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An American Cube Rat in Scotland! Edinburgh Fringe or Bust!'s video poster

A Rock Musical for all Superstars too big for their cubicles. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on August 4, 2011.

A Rock Musical for all Superstars too big for their cubicles.

About this project


'Cube Rat' is an original rock musical with 10 great songs, and the fantastically funny, whimsical and heartfelt story of a girl trying to come to terms with the schism between what she knows her life is meant to be, and what it instead, actually is; Normal. EEEEEEEEEK!  The show has been workshopped at SIR studios and The Green Room in NYC to stunned, tearfully laughing audiences who offered standing ovations after each showcase.


Our goal is to take 'Cube Rat' to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this August in order to gain exposure for this wonderful piece. Edinburgh is a hotbed of theatrical producers and agents who are looking for talent and content for tours, television, film, and radio!


The stage is set! I've applied and been accepted to PBH's Free Fringe. The artists and community work together to foster and maintain independence. I have a venue and performance dates. Now I have to book flights and flats, get my hair done, and get on a plane!


A project like this, even though it's essentially a solo show, (with live musicians) takes a village as you’ll see below in our team bios. But most of these people are working for free or bupkiss out of belief in the project. Still and yet there are costs that can’t be avoided such as flights, transportation, room and board, printing of marketing materials, design costs, costumes, a tech person in Scotland, and all the things I’m forgetting, like lost wages while we’re in Scotland.

I estimate the overall cost to be $12,000 even with all these wonderful people kicking in their time and talent.  

$5,000 of that has already been covered over the course of the last 4 months of production. I’m hoping My Hero, Kickstarter will help our amazing team so rather than feeling fraught with the stress of under-funding, we’ll be able to approach this incredible undertaking knowing the universe supports us.


Dana McCoy - (me) wrote book, music, lead performer, co-producer. My bio’s somewhere on this page already as well as on my website. I promise you I have proper creds, but perhaps the greatest thing I’ve done is attract the following people.

All Star Team:

Inbrook/Calvin Wynter - Press/Promotion - Calvin, an international theater producer, is one of the top producers for many years in Edinburgh. Calvin is Managing Director of Green Room Presents and Inbrook, and is an accredited promoter for Adelaide Fringe and The Edinburgh Festival Fringe.  He is a judge and industry panelist for The Boston Comedy Festival, New York Comedy Competition and The New York Underground Comedy Festival.  Previously, Calvin was a Managing Director of Corporate Finance at Lehman Brothers, a Vice President at Merrill Lynch. Having Calvin’s expert guidance is an unimaginable windfall for this show.

PBH Free Fringe – Co- Producer - Peter Buckley Hill, founder of PBH's Free Fringe has created something with a remarkably similar ethos to Kickstarter. In his portion of the Edinburgh Fringe, people don't have to have money to be involved, they simply pitch in and help one another, thus building community and artist independence. Peter, I kiss you for accepting me into your curated roster of rebels.

Jon Asher – Co-Producer, COO, Featherweight Productions, - Jon served as an officer of the Navy during Viet Nam, retired as a director from IBM after 30 years during which time he computer networked The White House, has grown several mid size and start up IT companies into large, lucrative businesses, and currently leads the advisory committee of the historic town he calls home in New England.

Bernadette Daly - Co-Author - is a comedian, writer, actress who studied at Upright Citizens Brigade with Amy Poehler after graduating from The American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Dana finds her one of the funniest people alive.

Gordon Stewart - Script/Story Development - Before, during and after getting an MFA in directing from Yale Drama School, Gordon directed and/or conducted some 30 productions including the premiers of Cowboy Mouth by Sam Shepherd and Patti Smith, and Sleep by Jack Gelber, (both at the Edinburgh Festival) Jesse and the Bandit Queen for Joseph Papp at the Public Theatre, and was the original director for the Elephant Man production that moved to Broadway as Gordon went to become principal Speechwriter for President Jimmy Carter. This is just for starters.

