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With a real fan inside, SNOOZ is an ultra-portable sound conditioner that turns your bedroom into a haven for sleep.
With a real fan inside, SNOOZ is an ultra-portable sound conditioner that turns your bedroom into a haven for sleep.
With a real fan inside, SNOOZ is an ultra-portable sound conditioner that turns your bedroom into a haven for sleep.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Ken Tran on

      I'm not a fan of the new fabric design.

      I don't mind the delay too much as expected in a Kickstarter campaign. However being a project manager myself and understand Projects, I dont think I will back another technology campaign again.

    2. Michael Sullivan on

      Hey Guys, Like most comments I too am okay with the delay and thankful for your continued updates. I think we all would, however, appreciate more updates on the anticipated timeline for delivery. Thanks guys.

    3. Richard T. on

      Along with the revised shipping timeline, the option to update our shipping address would be nice as well since I'm moving.

    4. Elliott Whitlow on

      Guys, I like these updates. Like most I anxiously await my item but want it to be "right". These substantive updates with the good and bad progress definitely make the wait easier and projects to use that progress is being made and you aren't just sitting around.

      Good work guys, looking forward to seeing the final product..

    5. Pygmy Giraffe Games on

      Thank you for the update. It's good to see the progress. But since you're behind schedule, your updates should include a revised shipping timeline. Thanks.

    6. Robert C on

      Thanks for the update guys. Interesting to see the little things that pop up as you move through the various phases. Also good to see you notice little problems like the snaps, which work but could be an issue for an owner if they drop the unit.

      Keep up the good work.

      If it was easy to the summit of Everest, few would be interested in going.

    7. avivik on

      So this it not my first project I'm backing, and I know how this stuff goes. I also work in R&D in my day job, so that's not new to me either. What is new to me, are the huge delays in both real progress and updates. I mean, we are 6 months behind schedule already, and by the looks of it, I don't see the first unit being shipped out before March next year (my guess is as good as anyone else's, since you've stopped giving ETAs long ago, which is also unheard off in a project's life). So that's a 1 year delay? For what? Being "a part of the team"?
      You've asked for $100K and got almost 5 times than that. So money should not be an issue here. Hire more people if you can't get the job done with the amount of people you have!
      Seriously, I'm pretty sure this project will make many people rethink about investing in more Kickstarter projects.

    8. Missing avatar

      dave greene on

      Awesome update. Great to see the progress and hear about the challenges of the product development. Thanks for sharing the photo and descriptions.

    9. Robert C on

      @Jason B. Per the terms of Kickstarter you have no right to request or expect a refund. You bought into the project, you owe it to all of us to see it through. It's called commitment. Congratulations, your a part of a team.

      (Whew... Thanks Jason B... I was getting bored without any "refund" posts.... You're a pal)

    10. Missing avatar

      Jason B

      I don't like the new design. Can I please get my money back?

    11. Robert C on

      @Avid Acutus - I'm $68 into this project... If that combined with my willingness to ride the project out means I'm rich by your standards... Then yes, I'm very wealthy.

      More to the point I understand the terms and conditions of the contract I agreed to when using Kickstarter. I did get frustrated when there was a very long break between updates... But the guys have come back and tried to put more info out. So I'm chill.

    12. Missing avatar

      Erhard Lederer on

      Well over 2 weeks, how about an update?

    13. Missing avatar

      Avid Acutus on

      @Robert, you must be so wealthy.

    14. Missing avatar

      Travis on

      @Robert, arielakked might be the closest you'll get.

    15. Robert C on

      The comments are boring this week. We need someone to demand a refund again... Those are the fun comments.

    16. Missing avatar

      JKL on

      @David Stone: This has been discussed at length in earlier comments also.

      The Snooze unit auto switches internally between 110V or 220V internally so that it works anywhere. There's no power brick or other external transformer.

      If the plug end doesn't fit your wall receptacle, only then do you need a 1 dollar or euro plug end adapter so that it will be able to get to the power source.

