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Social Band is making a CD featuring specially-commissioned choral works combining the talents of Vermont's tunesmiths and wordsmiths.

Last Day to be a Backer!

Today is the last day to be a Vermont Poetry and Song Project Backer! Our Kickstarter Project ends tonight at 11:59! We started this morning with 160 backers and $8635 pledged. By midnight we'd love to see: 1) 185 Backers!    2) $10,000 pledged  3) Our CD production costs totally covered!!!  Wouldn't that be wonderful?! 

Twenty-four singers will be staying up late tonight, watching....... waiting....


Yes, we've achieved our starter goal, after only 15 days! Thank you, thank you, thank you! However, we were conservative in setting this goal. Our total recording costs actually approach $10,000. Since we've got more time, please keep those pledges rolling in and tell your friends about us. Together we can do it!


About this project

Would you like to hear a collection of choral music in which beauty, poignancy and playfulness abound? A recording that offers newly-minted works in an array of styles that is anything but run-of-the-mill? Social Band— Burlington Vermont's lively band of singers— is busily working away to create just such a recording project with our Vermont Poetry and Song Project.

Recently we asked some of Vermont's finest composers to set the music of Vermont poets to music and we are now reaping the rewards. We have launched this Kickstarter campaign to raise money to record these works and thereby showcase the weird and wonderful talents that lurk in the Green Mountains of Vermont.

Why do we do what we do?

Singing contemporary works by Vermont composers has not always been so central to our repertoire. However, from the very beginning, the group has been lucky enough to have  talented composers in our ranks. It soon became clear to us how much joy, beauty and meaning come from being part of the birthing process for new works of music.

This conviction grew into a primary mission for Social Band:  to sing and produce these vibrant choral works, to "get them out there" into the world!  As one of our composers put it:

"You'd like to think that your music is being heard, because music doesn't really happen except when it's being doesn't do any good if it's just sitting on a shelf somewhere."

Why do we think the new music for this CD is so worth the while?

For such a small state, Vermont has more than its share of interesting people. The composers and poets included in this project are certainly no exception. These artists respond to the mysteries of life through their works and give us flashes of truth, love, gratitude, laughter, sadness...You name it.  These songs, whether classical, folky, jazzy or some interesting combination of several styles, are alive and wiggling— easily accessible to the average listener and at the same time, not quite like anything else out there.  We were especially excited about the special role that poetry plays in this recording because we have always carefully considered the texts of songs in the design of our programs.

Why does Social Band sing this music well?

Well, for one, we work our buns off. We are an amateur choir in which all the members have one (or several) day jobs. Despite this, we work hard every week, all year round to sing these songs as well as we can. It certainly motivates us when we know that more often than not, these composers and poets will be hearing the results of our labor in person!

In addition, Social Band has a unique sound. Our repertoire has always spanned the spectrum between classical and folk and this has cultivated a robust, signature style that is able to adjust to the stylistic demands of such a varied selection of musical styles.

Why are we so grateful?

Because we feel so blessed and just plain lucky to be surrounded by these generous, wise and skilled composers and poets, and to have received these fruits of their labors.

And of course we are grateful to you for sponsoring this project.

What's with the pie-themed rewards?

In addition to having a number of composers in our ranks over the years, our membership has included a number of avid pie-bakers and pie-eaters. At every performance, we give away a homemade pie made by one of our members.  We think about pie a lot.

Please donate to our project!

Be part of this and help us get this music onto a CD. We'd love to send you our thanks. We are a non-profit, 501c3 organization, so your donation is tax deductible (minus the retail value of any reward you receive.)

We hope you will join us in this "great circle" of creation and sharing!

Thank you! 


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    PIE DOUGH - Our heartfelt thanks for backing our project! You'll receive special mention in our Fall concert program that will feature songs on the CD. ************************************************** What's with all these pie phrases? Well, we give away pies at our concerts and in some of these rewards! Read more about this in the ABOUT THIS PROJECT section.

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    SLICE OF THE PIE - You'll receive the $5 level reward plus, if you attend our Fall 2012 Concerts, you'll receive an honest-to-goodness Free Slice of Pie. (That's in addition to being able to hear songs from this new Vermont Poetry & Song Project CD Live!)

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    EASY AS PIE - $10 level rewards, plus a digital download of our most recent CD, Deep Midwinter recorded in 2009.

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    BIG SLICE - $25 level rewards, plus a free digital download of our Vermont Poetry & Song Project CD.

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    MOM AND APPLE PIE - $35 level rewards, plus a physical copy of the new Vermont Poetry & Song Project CD signed by Artistic Director, Amity Baker.

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    TWO MOMS PIE - Just like MOM AND APPLE PIE except you'll get two copies of our new CD -- one for you and one to give away.

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    PIE À LA MODE - $75 level rewards, plus two tickets to an upcoming concert.

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    UPPER CRUST - $500 level rewards, plus your name as a Producer in the concert program and on our new CD, and a pie baked by a Social Band member and delivered to your door!

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    PIE IN THE SKY - $1,000 level rewards, plus a House Party concert performed by Social Band at your home or venue on any agreed upon date! Social Band will sing from our repertoire, chosen by you (or by us if you'd like) suitable for your occasion. We'll bring some of our signature pies to enjoy during your house concert. (Travel and lodging expenses, if necessary, are not Included in this reward.)

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