Gretchen Cryer – Script/Story Development, Performance Coach -  Gretchen is best known for writing the book and lyrics and starring in "I'm Getting My Act Together and Taking It On the Road", originally produced in New York City by Joseph Papp's Public Theater followed by a 3-year run at the Circle in the Square, and hundreds of subsequent productions here and abroad. In Chicago the show won the Joseph Jefferson Award for the Best Musical and Gretchen won the Best Actress Award. The cast album won a Grammy nomination. Gretchen has written numerous other shows winning the Obie Award - Best Musical, Drama Desk Award, Outer Critics Circle Awards. She has recorded 2 albums for RCA, starred on Broadway in her own Cabaret Act, is a member of the Dramatist Guild Council, is President of the Dramatist Guild Fund.

Roger Greenawalt - Music Producer/Musician - Greenawalt studied at Berklee College of Music, has produced and performed on records by bands such as Ben Kweller, The Pierces, and Julian Velard.  He currently operates Shabby Road Studio in the heart of Williamsburg. The Pierces album Thirteen Tales of Love and Revenge has been highly regarded; the single "Secret" is the theme song for the TV show Pretty Little Liars. The album has been reviewed favorably in magazines such as NME, Rolling Stone, and Spin. Roger's worked on dozens of TV commercials and various theme music for television, including Sky, Coca Cola, Ford, Croc Hunter, and National Geographic. He plays every instrument, even the uke.

Graham Spence - Music Producer/Musician/Tech Director - has produced/engineered a plethora of British artists including the punk/pop band Alcatraz Spoon of which he's a member, and the delicious Urban Voodoo Machine, during his time running Jay Studios in London. 

Jason Loadsman - Drummer/Performer - Jason is a highly coveted drummer, always on the road with a great band. His primary concern is Urban Voodoo Machine (who SO ROCK and have a new record out) and Alcatraz Spoon, of which Jay is a founding member. He also owns/directs Studios in London. 

Jonny Porkpie - Illustration/Poster Design - Jonny is a New York City-based writer, director, and performer. So called for his pork pie hat, Jonny Porkpie creates and hosts scripted theme-based burlesque shows as part of his production company, Pinchbottom,as well as solo productions under the title "Jonny Porkpie's Bad Ideas". His work has been touted in New York Magazine.  He was born in New York City,is an Ivy League graduate with a degree in Visual Art who is of Dutch/Jewish ancestry, and is a member of an old theatrical family.

Marisa Crawford - Poster Photography/Styling - Marisa credits her eye for fashion, film, and photography to the influences of her grandmother, mother, father, and uncle - film director Paul Morrissey, director of Andy Warhol’s films. Marisa started her professional career as a model with Elite, working regularly with photographers Steven Meisel, Guy Bourdin, Bill King, and Illustrator Antonio Lopez. She then spent 16 years as a fashion stylist and consultant for Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom’s, etc.,  was a contributing Fashion Editor for Italian Vogue, L'Uomo Vogue, Spanish Vogue, Vanity Fair, Surface, Glamour, In Style. Her photography has been commissioned by Interview, Teen Vogue, Cookie, Milk, British Vogue, and Vogue Ninos magazines, and by designers and retailers: Erin Fetherston, Academy For Wayward Girls, Woven Play, and J. Crew – Crew Cuts.

Mike Potter - Poster Photo Stylist - Mike is the creator of the makeup looks and wigs for the off Broadway musical Hedwig and the Angry Inch and subsequent film adaptation, in which he also has a small cameo. Potter received a Phoenix Film Critics Society Award nomination for best makeup for his work on Hedwig and was asked by MAC Cosmetics to design a special lipstick called "Angry Inch".He was also the makeup artist for Pieces of April, The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things (JT Leroy), Bugcrush, the Scissor Sisters' video "Filthy/Gorgeous" (another collaboration with John Cameron Mitchell). Besides film, Potter is a makeup artist for fashion editorial and advertising. He has worked with photographers Mick Rock, Richard Avedon, and Carter Smith, and his work was featured in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue shot by Pamela Hanson. Mike and Dana have collaborated on several projects over the years including Gary Graham’s Fashion Shows, and Dana’s first Rock Musical, ‘Prom Queens’, for which Mike created the make-up and wigs.

