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Every parent knows the challenges of bath time, so we aimed to make it better... Who knew getting clean could be so fun!
Every parent knows the challenges of bath time, so we aimed to make it better... Who knew getting clean could be so fun!
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    1. Terri Murphy on

      Wait just a darned minute. When I sent you money on Kickstarter, you said that the Dragon would NEVER be available to the general public, and that only backers like me would be able to get one. I'm furious and believe you have lied to all of your backers. You need to discontinue offering this item IMMEDIATELY!!! Really - this is awful of you to mislead us this way.

    2. Missing avatar

      Amanda on

      I just wanted to comment because I actually saw a SoapSox in a store! I have backed a bunch of kickstarter campaigns but this is the first time I have seen something in stores. So because of this I had to show my support and purchased another SoapSox.

    3. Ray Phillips & Alvin Uy Creator on

      Hi Oli,

      Please check your messages regarding your Shark.


    4. Olli Eterma on


      Still haven't received my SoapSox and it's been a few months since you updated that you had shipped all of them. So did it just get lost in the mail or what?

    5. Jeremy Teo on

      Hi Ray,

      I've got the other 3 that were missing, but there was a duplicate shark and I am missing a turtle.

    6. Ray Phillips & Alvin Uy Creator on

      @Jeremy Teo:

      Jeremy your package was returned. We have since reshipped it. We will provide you with tracking info privately.


    7. Ray Phillips & Alvin Uy Creator on

      @Christopher M Roberts:

      The Kickstarter exclusive Dragon is only for kickstarter backers. It is bright Orange with red trim with Kickstarter stitched on the tail in green to highlight the fact that its a kickstarter limited. To get it produced we had to make a minimum quantity. We wanted to keep the 300 limited so we opted to change the colors of the rest of the batch to accomplish our goal. Hence the Rue LaLa is Dragon red with orange trim. Hope this makes sense.

      Thank you for supporting us,


    8. Missing avatar

      Christopher M Roberts on

      For those who haven't gotten their Exclusive Dragon SoapSox, you can purchase it on Rue La La, unexclusively

    9. Jeremy Teo on

      I've received only three of the six. Could you please check and see if they were all sent?

    10. Yoshio on

      Hey Ray and Alvin,
      Today, our family just receive the last one, a cute dragon. Thank you :-)

    11. Kristy Fowles on

      Received my pack today, all the way in sunny South Africa!
      Missing the crocodile though, but got a Dragon which will make the kiddies smile :)

    12. Ray Phillips & Alvin Uy Creator on

      Hi Skt, Sara, Max, and Jeremy, I have followed up with each of you on your private messaging regarding your packages. We appreciate the support and again apologize for the delay.


    13. Skt Dude on

      Have any backer from germany received the SoapSox? Still waiting for mine...

    14. Missing avatar

      Sara on

      Have all the dragons shipped out yet? I am still missing mine, I have received everything else though.

    15. Max Ziebell on

      I am still missing my aligator, hippo and the shark… got doubles! and a dragon? what was mixed up here?

    16. Jeremy Teo on


      For overseas backers, will there be any tracking available?

    17. Missing avatar

      Poooofie on

      Hey Ray and Alvin,

      So in total so far, I've recieved 2 parcels. Parcel #1 had the alligator, hippo and shark. Parcel #2 just arrived which had the rest of the first set. This was termed the "rest of the soapsox" in the email with the tracking number, but this was only the remainder of the first set. I'm still missing 1 full set - minus the dragon.

      Thanks guys

    18. Ray Phillips & Alvin Uy Creator on


      Yes Poooofie, you will be receiving an additional set which should have arrived already. We will check the status and follow up with you.


    19. Missing avatar

      Poooofie on

      Hey Ray and Alvin,
      I know you guys are getting a lot of shipping questions. I received 1 full set, my dragon and t-shirt. I should still receive another full set with my Noah's Ark set, right?
      By the way, I looooove how all of them turned out. Great job guys.

    20. Missing avatar

      James on

      Hi guys,

      I noticed that the final shipments of SoapSox went out a few weeks ago but I haven't received my final two SoapSox yet. I am waiting for the dragon and the duck.

      If you could provide me with a status update of the shipment or tracking information I would appreciate it.


    21. Ray Phillips & Alvin Uy Creator on

      Hi Felix,

      Apologies for the mix up. We will be sure to get things done faster and more accurate our next time around. We appreciate your support and wish you the best.


    22. Ray Phillips & Alvin Uy Creator on

      Hi Felix,

      Apologies for the mix up. We will be sure to get things done faster and more accurate our next time around. We appreciate your support and wish you the best.



      Hi guys,
      Received 3 of them yesterday, here in Jakarta, Indonesia ! I got Emma, Taylor and Lily the Dragon ( instead of ordered Harper ), but is is OK, the Dragon is so awesome and had a Kickstarter signature in it ! Can't wait to see my granddaughter expression when I give it to her tomorrow, she will love it, its perfect time, her 1st birthday was 1 week ago. Its not too late for such an adorable, awesome product ! Thanks guys, waiting for your next project !

