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TROLL BRIDGE is a cinematic DISCWORLD adaptation of the short story by Terry Pratchett.
TROLL BRIDGE is a cinematic DISCWORLD adaptation of the short story by Terry Pratchett.
1,239 backers pledged $82,000 to help bring this project to life.

The Turtle Moves

Posted by Snowgum Films (Creator)

Hey guys, this is just an intermittent update for those not following us on Facebook or Twitter or the other internet what-have-yous. The test screening at the International Discworld Convention in Manchester went excellent and while we were over there we were fortunate enough to be invited back to Pratchett Towers to screen it for the man himself. I think it's safe to say we’re pretty happy with the way the test screening was received all round.  :)

Since returning, we've been back at the grindstone resolving some of the issues that were brought up, as well as continuing to build and refine the assets and work we have.

In other news, there has been a lot of talk recently in the media about crowdfunding campaigns falling through and Kickstarter revising their terms and condition to help protect backers. Just to clear the air we absolutely agree and support these new conditions laid out.

Honestly – and to be fair – we thought these were the conditions anyway. Our personal take on this, is that any campaign that has fallen through the gaps and HASN’T done everything they can do to make things right - are destroying the entire crowdfunding movement for everyone. For us - this is a legitimate business model and we want to see crowdfunding exist well into the future. This means (for our part) being as awesome as we can and being absolutely clear on anything and everything we do.

With that said… here some stuff we’ve been working on! Note, none of these images are finalised, but we’re pretty happy with the progress of them.

No!  Music first, and then images.  ;)  Maybe enjoy the music whilst looking at the images?  This is our opening music track by our wonderfully talented composer Jure Peternel.  :)

And now some work-in-progress shots from the film:

Brand new eyeballs for Mica:

Matte painting work by Dave Tipper visualising what it looks like over the edge of Death Bridge:

And a random secret shot which we won't confirm or deny is anything in particular:

None of these images are finalised, but we think we're getting pretty close.  We obviously have a whole swag of other stuff we'd love to show you from other areas of the film... but... well, we should save some stuff for the next update!  ;)

As a bonus though we've started rolling out our poetry pledges! These two have been released publicly with permission from their new owners (and we reckon you'd enjoy them too):

And for now - that's it!

We've just restructured our pipeline management (with over 100 people crewing post-production and over 500 shots - you need a good pipeline), so we'll be able to get back to our schedule charts soon.

Thanks you for your patience!  And as always: can't wait to finish this film up for you all!

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    1. Snowgum Films Creator on

      We'd like to premiere at Berlinale if we can (which is in February). Not sure we'll make that target - but that's the current aim date.

    2. Jeremie Lariviere

      Awesome! Thanks for the update, I'm eagerly awaiting the finished product!

    3. Axel

      "for Mica" Haha!

    4. Missing avatar

      Thomas Bartz on

      No complaint whatsoever, but when do you expect to finish the movie? Like, you have a year or even a month in mind? I'm not running out of patience, I'm just curios.

    5. Jussi Myllyluoma

      "The Turtle's Eye Nebula"...?

    6. Frankie

      Thanks for the update! :)