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2 GB/S WiFi 802.11AC, BLE, Zigbee, Zwave, Insteon, RFID/NFC, Home Media Server, Your Own Cloud and Domain. We call it a Rablet.
2 GB/S WiFi 802.11AC, BLE, Zigbee, Zwave, Insteon, RFID/NFC, Home Media Server, Your Own Cloud and Domain. We call it a Rablet.
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    1. Soap Creator on March 4, 2014

      We will not send any developmental prototypes to review sites. We will be sending them Beta units in June/July. They have mentioned us on the blogs & news-tech sites because of how cool the concept of Soap is and just like any news sites they are excited about the new things. So we will not be able to do this for you until till the first beta test units are manufactured. We are here, however talking with you and interested in input from you for the development this is your time to get something you really feel a device needs for your home into it. Some things can seem too good to be true this is not one of them. You are always able to get a refund if you receive a unit that isn't what you expected.

    2. Kevin Scott on March 4, 2014

      @Soap - Thanks for the quick replies last night Alex

    3. Alex Cherem on March 4, 2014

      Stretch #4 shows delivery date of 2016.. Not sure if you were aware.

    4. Soap Creator on March 4, 2014

      @Daniel, we will need to get 175k to put that chipset in the Soap Touch, and 300k for the Soap Essentials. We have just added stretch goals for this.

    5. Missing avatar

      Dan Jensen
      on March 4, 2014

      Hey guys, have you sent out any prototypes for third-party reviews? I went through the sites you advertise as "mentioned on" and they all seem to be using the same images and copy from the project on KS. There are a lot of good ideas here and I'd like to see somebody not affiliated with you or the project put Soap through its paces and reassure me that it all works as advertised and doesn't suffer from "too good to be true".

    6. Missing avatar

      Edward Hutchins on March 4, 2014

      Hi soap team, congrats for reaching 80,000 plus! Have a question for ya. Will your software be able to send a snap shot photo of an image with a compatible camera once motion is detected or if a door/window sensor is triggered. Hope it will as I have been looking for a home automation/software that offers this. Thanks for your time.

    7. Daniel on March 4, 2014

      How much more funding would you need for the Quantenna QAC2300 chipset to be included?

    8. Soap Creator on March 4, 2014

      -Both will support this. We will be updating our FAQ today.

    9. Asterix on March 4, 2014

      @Soap, thanks

    10. Missing avatar

      NotTheEvilOne on March 4, 2014

      I wonder if HDMI CEC is supported for Soap Essentials / Touch. I wasn't able to find anything definite for Android and/or the FAQ of this device.

    11. Soap Creator on March 4, 2014

      @Astrerix the iOS app for iphone and ipad are very important to us and will be done with the early beta devices for developers.

    12. Asterix on March 4, 2014

      @Please do not forget the iOS app? Will we get it in July?. I want the iPad app since I am not getting the touch screen.

    13. Missing avatar

      Andrew on March 4, 2014

      @Soap The standard used for ethernet is 802.3az?

    14. Soap Creator on March 4, 2014

      @ Andrew-
      Yes, this is very important us us and custom encryption methods will be advised and allowed. We are working on key encryption system and others like this as a testing pushes forward, we will continue work on this and use feedback as we don't want to make it so encrypted that it takes years to send a home automation command but we do want your stuff secure.

    15. Soap Creator on March 4, 2014


      We have actually moved to testing the Quantenna QAC2300 we are hoping to raise enough funds to use this chipset instead of the earlier Broadcom or Marvel.
      Soap Will have detachable antenna, but this isn't required for signal as we have a board based antenna, but will have the extendable one for more signal as this is very important for larger homes.
      As of now we only have SataII but look to Soap 2 for upgrades like this.
      Yes USB 3.0 will have usap and a turbo mode.

    16. John Dunn on March 4, 2014

      @Soap - thank you for the quick reply. RIght now I have to manage everything via the Vera but control it on the phone with the AutHomationHD which is a nice and sleek Interface (which the vera is not so much) May be worth reaching out to the AutoHomationHD devs if something worth taking a look at. :)

    17. Stuart Feltham on March 4, 2014

      @Soap I understand... I look forward to seeing how it all works.

    18. Soap Creator on March 4, 2014

      We will have our own Z-Wave control built into the Soap Automation software you also will be able to use many 3rd party apps to control this but we haven't found too many impressive ones so far.

