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2 GB/S WiFi 802.11AC, BLE, Zigbee, Zwave, Insteon, RFID/NFC, Home Media Server, Your Own Cloud and Domain. We call it a Rablet.
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A Big Update!

Posted by Soap (Creator)

The Operating System

As many of you know the operating system is the biggest hurdle that we have to overcome in the development of Soap.  We are excited to announce that we have teamed up with Droidifi to aid us in this endeavor.  Soap will be partnering with Droidifi to finish the SoapOS. Another positive result of this is all of Droidifi's backers will all have access to this finalized version of Droidifi.  

We feel by teaming up with a partner like Droidifi is a great move and will allow us to release Soap product that will be ready for prime time.  

Added Content

We have added several demo videos of our proof of concept prototype, we have videos for Zigbee, Z-Wave, WiFi, Bluetooth and Screen mirroring.  We have also added many images of our custom PCB renderings and a video so you can see all angles of the board the planned board. 


Many backers have noticed that we were not able to be found via Kickstarter search. We had to do a couple videos and remove some images. We have followed all of KS requests and will be back in the search shortly.  So get ready to see a great amount of growth again!

Comment Board

As many of you have noticed our comment board has been over run by a few trolls and dollar backers looking to cause problems. These are not the backers that have lowered there pledge til we can address their concerns and get them to up their pledge again.

  We know many of you have real questions and are supportive of the project, if you have had a question that has not been answered please send us a message and we will answer it as quickly as possible. 

We do want to ask to the people that do not have faith in us or believe Soap is impossible to please leave.  We will not be answering any of your attacks, slander or propaganda are happy to answer real questions.

In the Press

As some of you may know we have a couple negative blogs circulating about whether or not we are credible calling us everything from  the greatest scam on earth to incapable and do not "look" like a developer.

We would like to address this and state the clearest we can that we are hard working people that are a little over ambitious at most.

There are a few more interviews we are doing the next couple days and we will continue to update.

We are grateful for the continued show of support from our backers and to the bloggers and reporters that have reached out to us before posting something about our project.  We ask everyone to remember that we are people just like you with family and friends and have come to Kickstarter to try and launch a product that we truly believe in.

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    1. Marcus Millspaugh on

      On a basic level, Droidifi's lack of anything tangible doesn't give backers confidence. Even an alpha build would answer some questions.

      Soap has shown a proof of concept not a prototype and has not seen the Soap OS running on the hardware designed. Getting to that point might take longer than expected.

      Maybe getting Soap OS on 4 port router configuration with plenty of USB would be a easier goal. It would let them refine the OS and allow modular expansion using off the shelf components.

      @Creator- Even if you have problems with drivers, do you have the ability to get beta units all the backers in hopes of getting the bugs worked out?

    2. Missing avatar

      Brian Sorli on

      I honestly don't know anything about either group, but if Droidifi can help make SOAP better then what exactly is the problem. All I want is the BEST Router and Home Automation interface and if these two groups can make that happen and bringing in Droidifi can make it happen quicker...Big Thumbs Up to me!!!

      I've been using Android and modifying builds for years, but have no idea how to accomplish what these guys are if you have something better it maybe time to step up to the plate and make an offer!

    3. Missing avatar

      Erik Tijburg on

      I think you guys are reading it the wrong way. I see it this way. SOAP will get access to all of the Droidifi source code and get some added programming experience and in return the Droidifi backers get what was promised. Please notice they didn't say that they are going to use Droidifi OS. They are getting assistance in finishing the SOAP OS and the Droidifi gets finished as a result. I take it as a Win=Win for both projects.

    4. John Dunn on

      I am on with everyone else here with questioning the Droidifi decision..

    5. Daniel on

      Are you serious? Partnering with a project that has as of this day not delivered anything? Their last update was in March 2013. They don't have a good track record for trust.

      I ditto with @Boone and @Kevin's posts.

    6. Kevin Lee on

      Ditto what Boone said. Even if the Droidifi team had the purest of intentions going in, they don't exactly have a good track record for sticking to a timeline or communicating with their backers. Tying your products with their deliverables seems like a recipe for disaster. Please reconsider partnering with them.

    7. Boone Simpson on

      Droidifi took 9K in funds from kickstarter backers and delivered NOTHING, no alpha, no beta, no hardware for those who pledged the higher hardware reward.

      Additionally, they haven't made a peep to their backers on KS or their site in about a year.

      Partnering with a "team" that has completely failed their backers isn't going to lend any credibility to you guys.

      I want to believe!