      Or, some people might just choose to cut off the USA plug end and buy a 1 dollar or euro replacement plug end at a hardware store and attach it themselves.

      Either way--it's really a minor thing.

      I've done both of these options with several USA items because I live outside the USA and have 220V power supply and non USA receptacles.

    17. Missing avatar

      David Stone

      The device is supplied with a USA Type-A plug, this this in the form of: a plug on a lead or a plug-in transformer? Do you have sample pictures

    18. Missing avatar

      arielakkad on

      When am I getting the product. We are officially 7 months behind schedule.

    19. SNOOZ, LLC Creator on

      @ Shabaz - Thanks for your comment!
      @ Nastacia - I'm sorry for the substance and cadence of our updates (we're trying to do better at this) and for the lack of backer input on the design change. We thought hard about running surveys on which direction to go but ultimately we decided that we had to make the call based on all manufacturing and cost implications. I know that doesn't make it better for backers, but that was our mindset here.
      @ Dean - Sorry for the repeated check-ins on tooling. We should have clarified on our August 10th update that we were still signing off on CAD with the toolmaker rather than actually cutting tools. At this point, we have solid tools on all but one of our parts and have begun received sample parts from the factory. We'll have refinements to make to the tools but we're now past the bulk of the work here.
      @ Robert C - Thanks for your comments!
      @ Thom - Great idea. We've been thinking about partnerships and IoT integrations but nothing to share here yet!
      @ Luis - Apologies for the time between updates. The next one will come sooner than the last.
      @ William - Totally valid to raise concerns and feedback. We appreciate all of it whether or not we're able to do something differently based upon it (e.g. deliver more quickly).
      @ David & Chris - Thank you for your comments. We appreciate both perspectives. We completely understand the frustration with how far behind we are. But we also sincerely appreciate patience from you and other backers as we try to get this thing produced. We've made plenty of mistakes and over-promised our timelines but I can promise that it's not due to a lack of effort. Thank you for your continued support.
      @ Mario - We're sorry for the repeated delays. Unfortunately we're unable to offer refunds at this point but we will deliver your reward in the next couple of months.
      @ Tan & jimmyjames - Sorry for the time between updates. Our plan is still to be in mass production in late October and to ship to backers later in Q4 2016.
      @ Keith - Thanks for your comment!
      @ DocUpdate - Keith's example will work. You'll just need a plug adapter and not a voltage converter. To be clear, the power adapter itself will be hard-wired to the device so it will not be possible to swap it out for a different option.
      @ Elizabeth - I'm sorry for unfairly assuming your comments were about the plug. Given the nature of most of the other comments after our previous update, I mistakenly assumed this was what you were talking about and I shouldn't have.

    20. Shabaz Mohammad

      Just filled in my backerkit survey, because the last update now looks promising. All the best TeamSnooz!

    21. Nastacia Lee on

      I get that Kickstarter is all about backing people to create new things and that we supply money to help them do just that....that being said, I have backed many projects and am used to updates about every other week...and updates that show some progress. I am disappointed in the changes that have happened without backer input or without forewarning until after the changes have happened. I am disappointed in constantly hearing we are in the same stage we were in with the last update. I am disappointed in this project.

    22. Dean on

      How is this product not past the tooling stage yet? For the past three four updates all I keep hearing is "we are almost done tooling" oO

    23. Robert C on

      @creators - Good update. Thanks.

    24. Thom Heemstra on

      Thanks for your update!

      One thing I've been wondering about, would it be possible to connect it to Sleep as Android (with/without the app), which essentially means getting in touch with them and discussing your ideas?

    25. Elizabeth on

      @william - Thank you for your post.

    26. Missing avatar

      Luis on

      @Creator: can you please update backers on status for this project? I have patiently waited and continue to do so but without updates it is impossible to see the light at the end of the tunnel... thx!