    19. Soap Creator on March 4, 2014

      At the moment we have been working to create a very simple and custimizable event system that will allow you to customize based on many things. A good example of what we are working on is Tasker it is a app you can download from the google play store take a lot at that App.

    20. John Dunn on March 4, 2014

      This may be a dumb question but I should be able to use this and replace my VeraLite for my automation with the z-Wave chip correct? If so is it 3rd party software you are using for setup or in house built for the automation control?

    21. Soap Creator on March 4, 2014

      Soap Is not power over ethernet. We are looking into an accessory that can be upgraded to that will allow for power over ethernet but at the current moment the device does not have direct PoE.

    22. Stuart Feltham on March 4, 2014

      I have a question, that I can't see an answer for, but apologies if it's already been asked. I noted your update about the PebbleBee, and I wondered how well we'll be able to use and trigger events based on different types of Home Automation systems? IE Will I be able to trigger an email when a Zigbee door sensor senses that a door is open and a Z-Wave lightswitch notes that a light is on when all the PebbleBee's have left the house?

    23. Missing avatar

      Francis on March 4, 2014

      I apologize if this was asked before, but is Soap PoE?

    24. Missing avatar

      Andrew on March 4, 2014

      @Soap Will you be able to implement a DNS resolver on the device using dnscrypt?
      That way users could point the dns server to local IP and, more importantly receive and request all dns queries encrypted

    25. Missing avatar

      vince on March 4, 2014

      Hey Soap Creators

      Just had some questions about the product and the info thats been posted so far(loving the progress).

      any plans on updating or upgrading the wireless to the ac2300 ? (descriptions still say ac1750)

      Will the soap have detectable antennas ?

      Also any plans on upgrading the sata2 to sata 3?

      For the usb 3.0 will they be using the USAP ?

      hope to hear back thanks again

    26. Soap Creator on March 4, 2014

      @Kevin...Besides disconnecting and going off the grid what do you feel is one of the best ways to be secure with technology these days?

    27. Soap Creator on March 4, 2014

      @Kevin- We will have to work together with our community and developers to keep things the way we all want. By offering different operating systems and using a combination of skill sets we won't be dependent on just one type. We have been working and will work even more with the Network Penetration experts the people of Offensive Security also the makers of Kali Linux(backTrack) fwe feel sometimes the best way to protect something is to hire the people that would normally be the attackers as the ones to build the defenses.

    28. Soap Creator on March 4, 2014

      @Kevin- The Spy Software isn't for security this is a feature that needs to be re-branded as it is meant for parents to Spy on their children :)

    29. Soap Creator on March 4, 2014

      The Test for the most recent chipset is in no way a real scientific test as we were merely giving it a test drive for real world usage. The router was in the furthest basement corner of the building and had to go through some solid walls and floor to get outside. We did this test with the external antenna attached which is really 3 little antenna in 1. We will post some real data we have captured on each chipset and let you guys see later this week.

    30. Kevin Scott on March 4, 2014

      Every time I read or see Soap's purposed "Spy" software - I cringe. I deal with PCI credit card compliancy and QSA validation requirements as a point of sale software developer and I'm constantly amazed at the creativity and ingenuity of attackers and the determination they have for compromising systems. Some of Soaps software features make it a tantalizing point of entry for attackers looking to compromise someones complete network and home, especially with all the home automation and home security features its going to potentially integrating with. I'm very interested in what they've also purposed for network intruder detection and the other security features they've touched on. Transparency in features and design will ultimately determine this devices viability as a security appliance and worthy of the communities trust and continued use of Soap.

    31. Soap Creator on March 3, 2014

      IF you want to talk more code and our security process that some may find boring feel free to skype or message us we seriously value input from you guys.

    32. Soap Creator on March 3, 2014

      @Serge, as tempting as it may seem we will not data mine or profit off spying on you.
      We will have the Soap App Policy and Software Kit which will contain our certified apps and the apps built by our community developers who will all be verified.
      While we cannot stop everything that Google allows on its play store we will do our best to keep you safe. Soap will also notify you if you are about to download an app that may be from an unknown or unsafe source beyond the way Google does this now.
      The Soap device is based around malware protection and security and has many alerts that will be built into it that will help keep your network safe. For example
      Soap Flypaper is a great tool we are developing to help protect your privacy and security, it will not only trick real hackers into false openings it also works for tracking and mining it will send out loads of false data to apps that could be data mining off of you while also notifying you of the situation. Soap has been built off of a network penetration testing OS called Kali Linux and a lot of this has transferred over to our version of Android(I am actually Kali as I type this message) We are still developing our Android and Linux OS but know that we have from the start have had security and privacy in the our mind as we have developed Soap. If all else fails and you fear android just use our Linux OS instead.