    24. Ray Phillips & Alvin Uy Creator on

      Hi Maxim,

      My name is Ray and I am ultimately responsible for the delays you have had to endure during this process. I would like to inform you that your package had shipped as originally stated along with others, but was returned due to postage errors and was reshipped. With that being said I apologies for the missed Holidays and celebrations. I will refund you your backer amount and ask that you keep the SoapSox you receive. I again apologies for the frustration this process has caused. I will follow up with an additional email to remedy the situation.


    25. Missing avatar

      Maxim Belleau on

      I'm in Canada and I still haven't received anything. I ordered 3, 2 of them have been ready for more than 5 mounths, You told us that we were supposed to receive them for christmas... Than waiting till after christmas to teel us you prefered not to... Than now you told us that everything was shipped out on march 30th, package takes about 2 weeks to get here from the US. You charged 10$ to ship outside of us, with that you should have been able to ship it with a faster method than the one you are using. You can keep mine, I don't need it anymore, you already blew it as christmas gift(original reason to back), than for birthday and lastly easter gift so I don't need or want it anymore...

    26. Ray Phillips & Alvin Uy Creator on

      @Pao-Lan Ladouceur:

      Hi Pao, Jeanne, and Harry,

      Please know that your SoapSox are on their way. We had a few packages returned due to postage errors and had to resend them. I will follow up with each of you with tracking info.


    27. Ray Phillips & Alvin Uy Creator on


      Hi, we were in formed of the smell and realized it was caused by the shipping bags used. It will go away, however feel free to wash your SoapSox if it makes you more comfortable.


    28. Harry Lam on


      I seem to be in the same boat as the domestic folks- the remaining order has not been received yet and it's a bit concerning since international orders seem to be out and received already. Is there a way track the order? My first package was actually delivered with the wrong address.


    29. Jeanne on

      I'm still waiting for the second shipment (taylor, jackson, emma), I got the first package already with the hippo etc.. I am willing to wait if there's a delay, but I got kind of worried that it was lost in the mail since I see that international folks are receiving theirs already. I'm located in Fairfax VA. Thank you!

    30. Pao-Lan Ladouceur on

      I'm patiently waiting for Emma and Lily, but Taylor and Jackson made it safely to my apartment and my nephew seems to love them. He's actually a bit young so he thinks they're normal plush toys and as any good baby, he sometimes take a munch into them... which is not a good experience when the little guys are filled with soap. He'll learn in due time ;)

    31. Insane_Drako on

      I just got my dragon! It looks AWESOME! I can't remember what I filled up for the survey, but the shirt I got is way too big! lol, but maybe I'll try to frame the logo and set it up somewhere.

      I love it! Although there is a strong smell to the Soapbox, will this go away on it's own or should I wash it?

    32. Missing avatar

      Christian Krüger on

      Today I received my package here in Gemany, the soapsox are so sweet. My son loving them. Thank for the perfect product and the very good support. I wish you all the best for you and your company.

    33. Ray Phillips & Alvin Uy Creator on

      Hi guys, apologies for the delayed response. We received a few of our international packages back due to incorrect postage. I will respond to each of you individually with tracking info.

      Thank you for your patience.


    34. Missing avatar

      Joona Hoikkala on

      Still nothing here in Finland either. Hoping to get some information about the shipping.

    35. Kris Lu WenJie on

      Hi I'm in Singapore and as not yet receive anything. Is there any tracking ID or any info?

    36. Chung-Hsien Lee on

      Hi, I am in Taiwan and I didn't receive anything. What's happened??

    37. Jessica Gaytan

      They're all here! They're wonderful and I am very happy with my soapsox. Great Work :D

    38. Missing avatar


      Hi, I`m in Singapore and I didn`t receive anything. Is there any update for the international backers?

    39. Missing avatar

      Poooofie on

      Just got my first batch (Canada)!!! So amazing!

    40. Missing avatar

      reinhard on

      Got my rewards a couple of days ago. The kids are loving it! Thx and keep up the good work!

    41. Trevor on

      I still haven't received my turtle. I thought it was supposed to ship a month ago?

    42. Kirill Krymskiy on

      Are they sending any shipping notifications?
      @SoapSox team, have you finally received the rest of characters?

    43. Jessica Gaytan

      Has anyone in California received their Whale/Turtle?

    44. Missing avatar

      Christian Krüger on

      Hi, I`m in Germany and I didn`t receive anything. What`s happend?

    45. Jason The Backer on

      I'm still waiting on the second batch. Thanks!


      Hi guys,
      I am here in Indonesia, we did not receive anything yet up to today, what is really happening ??

    47. Yoshio on

      Hi, I'm in Japan, and I received the SoapSox three characters a week ago. My daughter is waiting for Dragon!

    48. Missing avatar

      Julie Tagliamonte on

      Got my Whale and Turtle today. Can't wait for the rest!

    49. Missing avatar

      Poooofie on

      international backers - has anyone received anything yet???

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