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TROLL BRIDGE is a cinematic DISCWORLD adaptation of the short story by Terry Pratchett.
TROLL BRIDGE is a cinematic DISCWORLD adaptation of the short story by Terry Pratchett.
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Our Problem With Beryl…

Posted by Snowgum Films (Creator)

Just a small update - as promised we're chipping away at the film and will only throw you email when we have something substantial to say.

But here's something we could really use your help on...

Of all the characters in Troll Bridge, Beryl has been by far the hardest for us to design. She has gone over the pits more times than we can count to try and get her looking right for the film, but more importantly, right for Terry’s dialogue. Feedback from our convention screenings have been absolutely invaluable in recognising the work ahead we had with her. The rhythm and intentions of the dialogue is a simple enough thing to translate, but finding an image that appropriately balances that character is even more important (and we’ve learned that doesn’t necessarily mean going for the obvious).

We think we’re close to locking her off (again) but wanted to post what we had in order to reaffirm / renounce what we had in our head before returning to the heavy CG process.

Sal has been instrumental in helping us through many of these revisions, and has graciously allowed his more recent designs to be seen for public comment. This is an incredibly brave thing for any artist, but given how many designs we’ve gone through over the years and the crowd sourced nature of the film – we’d love you all to weigh in. Particularly (especially!) if you’re familiar with the story.

What are we doing right? What are we doing wrong? How do you see her and why?

We won’t say anything more on it, but we’re certainly listening.

Head Sheet 1
Head Sheet 1
Head Sheet 2
Head Sheet 2
Head Sheet 3
Head Sheet 3
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    1. Marcin W. Dąbrowski

      Fantastic update after a long silence! :D That's what we, backer, like! As for Beryl design – you're doing good.

    2. Billy Stirling on

      Headsheet 3, Large illustration with the headscarf is right on the button for me.

    3. Mick Marsh on

      Sheet 2 F, I believe is the one, had a hard life, but still a touch of kindness in the features, head scarf is a must, worn tied at the back gypsies style, plus a shawl, and or pinny/apron, patched.

    4. Robin Baker on

      The face should not be too symmetrical. A little imbalance creates a less "human" face, and I think it would be in keeping with the 'moral' I get from the DW books that even those that don't look like 'Us' are worthy of respect. I agree that Headsheet 2 F is a good start. The striped tablecloth is a good look, and a bit of moss and/or lichen is a nice touch. (Then again, I have a skin condition that includes 'lichen', so I'm biased). Green moss, green stone for Beryl, as IRL beryl can mean emerald. She is precious to her family.

    5. Missing avatar

      Marcia Morrison on

      I’m not familiar enough with the story to have an opinion on the character look, but for the “headscarf should appear to be a tablecloth” note, I think of tablecloths that have a border pattern on them.

      Maybe like this vintage 1950's tablecloth with cherries on it:
      [rats, I can't get either a jpg or a png file to paste in here. Oh well.]

      Keep up the good work.

      Marcia in Salem, Massachusetts

    6. Jeremie Lariviere

      I love what you guys are working on, and the tablecloth on the head is a nice touch.
      I like the more symmetrical, rocky look, instead of the asymmetrical face, bulbous nose (those would be better for other species, I think);

    7. Erin Brown on

      Totally F. That one really nailed it for me. You have the purse of her lips just the way I see it. Plus her face is still relatable. Some of the others are too asymmetrical. In heat shot F, you can still see how she was the young and sexy troll who married against her mother’s wishes.

    8. Lindsay C. Walker on

      I'd make her look like Terry Jones in drag.

    9. Missing avatar

      nagelfar on

      Whatever you do, don't make her "cute". Some of those, especially on sheet 1 are too cute, they look like ewoks.

    10. Deb Zander on

      War Beryl is very much a win. I also like the idea of the tablecloth head scarf

    11. Missing avatar

      Chris Boote on

      Oh, and the originals of those headsheet images could be easily sold on eBay to raise more funds you know, hint hint :)

    12. Missing avatar

      Chris Boote on

      Well, given her wonderful voice, be always seemed to me to be a siliconized version of Terry Jones' "Brian's Mother"
      Of all of those images above, headsheet 3, D or F look the closest to my imagination - but the 'tablecloth' image really captures it very very well indeed

    13. Missing avatar

      Caryn Cameron on

      Head sheet 2 F. Reminds me of Donna, the Tenth Doctor's companion, played by Catherine Tate. Might work well with how I remember Beryl with acerbic kindness.