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All Alone Together explores the experiences of young people in the Atlanta punk rock scene, historical and contemporary.
89 backers pledged $8,087 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates

Second shipment out today

Posted by Social Crisis Films (Creator)

Hello, backers!

For those of you who are expecting the 18x24 Neon Christ posters, they were shipped today. I send them priority mail, so most of you will receive them in the next two or three days. The only exception is our backer from Denmark. I'm not certain when it will get there, but I hope it will be in the next week or two.

In less wonderful news, I'm still missing shipping info for three of our backers: J. Gorday, M. Tipton, and M. Bugeja.  If any of you see this update, please send me the following information:

Shipping Address

T-Shirt Size



P.S.  Here's what it looks like (but without the "not for general distribution" things). Instead, yours will arrive signed by the boys from Neon Christ.

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First shipment is on the way

Posted by Social Crisis Films (Creator)

Hello, backers!

Sorry for the long silence, and the delay in getting your pledge items to you. Things have been a bit hectic for everyone on the production team, mostly for things that aren't fun, and mostly things not at all related to production.

However, I've just sent out buttons, stickers, t-shirts, and 24x36 inch film posters (signed by the producer, executive producer, and director). All the merch looks (we think) pretty swank, and we hope you like it as well. 

The unsigned Double 7 Inch EPs went out with this shipment, as well, and the signed EPs will go out in the next shipment, early next week.

Still to come:

1. The 11x17 Neon Christ posters (now, actually 18x24 inch!) will go out next week. They should have gone out today, but I received the wrong size of the mailer I wanted to use for them. While it probably would be easier to roll them and stick them in a tube, these posters are on card stock and we just don't want to risk creasing them. Mailers come Monday, and I hope to send the posters out on Tuesday. They really look great, and the Neon Christ guys signed them for you.Thanks to Henry from Chunklet magazine for the design work.

2. Studio Album: There has been a delay in the production of this item, partly due to the non-production-related things we've had to deal with in the last couple of months. I'll keep you updated on the status of this record's production as we go forward. You will get it, I promise you.

3. DVD: This comes to you sometime after we get the film done. Right now, it looks like we should wrap production by about October or so, and we should be finished with the rough cut by early- to mid-2012. After that, it goes to finishing in an editing house. Once that's done, the DVDs will be produced and distributed. We'll make the DVDs for our backers as absolutely super-cool as we can. There will be lots of other features in addition to the film, as well. It should make a nice package.

4. Premiere tickets. Those receiving this premium will receive both tickets and information about the premiere in 2012. We'll make sure to give you as much advanced notice about the event as possible. It depends on completion of the film, obviously. For those backers who will be doing it, the meet and greet with the production crew and the band will take place there, so that info will come out with the info about the premiere.

5. William's ESP guitar: This item should ship in the next week or so. William has been busy with his family the last week or so (Congrats to his grandmother on her 100th birthday, btw). He's also been hard at work in the studio, producing new records for The Accidents and MonstrO.  The Accidents feature Jimmy Demer and Danny Lankford from Neon Christ, and are recording under William's own DVL Recordings label. There's a video here:

Look for MonstrO on the Vagrant Records label. More info here:

Thanks for your support. I'll update again, and soon.

Edgar Johnson (Director)

Small delay on shipping + Production Photos

Posted by Social Crisis Films (Creator)

First, we wanted to let you know that shipping will be delayed just a bit (a week or so) because some of the items are taking a bit longer than others. We're trying to get them right, and we also want to avoid making multiple shipments. We hope you understand.

In the meantime, here are some photos from our most recent shoot with artist Daniel Minter, one of the founders of the Ratlanta zine (with Vince Hoffman and Linda Curtis).

Daniel's in town for an art exhibition at Hammonds House Museum (more about that here:

You can also see more of his work here:

We had a great interview with him, and also shot a dual interview section with him and William. It turned out great.

Photo 1: Chris Mills setting up for our shoot.

Photo 2: Jimmy and William before the shoot.

Photo 3: Daniel and William after the shoot.

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Thank you, everyone!

Posted by Social Crisis Films (Creator)

Our project fundraiser just closed about 30 seconds ago, and we have exceeded our goal.

Thanks so much to everyone who chose to back us, all 89 of you, among them our friends, our family members, and people we've never had the privilege of meeting.Thanks, also, to everyone who told their friends about our project. Thanks finally to Alice in Chains management team who gave us space on their new webpage, and to AIC's fans. Your support in the last couple of weeks has really helped us get over the hump.

In the next few days, I will be in contact with each of you to get mailing addresses and other information so we can send you the premiums associated with your pledges. Most of you can expect to receive those items in the next month. We'll still need info about things like t-shirt sizes before we can get those printed, and the production team will have a little get together in May to pack and address all of your stuff.

Some of you will be receiving other items at a later date, and we'll keep you up to date about those, and when you might expect to receive them. Those items include the new Neon Christ studio album, the tickets to the premiere, and the other stuff for pledges of $200 and above. Some of those will take a while. The film still needs to be finished, the album needs to be made, and all of the "business" parts of the film's production and post-production need to be accomplished as well. Don't worry, though. We won't leave you hanging. Each and every one of you will get your premiums as soon as we can accomplish those things.

Once again, you have our profound gratitude. We are humbled by the generous outpouring of support, financial and otherwise. We couldn't have done this without you.


Edgar Johnson

We did it!

Posted by Social Crisis Films (Creator)

Hey, thanks so much to everyone who contributed, and double special kudos to Chip Crane, the guy who put us over the top.

However, this is not the end. We set pretty humble goals for fundraising, and we have achieved them. With additional funding, we can achieve some other goals, and additional support would be particularly valuable in raising production quality for the live music we shoot in the next few months.

So, spread the word, and let your friends know that we have another week to go. If we can exceed our goal, the end product will be even better.

Thanks to all of you. You people are the best.