    33. Kevin Scott on March 3, 2014

      +405 for Serge's comment... (Assuming we all have the same concerns, which I know we all do)... ;)

    34. Kevin Scott on March 3, 2014

      @Soap, was the 125 meters line of sight or through walls? If through walls, how many? Was that off the single antenna? How many other WIFI devices were connected to Soap at the same time at that distance? What data throughput were you hitting at 125 meters? What software are you using to test the performance?

    35. Serge on March 3, 2014

      Correct :). Soap will have access to an incredible amount of private data. We'd like to hear that you're not going to be, say, quietly collecting usage logs like Samsung does with their smart TV offerings.

      Additionally, Soap is a perfect host for malicious attacks such as MITM. Are there any measures in place to secure it beyond what you get with a typical android tablet? For example, many free apps on the google play store collect personal information. How would you stop someone from making a popular free app for Soap which also happens to be a backdoor with full access to the traffic of all connected devices?

    36. Soap Creator on March 3, 2014

      Hey Serge!
      So let me make sure I have the questions correct.
      - Since we have an open source home automation you want to make sure we are not like Goo%$^ and say its free when the real cost is only your privacy right? Also, how we protect and secure the device from hackers and other dangerous sources?

    37. Serge on March 3, 2014

      Hello, I'm very excited to see an open platform for home networking and automation! Privacy and security is very important to everyone today, can you please elaborate on your privacy policy (we want to hear an absolute guarantee that you won't knowingly monitor any data) and your approach to securing the platform against attacks and backdoors?


    38. Missing avatar

      on March 3, 2014

      @Soap very nice update future on home page I really like it. The end of project before you ship our pledge if you can have tip sheet how to get those future step by step for us will be very awesome (if what add on need or recommend from 3rd party will be also cool).
      I believe a lot people include me don't really understand much about technology (Insteon, ZigBee, Z-Wave, Wemo, TCP, BLE, Vuezon, ...) than just sound cool i want to have those future. wow i know when my kid gone or when they back turn on my tv when i m home bla bla.
      Thanks so much if you can do that ^_^ so happy to see more pledge add.

    39. Soap Creator on March 3, 2014

      Correction 125 meter radius for Quantenna before we saw signal lose.

    40. Soap Creator on March 3, 2014

      -We have tried several chipsets in our prototype we have used BCM4360, Avastar 88VV8864, and most recently we have been using Quantenna QAC2300 and have been most pleased with the latter it stretched 3 Floors and over 7500 square foot home quite nicely. The range actually went for over 170 meters before getting spotty, but this could be extended with more power into it and as we tune it better.

    41. Asterix on March 3, 2014

      @Soap, LOL, ok, you can skip the teenager leaving the house. I am sure everyone will appreciate if you were able to make the videos. thanks. Looking forward to them.

    42. Missing avatar

      sairon on March 3, 2014

      What WiFi chipset is used in Soap? Have you tried to measure the coverage with supplied antenna?

    43. Missing avatar

      on March 3, 2014

      Sound soap from u reply Asterix. Maybe it can get some people or maybe me get more than one :)

    44. Soap Creator on March 3, 2014

      @Asterix I was thinking about posting a blog like videos that will show one per day for the next 10 days.

    45. Soap Creator on March 3, 2014

      I promise you will see this before it ends. We've been working very hard. The hard one to show will be the teenager leaving the house.....I don't have a teenager :)

    46. Asterix on March 3, 2014

      @Soap, the 10 things soap can do is awesome. But, how many can you show on video it doing before the campaign ends?

    47. Soap Creator on March 3, 2014

      Here=Fizard... Weird autocorrect. :)

    48. Soap Creator on March 3, 2014

      Yes, there is already built in here is talking about a Z wave or Zigbee accessory free with soap.

    49. Max Awesome Penther on March 3, 2014

      @Soap regarding @Fizards question, then there is not zwave and zigbee before 325k? or is it allready in the touch at the price now?

    50. Soap Creator on March 3, 2014

      Yes, this was a stretch goal and wasn't officially added yet but will be added at 325k.
      There will be no shipping cost. We will send you the replacement and when you receive it you will also receive a shipping label and box to send the old one back.

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