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Raid the space rails to earn loot and infamy in Rail Raiders Infinite, the sci-fi western board game. See you Space Cowboy!
Raid the space rails to earn loot and infamy in Rail Raiders Infinite, the sci-fi western board game. See you Space Cowboy!
Raid the space rails to earn loot and infamy in Rail Raiders Infinite, the sci-fi western board game. See you Space Cowboy!
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    1. nekodachi on

      R1VEN is correct!!

      Rhinestone is indeed based on Red Monika from the comic book series Battle Chasers!

    2. Wiccy on

      @R1VEN Red Monika is a good guess.

    3. nekodachi on

      - DING - DING - DING - DING -

      We have a WINNER!!!

    4. nekodachi on

      @Darrell - You can use PayPal in the SPM Pledge Manager, but not on Kickstarter.

    5. R1VEN on

      Rhinestone homage guess for the day: Red Monika from Battlechasers?

    6. Wiccy on

      @Darrell via Kickstarter, no Paypal is not an option. I do not know what system SPM uses for the pledge manager though.

    7. Darrell Flood on

      Looking good! Those minis are great! I like that it seems to play real fast. I have a question that someone might know the answer to: Is there a way to pay by paypal rather than credit card?

    8. Jennifer on

      Can we go back to having $5,000 between stretch goals??? It felt more exhilarating!

    9. Wiccy on

      @Neko its harder to get a Straight then four of a kind on the dice though. Called it a Royal Straight if you like instead of a flush. 5 of a kind would still beat it as it would mean someone "cheated" and slipped in an extra card.

    10. Typhoon on

      Maybe Rhinestone supposed to be Kos-Mos? I think she at least looks the part.

    11. nekodachi on

      @Royce - A Royal Flush is worth more than a Full House, that is true, but then the Royal Flush vs Four of a Kind get's thrown off.

      Unfortunately, the odds between cards and dice are just too different to make the hand value work the same for both RRI and Poker.

      (Since there isn't different suits, I'd rather it be called a Straight/Royal Flush myself.)

    12. Missing avatar

      Michael Evans

      I would like to see blank high noon and long arm of the law cards as either a stretch goal or add-on so I can customize the game some.

    13. BoomTown on

      Starfire or Angela from Guardians of the Galaxy, after that I give up.

    14. nekodachi on

      @Johnnie - There are also decisions from special actions granted by character choice and special actions granted by loot cards.

    15. Missing avatar

      Royce Porter on

      ahh sorry, covered in 2.

    16. Missing avatar

      Royce Porter on

      5. remain on current tile or move to a different/new on?

    17. Missing avatar

      Johnnie on

      So far from what I have read, players make decisions at these points of the game:
      1. Try to start the game at different tiles (the further away you want to be from the start tiles the more difficult the roll)
      2. Choice of Actions on their turn - Each raider gets to choose 3 actions from this pool of action choices: up to 2 showdowns; up to 2 searches; up to 2 moves
      3. Showdown - The raider that initiates the fight gets to choose who he/she wants to have a showdown: a raider or the Lawbots. Every raider on the same tile that was not chosen in the showdown decides if they wish to participate in that fight.
      4. Winner of a showdown decides placement of the losing raiders.

    18. Soda Pop Miniatures 7-time creator on

      Good morning everyone! Anthony here with you again today. Looks like we have a bit over 10k to go before we call in the Cavalry. Will they arrive today?

    19. Missing avatar

      Royce Porter on

      @Neko, if the straight/royal flush issue is a common one, is it viable for SPM to look at maybe a poll to see if changing the name on the rankings makes those that are bothered by it happier? For some it wont matter at all, but for those that do find it bothersome if that makes a difference it seems a small change to apply.

    20. Wiccy on

      @Royce rename the straight to royal flush and its all fixed.

    21. Esper on

      Maybe she is Solange Blanchefleur from "Code of Princess"? :P

    22. Missing avatar

      Royce Porter on

      Quick question, I have seen a lot of dicussion about the probability of rolling any particular 'hand' on the dice, and from that saying the ranking system is 'duff'.
      However, the hand ranking are cribbed from the game of poker, and the rankings are per that.
      (The wildcard jokers being an interesting twist that help you make the hand you want)

      Is it better to go with a mechanic that is rooted in the 'feel' and character of the game, or one that relies on mathematical 'purity' but in doing so ignores the feel or leads to confusion between hand ranks in Poker, and hand ranks in the 'unique' order of the maths mechanic probabilities?