    27. William Jennings on

      Elizabeth is right. Investors have the right to question and raise concerns. Many of us have been involved in a number of development, proto, production, and logistics well as marketing and design.

      Questions, suggestions, criticisms in crowd-sourced funded projects should be expected.
      If you are developing a project within a closed loop of VCs and your engineering and production team, then you expect to have to answer questions and concerns from your VCs.

      Get over your own sense of self-importance thinking it's your voice of 'experience' and 'expertise' to remind people that KickStarter isn't Amazon. Gee. That's just so insightful that I bet no one else has ever put that in a comment section on this site. Said nobody. Like. Ever.

    28. Missing avatar

      David Guerra

      This is a Kickstarter campaign brought together by people with a concept and an understanding of how to produce an end product. To chastise and bring your resume with you thinking that gives you the right to do so is a bit harsh. If you want to click a button and receive a product, go to Amazon... I for one like how forthcoming the team has been throughout the process and hope for their success. Claiming poor performance and mismanagement is a stretch and an unfounded claim given that you are not there to manage them... And God help them if you were...

    29. Elizabeth on

      Oh, and I have 20 years in Project Management by the way. It's my profession ;]]

    30. Elizabeth on

      @chris - I don't agree with you. People have a right to publicly voice their concerns with the mismanagement of their money.

      We invested in this company - our money is what allows them to do what they are doing. If we are not happy with that then we have every right to voice our concerns.

    31. Chris Hartsel on

      So how many of you have experience with kickstarter... or project management? Or research and development? Chill out. Can you imagine what people did before white noise machines? At least they are making progress and putting effort into giving you a solid build. Quit spamming the comment section with your complaints. Yes, they are behind schedule. And no, they don't have to refund jack. Send them a message and quit throwing your negativity at the rest of us.

    32. Robert C on

      @Mario... Bahahhahahhahahhhahahha

    33. Missing avatar

      Mario Guido on

      It's been over a year since you took my money, changed the product dramatically, removed a feature I appreciate and still nothing.

      Too many excuses and not enough information when does my product ship and if the answer is more than a month I request a refund!!! Enough is enough. It's almost 6 months since we were suppose to have received them.

      Horrible follow though and lousy project management.

    34. Elizabeth on

      @jimmyjames - The last update on 2 September says:

      'We have a few parts left to tool but most of the key molds for plastics manufacturing have been completed or are nearing completion.'

      They haven't produced these yet which is why they can't tell you when they expect to deliver. Hope that answers your question.

    35. Missing avatar

      jimmyjames on

      Why no delivery estimates in many months?

    36. Missing avatar

      Tan Whee Min on

      Any new timeline update?

    37. Keith Owen

      Just try something like this:

    38. DocUpdate on

      @snooz "if you are a backer in a country where Type A is not used and this is a deal-breaker for you, please message us directly to discuss a few options here" - I am from the UK and happy as is with the product (when it ships x2) but could you please provide a link to the compatible/compliant UK adapter on so we have confidence it will be alright to use.

    39. Elizabeth on

      @creators - Thank you for your thoughtful post. To clarify: I didn't say I have an issue with the plug. I am not sure why you are attributing that to me. My post is about the OVERALL design change and delays in production. I don't give a rats arse about the Type A plugs!! I am really disappointed that you felt the need to lecture me on something I didn't have an issue with. I have been patiently waiting for this product for well over a year.

