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An easy to learn game, with a bit of "take that" chaos, about training your creatures by feeding them cupcakes.
An easy to learn game, with a bit of "take that" chaos, about training your creatures by feeding them cupcakes.
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 Forage for cupcakes.  Feed them to your creatures.  Crush your enemies.  Celebrate. 

Creatures and Cupcakes is an easy to learn, super fun to play,  push your luck board game with some crazy cute components for 2-4 players that takes about 30 minutes. 

First person to get two different creatures (out of 4) to the finish line wins.  

Step 1. Draw cupcakes out of the bag one at a time until you want to stop OR you draw two of the same color in a row.  If you draw two of the same color, you bust, take a medicine token and your turn is over.  If you stop BEFORE you draw two cupcakes in a row, move your creatures on the board. 

Is that it?  Is that the whole game?  I was promised the ability to crush my enemies.  Of course that's not it, no race is any fun without a bit of shenanigans.  That's where power cupcakes come in: 

 Any time you draw one of these super cupcakes, you take a power card and use it to show your opponents just who is in charge


While we would love to offer free shipping, there really is no such thing. Shipping is really expensive and we have tried to come up with pricing that accurately reflects our cost to get the game into your hands without creating a logistical nightmare on our side. We expect that we'll have to come out of pocket a bit based on what we are charging and we are ok with that.  


We will also be using non-trackable shipments in some cases in order to save on cost as tracking can add 30-50% or more in some cases. So please understand if we do not have tracking with your package we did so knowingly. Rest assured, that we will get you your game and any risk associated with a package not being trackable is on us.


For this campaign, we do not currently intend to use worldwide fulfilment companies, which is why it is not "friendly".  However, since it is only a $15 game, most customs charges should be very low or will not apply (please do your research on this before you back).  Everything will ship from our warehouse in the U.S.  If we get enough backers, that might change, but for now, assume that this will ship from the US.

Risks and challenges

As a publisher that has brought more than a dozen games to market (under Grey Fox Games) thus far, we feel confident in our ability to get this done. The gameplay for this game is 99% complete. The art and graphics are well underway. We are confident that we will hit our release goals with no problems, shipping delays or Acts of God notwithstanding. In addition we will not release this game to standard retail until all U.S backers orders have been shipped. Our goal is to have it in our backers hands 1-3 weeks before someone can buy it on Amazon.

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