Neville Elder - Publicity Photos - After graduating from the postgraduate course of Photojournalism at the London College of Printing, Neville Elder began freelancing for Fleet Street broadsheets in London.  Titles include The Independent, The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph, The Observer and Associated Press.  He received a special award from the Picture Editors guild for News Photography and won the Business and Industry Award for Photography 1999.  Also in this year, he was first runner-up for the Georges Bendriem Prize.  The following year. his portrait of Boris Johnson was exhibited as part of the Kobal Awards Exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery in London.  Since March 2001 he has been working in New York City where he supplies newspapers and magazines worldwide.

Dragonfly - Promo Videographer - Digital filmmaker Robin Laverne Wilson attended Rutgers, began filming in Koobi Fora, Kenya, and creating documentaries, one of which will soon air on Current TV;  She’s also worked at VH1. Her intent is to create media that appeals to the highest common denominator—telling stories that are socially, culturally, and politically relevant.

Danny Valdes - Web/Social Network Man – Danny is an accomplished web maestro, running all things cyber for Reverend Billy and the Church of Earthalujah.  Danny also has a radio show and loves Heavy Metal.

Cynthia Merino - Programme Image Graphics – Cynthia Merino is an accomplished photographer, owner of the Poplar Creek Gallery, and is now blossoming Graphic Artist who’s sense of design and balance naturally inform all her creative work including her highly successful jewelry design. 

Here's our press release:

For Immediate Release | Inbrook 


A Rock Musical in an Office Cubicle 

“I'd like to sign her uterus with my magic pen”- Russell Brand 

“Amazing!” - Colin Quinn 

"McCoy's voice has a smokey intensity" - Billboard 

Dana McCoy is a Billboard Album of the Year winner and Virgin Records artist who has triumphantly appeared on comedian Rosie O'Donnell's American chat show and been adoringly profiled in all major media. 

Now – drum roll please – she works in an office cubicle. 

But though Dana has gone from riding a tour bus to being a desk jockey, the laughs (and tunes) keep (rockin' and) rolling.  Dana McCoy: ʻCube Ratʼ  is here to bridge the gap between what people think their lives should be and what they actually are, hopefully without inciting too many suicides along the way. 

Dana McCoy was born singing and dancing, and has trained in all the disciplines of performance since then: Ballet, Modern and Jazz at the North Carolina School of the Arts; Musical Theatre training at Boston Conservatory; then the Cleo Lane Vocal Scholarship and Berklee Grant to study composition, voice and 

performance at Berklee College of Music. Since school Dana has toured as a singer/songwriter and performer in the US, UK and Europe, been a staple on the New York City music scene singing in recording studios and clubs, and as one might expect, her live shows always include various forms of dance. 

In the 1990's Dana opened her own music company, Featherweight Productions, and produced her 

first solo album (Taking Shape, available on iTunes) that went on to become a Billboard Editorʼs choice for Album of the Year. Dana McCoy: ʻCube Ratʼ  features a score co-produced by Roger Greenwalt, the owner of Shabby Road studios, who will appear alongside Dana throughout this Edinburgh run.  Greenwalt is known for discovering singer Ben Kweller, working with acts as diverse as Rufus Wainwright and Ric Ocasek and performing all 185 original Beatles songs on ukulele in one day. 

With his able assistance, Dana has put together a show so good, she may have to 

use up all her sick days performing it. 

"Her hypnotic music and lyrics...a surprisingly unique, thoroughly captivating marriage of torch, blues and 

pop...Clearly she's on her way." - Manhattan Magazine. 


Venue: Rabbie Burns Café and Bar, Venue 73 (PBH’s Free Fringe)

Time: 18:30 (1hr)

Dates: 6th – 27th August 2011 (not 16th)

Tickets: Free, Non-Ticketed


Calvin Wynter | Inbrook             020 7669 4103  (diverts to mobile)     


Well, I guess that's about all for now. If there’s any information you’re interested in I haven’t covered here, please do contact me:

Thank you for your time in perusing our project and kickstarter campaign. We hope you'll take part in this life long dream and adventure with us.


Dana McCoy


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