. Brandon Myers

      To Martin's point, will we be getting upgrade cards for Gabe and Tycho as well?

    11. Martin Heslop on

      Are the old Darkspace models still getting updated cards?
      Kinda expected to see them in this update.

      Looking good though.

    12. Pitstarter on

      Is there any chance to get the rulebook single paged instead of doubled up?