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SNAPTRAX -  BLUETOOTH BASEBALL CAP (Canceled)'s video poster

Snaptrax is the ultimate in wearable technology. A baseball cap with a hidden bluetooth device for vocal control of your smartphone. Read more

Sydney, AU Wearables
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pledged of $158,000 goal

Funding Canceled

Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on August 5, 2014.

Snaptrax is the ultimate in wearable technology. A baseball cap with a hidden bluetooth device for vocal control of your smartphone.

Sydney, AU Wearables
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About this project

Specifically designed to enable hands-free and headphone-free voice command to connect, control and interact with our smartphones.

Snaptrax has its slimline, blue-tooth technology and speaker system concealed within the rim of the Snaptrax cap, so it’s totally hidden from view and can be used discreetly at any-time or place.

Through voice command, Snaptrax allows the user to make and receive calls, open and reply to texts, email, control and playback music, set reminders or alarms, search the worldwide web,navigate via GPS and much more; all while on the go!

Wearing a Snaptrax baseball cap will offer the additional benefits of convenient, interruption-free mobility to access and use smart devices easily, more safely and with the added bonus of UV protection!

Using radio waves instead of wires or cables, Snaptrax can connect or pair with any smart device in close proximity through bluetooth and enable access to majority of connected device features. Embedded within the right hand side of the Snaptrax baseball cap is a small, concealed button panel to allow the user to comfortably control volume and operate the command/pairing mode option.

's video poster

Baseball caps are worn frequently, and by many, and by incorporating this blue-tooth technology, it provides an unrivalled host of advantages to all Snaptrax users throughout their fast paced, modern lifestyles. These include the convenient and instant access to communicate freely and inconspicuously with technology.

All the extended features of your smart device personal assistant and compatible mobile applications are initiated through audio/voice recognition.

Snaptrax has been built for a whole range of uses for different types of everyday situations. Some of these being;

  • Exercising 
  • Working outdoors (Tradesman, Couriers, Etc)
  • Driving a vehicle
  • For children with parents who want to encourage safe smartphone usage
  • Professional Sporting Teams 

The above again is only a couple of the scenarios that a Snaptrax can be used and more importantly in a safe and harmless way. 

Our extensive research shows that Snaptrax has a potential demand globally by people of all ages for a variety of uses! A selection of four individual, colour styles will be offered during manufacturing level 1 of Snaptrax. 

Snaptrax will primarily be focusing on developing for iOS as a priority and Android very short after. 

Compatible devices will need to adhere to Bluetooth Classic (3.0), this being so Snaptrax owners are not limited to using hardware that entails Bluetooth LE (4.0).

Radiation Reduction

Radiation is a growing issue with respect to humans and interacting with technology such as mobile phones and tablets. We have kept this in mind and will source components for the bluetooth technology that will help eliminate majority of harmful electronics related radiation. This reduction measure is solely based around user health and to ensure the safest ongoing use of Snaptrax is always possible.


Weatherproof products are made specifically to stand up to almost all outside elements which may damage or effect them such as moisture or heat. We believe in producing the highest quality of weather proof products available, and it is why Snaptrax 1.0 will be built for on the go usage no matter what the forecast!

The late night work bench, coffee is always required
The late night work bench, coffee is always required

The lightbulb moment happened when William was working in the music industry and like so many always rushing from meet to meet, carrying gear and needing to make or take calls throughout all of this and basically, couldn’t!

One afternoon with a good friend around February 2013, Will began to discuss this further with emphasis on how many times he would drop or break his mobile phone on the go, being the scenario he faced that same morning. As the conversation continued a problem began to emerge around smartphones and how they impacted on many parts of our daily life in positive ways yet at the same time can be difficult to safely and effectively interact with in certain situations such as driving, carrying documents/goods, exercising, working/using tools and much more.

The firecracker moment occurred towards the end of the conversation, as Will watched his friend messing with his baseball cap. He thought aloud "So many people today wear baseball caps. Imagine if we hid a bluetooth device within the cap lining to allow a user to send messages, answer phone calls, even play your music all controlled with your own voice! It would be so naturally adopted and effective for smartphone users of all ages!!”. 

Will mid way through an around the clock development session
Will mid way through an around the clock development session

As soon as Will started researching the market and the potential demand for this product, he knew this concept of wearable technology would surpass all other innovations he had been working on, and began to focus solely on seeing his vision become a reality!

Testing past project components with one another, always an interesting experience
Testing past project components with one another, always an interesting experience

Will soon approached two known start-up specialists,  Chris Wakeford and David Zeltner about the wearable technology concept. They both agreed immediately that the product, its benefits, application and market potential were endless. 

Together, the three partners commenced their journey into researching and developing the product, reviewed various designs, technology and securing the necessary start-up capital to ensure that Snaptrax would one day become a global phenomenon. 

As illustrated above, funds are being input into three main areas; Bluetooth Development, Design & Manufacturing level 1. 

Development is covered by two of worlds leading technology firms based in Sydney. This being LX Innovations who develop the bluetooth solutions & Design + Industry who innovate the design/implementation for Snaptrax. 

The first phase of funding - $50,000 (AUD) allowed Snaptrax to initiate and complete essential entry level development and testing modules which ensures that Snaptrax can be presented to the world.

Throughout developing Snaptrax for the world to enjoy, the team has begun to devise a solution that will allow the company to pass on its technology to other brands and startups around the world.

May it be our bluetooth solutions, hardware components or in house mobile frameworks, we want to make it available for all business' to benefit and enhance their own product lines!!

This area within Headtrax Technologies will become a dedicated branch of the company, falling under Snaptrax Commercial.  

The Snaptrax team soon dedicated the future direction of the product and agreed it would be beneficial to make the software available to other developers through a mobile application with an SDK (Software Developer Kit). This decision to release a Snaptrax SDK will enable the features of the product to continually evolve via the contribution of other talented developers from around the globe!

This phase is scheduled for 2015/2016 and the Snaptrax team is devoted to ensuring this next direction becomes a reality as it will potentially offer the Snaptrax users an even broader range of benefits and additional opportunities. 

Become a part of the Snaptrax team today and help us get launched into the global market.

Risks and challenges

Extensive research has been put into the Snaptrax project both in design and technology. Results show our biggest challenge we face is being able to purchase Snaptrax components that integrate both of these areas in a single facility. The funds we raise through our Kickstarter campaign will allow for us to begin working towards strengthening this area as Snaptrax grows and develops version one.

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