    40. SNOOZ, LLC Creator on

      Quick clarification on the power adapter: our power supply is rated for 100-240 V and 50/60 Hz so it is internationally compatible with just a plug adapter and won't require a voltage converter (i.e. you'll be able to use this anywhere in the world provided you have a plug adapter, which typically cost a couple of dollars).
      @ Luis - Thanks for your support!
      @ Nastacia - I'm sorry we've let you and the community down with yet another delayed Kickstarter project. We'll be late, but we'll deliver.
      @ Adam - I'm sincerely sorry we've missed our deadlines but I know sorry doesn't help you. We're obviously embarrassingly behind schedule and we're working to get this produced and delivered as quickly as possible.
      @ Dave - Thanks for your comment. :-)
      @ Mohammad, Peter, Geert, Arthur - Happy to chat about a few options. Can we trouble you to shoot us a quick direct message and we'll follow-up?
      @ George - Unfortunately SNOOZ will still require a plug adapter (but not a voltage converter). Our power supply is hard-wired to the device and not able to be swapped out.
      @ Phillip - Happy to discuss over DM. Completely understand your frustration but we've always planned this to be a Type A plug project (as pictured on our page). We looked into providing other options for backers but it's just not feasible for us to do this.
      @ JKL - Sincerely appreciate your comments. We'd love to provide a better solution but it's just not feasible for us to provide appropriate plugs for all of the countries in which we have backers (though, as you've indicated, only a plug adapter will be necessary).
      @ Tom - Thanks for your comment! Sorry to hear about your sleep problems. We're working on it and will deliver soon!
      @ Nicolas - Sorry for the confusion. You will be able to use SNOOZ as the power supply is internationally compatible (100-240V & 50/60Hz) but it will require a plug adapter for use in plugs other than Type A.
      @ Steve - Thanks for your comment. We looked into a few different power supply options with the team that did our electrical engineering. My understanding is that we'd either have to have the adapter inside the unit (which would require extensive, expensive certification) or have the brick at a midpoint between the device and the wall (which was also a nonstarter for us).
      @ Keith - We are absolutely fulfilling international Kickstarter rewards, yes. Though, we don't have near-term plans to ship internationally after Kickstarter.
      @ Elizabeth - I'm sorry you feel we've failed you. Our plan was to use a Type A plug all along but we spent time looking into USB (the voltage requirements of our motor won't support this) and providing multiple plug types for the 66 countries in which we have backers. Ultimately, providing multiple plug types isn't something we can afford to do since our plug is hard-wired to the device and not easily swapped out. Over 80% of our backers are in countries which use Type A plugs so that is what guided our decision.
      @ Robert C - Thanks for your comments and support. :-)

    41. Elizabeth on

      Copied from the 'Risks and Challenges' for this project:

      "To help us build SNOOZ, we've teamed up with an experienced product design firm in Santa Cruz, CA, worked with one of the world’s leading brushless motor manufacturers, and have a talented team of advisors across the U.S. who have experience bringing hardware products from the idea stage to market success."

      I hope you fired this 'talented team' because they COMPLETELY failed you.

    42. Missing avatar

      Michael Martin on

      I want a refund ASAP.

    43. Missing avatar

      Keith Holt on

      I am extremely unhappy about all the changes to the product and I think snooze could have done a better job allowing the backers in to help make decisions around the design etc.

      As for the plug... It really sucks, and not what I ordered or backed when backing it, but if it's cabled correctly, you can just change the plug.

      One thing I'm curious about is, are they still delivering internationally ad according to this website, they are only shipping to the US? (not that I actually want this product anymore, I have had to source other alternatives on the market because of how long it's taken)

    44. Steve Grunberger on

      With all the talk re the power plug. Why not just use a figure 8 IEC-C7 power cable? That way we can just supply our own ?

      Just a thought. Either way I can't wait

    45. Robert C on

      @Nicholas. Again with the "refunds"?? Get off of Kickstarter. You clearly just don't understand it.

    46. Missing avatar

      George Johnson on

      Of course it will be possible to use in Europe. You can either use an adapter or replace the plug.

    47. Missing avatar


      I'm confused: living in Europe (220V voltage + 'C' plug), will it be possible to use Snooz or not ????? Do I have to request a refund ??? Thanks for your help!

    48. Robert C on

      @Phillip H... lol. I see what you did there. :-)

      As long as we see signs of life from Snooz... I'm glad to watch the process they are going through.

    49. Phillip Howells on

      Calm down Robert C.
      Reckon you could use a SNOOZ to chill out.

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