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Dust off your Super Nintendo. Socks the Cat Rocks the Hill, the most anticipated unreleased video game of all-time is finally coming!
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Shipping starts tomorrow!

Posted by Second Dimension (Creator)

Hey All,

Just a very quick update to let you all know shipping is starting tomorrow. I did the final testing tonight and didn’t run into a single issue with the carts tested. This clears us for shipping.  

This is the part where we are going to need some patience from you. We cannot let you know when your particular game is going out. This is a completely manual process for us. We are starting with about 25 games being shipped tomorrow and then another 25 or so in the next couple of days. We will continue to do this until all games have shipped.

We are really excited to finally be here and can’t wait to hear you start chiming in as games arrive.

-Tom, Socks & Adam

Getting boxed up
Getting boxed up


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    1. G. Otto on

      Second Dimension and Tom obviously don't care. They are selling the game now on Second Dimension's website, leaving the Kickstarter backers who supported the game in the first place as second class citizens - they already have our money, so of course they don't care. But yeah, feel free to buy it on their website though. Tweet at them and they will ignore you

    2. Justin Holmes on

      Yeah, I know some people have received their carts but some of us haven't. We need to be in the loop here so we can figure out if they've been shipped and something went wrong in transit.

    3. Missing avatar

      Clifford Haight on

      Any updates? Are you guys still alive?

    4. Dave Sobel on

      Adding in... what's the shipping status here?

    5. Missing avatar

      Brian Sudol on

      I am working in Japan and finally got around to doing my survey. Sorry for the delay, when can my family back home expect delivery?

    6. Alexander Napoli on

      I got my LE copy in the mail over the weekend. Why is it 1 of 75 when only 30 people backed the LE version? Have the other 45 been sold or are some still available?

    7. Hott Cheese on

      I see other people have been asking, but I'll repeat their question, what's going on? Its april and I haven't heard an update on shipping and stuffs. Everything alright? Thanks, hott cheese.

    8. Lucas Paynter on

      Would like a status update on the shipping as well, as it's been a hair over two months and I've yet to receive my copy.

    9. Jonathan & Shanna Polan

      Hi. I have not received my game yet and was wondering if there was an update since it’s been 2 months since you said shipping would start.


    10. Missing avatar

      Luigi Renna on

      Hello guys - has any of you in the UK received the game yet?

    11. Cameron Pershall on

      Has anyone received their game yet? If they were shipped in January, I would think it would have arrived by now.

    12. Missing avatar

      Rene D on

      Any updates on Shipping? Thanks.

    13. Briareos Kerensky on

      Any updates on the shipping?

    14. Missing avatar

      Brandon Myers on

      digital what form will it take and estimated date?

    15. ccateni

      Great news! I can't wait for my cart. I may get a box for the cart with the original artwork later on once I get my cart.

    16. Richard Hartness on

      Thanks man! I'm so excited to finally see in-hand the fruits of all of you guys hard work!

    17. Missing avatar

      Don Van Blaricom on

      That's great news! Can you tell what kind of shipping it may be?