Terry Pratchett's Troll Bridge

by Snowgum Films

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    1. Jeremie Lariviere

      great update, thanks!

    2. Louise Sparrow on

      I must admit I'm not very happy with this.

      I appreciate that it's easier for you but I use Kickstarter and have chosen to trust it with my personal details, being moved to website I have never heard of without my permission and being asked to provide details through it, is not what I agreed to... and if it were anyone else I would not even consider it.

      If I choose not to migrate, do I forfeit the backing reward?

    3. Snowgum Films Creator on

      Hi Louise,

      No - of course you aren't forfeiting anything - a deal is a deal. :)

      The only information BackerKit is storing on our behalf are your order items, your name, email, and your postal address (that last one you will need to enter yourself). We need to be clear that BackerKit in our instance - is only being used to streamline shipping. No credit card or payment details are stored unless you opt to change your order and enter those details yourself.

      If you still have privacy concerns, just let me know and we'll keep you on an Excel sheet instead. No worries. :) Thanks Louise!

    4. Nick L on

      Is the February date mentioned in a recent update still accurate? Getting very excited now :)

    5. Snowgum Films Creator on

      February? Did we say February - I hope we didn't, but things are strange on Troll Bridge time. :)

      No, unfortunately we won't make February. We have a date in mind for this year, but it's not quiet that early. We'll announce the actual date only when we're 100% sure we'll nail it - we don't want a repeat performance in disappointing everyone.

    6. Nick L on

      My mistake! For some reason I read Update #13 as being recent on the new website ("Shifting release date") when in fact that was from September 2013. The problems of half reading something.

    7. Louise Sparrow on

      Thank you for your response and reassurance :)