    23. Wiccy on

      @Neko is it Starfire? She is meant to be like Red Sonja in space.

    24. Mellekai

      @Wiccy: Then why not go to the sleeper car of this train! :)

    25. Mellekai

      Oh my now I started a Red Sonja discussion myself. :) Please OT, back to Rhinestone again!

    26. Wiccy on

      @Mellekai it's nearly 2am give me a break XD

    27. Mellekai

      Please not not get the Sonjas mixed up!

    28. Austin Becht (Daemonforge) on


      Yeah...hence my first sentence...

    29. Wiccy on

      Sorry I meant Sonya was before Sonja.

    30. Wiccy on

      @Austin was going to say that also but Sonja was before Sonya.

    31. Austin Becht (Daemonforge) on

      Are you sure Sinja was the inspiration, or born from the inspiration?

      Cause the next closest thing I can find is Red Sonya, from "The Shadow of the Vulture." ...who just happened to be a sword and pistol wielding "princess"... -ish, on that last part.

    32. Missing avatar

      Royce Porter on

      Probably this may come down to different people taking in information in different ways, or having different levels of detail they want to give them a 'feel' for the game.
      What I picked up was that the Loot cards will vary between giving you differing $$ or items that give you small perks (like a re-roll), but you can only have 1 equipment card in use so tactical choices happen there.
      Each character will have thier own perk ability, so how that interacts with equipment is another tactical choice.
      Beating an opponent gets you to punt them into a different car, but there is a tactical choice on if you punt then forwards or behind you (need to re-read rules on that one).
      High Noon deck times you to end of game, and also throws in random events, both good and bad leading to different games each time and also tactical choices of how that works with your equipment and ability in that turn.
      Law deck also give randomised gameplay with effects on the lawbots or adding more, again building on the tactical choices of where you punt defeated players, if you move forwards or stay on the car you are in etc.
      They want to keep it a fast game, so brevity in ammount of rules seems needed. but there are lots of smaller elements that go to building a game with a fair amount of choice for tactics and play, and replay value for the changing environment each time.

      I do want to see the gameplay vid showing player V player interaction, I can see why people want to have it. However I am also clear that they are not making SDE in space and that effects how the game works and level of complexity.

      Is it more that you want to have a better idea of the sort of changes the loot items and high noon deck can impact on the game in spesific examples?

    33. nekodachi on

      I'll give one more hint right now: Rhinestone's backstory is a combination of things, but her character design is an homage to one character. No one in the comments has figured out who that character is.

    34. Esper on

      Battle from Beyond the Stars (from now, BFBTS) is based on "The Magnificent Seven" which is a Western film, so the connection is there...

      (And yes, I know that "Magnificent" itself is a remake of "Seven Samurai", but please do not make this more complicated trying to draw connections with Ninja All-Star too :P )

    35. nekodachi on

      @Mellekai - I am not kidding.

    36. Esper on

      The sword sliiightly looks like the one from the videogame "Transistor".

    37. Mellekai

      @nekodachi: You are kidding me! :)

    38. Austin Becht (Daemonforge) on

      Yeah... "Battle from Beyond the Stars" seams to make the most sense.

    39. Esper on

      Some people says that she is the valkyrie from "Battle from beyond the stars".

    40. nekodachi on

      @Mellekai - Closer than you might think...

      Red Sonja was one of the inspirations for the character who is the inspiration for Rhinestone.

    41. Mellekai

      I am spending too much time on the Conan forum lately. Only Red Sonja is coming to my mind! :) But I am quite sure it is wrong. :)

    42. Jason Massatt on

      Has anyone figured out who rhinestone is based on? She is not in my schema.

    43. Wiccy on

      @nekodachi I will hate you unless River (Firefly) or Ned Kelly (Australian outlaw that had cool armour) make it as a stretch goal.

      I lie I won't hate you.

    44. Marc B. on

      @Logan : You're not alone ;-). I'm waiting for the gameplay video in order to take a final decision.

    45. Stephen Trafford on

      Folks, it's my first time, my bad. Yes, that's the first time I'm seeing any rules, I should have mentioned they were the beta rules :)

    46. Logan on

      @lance I am unable to respond now due to work. However, I agree, maybe a gameplay forum is better, and I agree with the concerns you noted

    47. Lance on

      @stephen you just posted the beta rules... nice try :P

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