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A high quality open-source photo printer that seamlessly interfaces with smartphones. No wires. No apps. Just beautiful images.
A high quality open-source photo printer that seamlessly interfaces with smartphones. No wires. No apps. Just beautiful images.
A high quality open-source photo printer that seamlessly interfaces with smartphones. No wires. No apps. Just beautiful images.
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    1. SnapJet Creator on

      @Jonathan, we have you listed as a $1 tier backer. At this level, we consider the pledges simply tokens of appreciation or well-wishing, because there is no physical reward.. Additionally, it is not economically worth it to process a refund due to the transaction costs. If you feel strongly, please message us your preferred paypal email and we'll process your refund.

    2. Jonathan Forscher on

      Can I please get some answer from you guys?

    3. Jonathan Forscher on

      I have checked my amazon payments history and I have not received a refund either.

    4. SnapJet Creator on

      @Sean, I'm sorry we completely missed your refund, and we have now processed it over Paypal

      @Aly We are going by Tiers. Everyone who backed under $200 is now refunded, and we are now working through the upper-tier backers like yourself. We esimtate there are only about 10-15 refunds to go. Hope this helps!

    5. Sean Yeo on

      I also have yet to receive my refund

    6. Missing avatar

      Aly Young on

      Hi Guys,
      I understand it is a lengthy process doing all the refunds, however I am in Australia and am starting to get concerned as I have not yet received my refund. I was wondering if there was a system you used to process these ie. Alphabetical? Sorry to hear this project has to go on hold but good luck with the Masters.

    7. SnapJet Creator on

      Hi all, happy holidays! @Cynthia, @Heidi, @Lauren, @HeiMan, @Eunkyoo, @Ron, @Kristine, @Nadine, we looked at the latest batch and you have all been refunded. We're over 95% complete with all refunds and are finishing up the last few over paypal. Please check your amazon accounts. (

    8. Missing avatar

      cyndi on

      Have all the refunds been processed? I don't believe I have received mine, and I'd like to receive confirmation.

    9. Missing avatar

      Heidi Lam on

      Hi can you please check on my refund as I haven't received it yet thanks

    10. Missing avatar

      hei man on

      I haven't received my refund toooooooooooooooooooooooo

    11. Eunkyoo Oh on

      I haven't received my refund yet!

    12. Ron.L on

      May I ask if the refund will be processed soon? Since I've noticed that some of my friends backing same time got it already weeks ago.

      Thank you very much!

    13. Missing avatar

      Kristine Miller on

      When do you expect to have all of the refunds finished?

    14. nadine on

      hello! may I check on something: in the event that refunds are unable to go through to my card, and I don't wish to have an amazon credit, would it be possible to go through paypal instead? thank you!

    15. SnapJet Creator on

      Hi @Iri, @Manolo, @Tsung

      We have to go through and verify each transaction manually (to avoid missing any or double refunding). We'll post an update to the kickstarter page once all the refunds have been processed. We've completed about half, and another couple of weeks should be enough to finish the remaining 600 or so transactions.

      @Manolo Once the refund goes through, it should go back to the credit card you originally used to process the payment. If that card is canceled, it will go to your Amazon account balance. If we have any issues refunding, We'll contact you and we can go through paypal, etc.

      Thanks for your patience everyone, we're getting there -

    16. Manolo Guerrero on

      Hello, the credit card that I use to fund this project is out of date. What can I do?

    17. Tsung Ning on

      I have a refund question too. I've changed my billing credit card in Amazon just a couple months ago. Would it be a problem?

    18. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    19. SnapJet Creator on

      Hi @Daryl and @Henry, we are sorry for the delay on the update. It has been a very busy couple of weeks. Please give us until this weekend.

      @Eugene / @Kyle - Yes, we are compatible with larger screen phones like Galaxy (non-curved) or iPhone 6+. You can position/resize the desired picture using our custom app, or accept some cropping of the unscaled image.

      @Wasim absolutely, you can request a refund at anytime. As mentioned above, we are compatible with iPhone 6, but if you are still interested in a refund, please direct message us and we'll process it.

      Re: Curved screens: We haven't tried any curved screens yet, but our guess is that the curved areas will produce faded/distortions regions on the image. Therefore, the phone should be placed so that only the flat region exposes the photo.

    20. Missing avatar

      Daryl Chew on

      Still no update yet? What's the hold up, folks?

    21. Missing avatar

      Wasim Husain on

      Hi, I was wondering if it is too late to change my mind and get a refund. I upgraded to Iphone 6 and it seems a lot bigger than your product and wonder if it will work or not. Please advise if I can still get a refund or not.

    22. Missing avatar

      Eugene Y Chuang on

      Hi, I recently purchased a samsung galaxy s6 edge plus (the huge one). I was wondering if the snapjet will be built to accommodate the largest phones out there? Additionally the Edge phones have that curved bevel on it. How will that affect the snapjet?

      Thanks in advance!

    23. Kyle Choy on

      Hi, is it still applicable to iPhone 6 or 6 plus? Since when I bought it, I was using iPhone 5, but now I have upgraded like many people do. thanks

    24. Henry Tan on

      It's weekend and still no update??

    25. SnapJet Creator on

      Hi @amy, we couldn't locate your transaction number, and have emailed you to sort that out.

    26. Missing avatar

      amy henley on

      Hi there. My refund has not posted. Thx amy

    27. SnapJet Creator on

      @Henry we'll post an update this weekend, thanks.

      @Damiano - we checked on the refund, and it was not issued because you had initially elected to wait out the delays in our survey. It should now be processed.

    28. Damiano on

      Hi, you can check the status of my refund?

    29. Henry Tan on

      Update us please..

    30. SnapJet Creator on

      Thanks @Daryl, we'll publish an update later this month on the course of the project.

      @Sandra, we've issued a request to Amazon for a full refund, because doing a partial difference refund will be complicated to keep track of. Once we are shipping, we'll contact you to place a separate order if you're still interested. Thanks!

    31. Sandra Thambiaiah on

      I haven't received an update of the refund difference...

    32. Missing avatar

      Daryl Chew on

      Once you've sorted the refunds do give the rest of us an update on where we are in the grand scheme of things and the roadmap for things to come. Cheers!

    33. SnapJet Creator on

      Hi Pat, we're not able to match your transaction number. Is it possible that you used a different name in your Amazon transaction? We will direct message you to resolve this.

      Update: All refunds have been sent to Amazon at this point. If you do not see your refund, please contact us.

    34. Pat Beckmann Wells on

      My refund has not posted. Can you update the status?

    35. SnapJet Creator on

      @Mariam Thank you for the kind words, we are really glad to have you as a backer!!

      @Boyke, we checked and you were refunded 3 days ago. We will send your refund confirmation number via direct message. Please recheck your records.

      @Anthony, We're a small team, but we respond to all kickstarter comments and messages within 48 hours (including your comments posted on July 4th and July 7th). We're honestly at a loss when you say communication is non-existent. As for your refund, it was processed yesterday. Please check your Amazon account.

      @Henry we've processed over 95% of the requested refunds. The remaining requests will be sent to Amazon today, and we will post an update shortly informing refunded backers to check their accounts.

    36. Henry Tan on

      we need some updates.
      If this is going to happen, I will not giving my support and will request for refund

    37. A Presutti on

      Guys I need an update as to when this refund is coming? The communication is still almost nonexistent. You have the list of the funders who are staying so now you should focus on the ones who have asked for there investments back. This way when you are finally able to get this thing off the ground they actually want to come back and reinvest. This will not leave a great taste in the mouths of the ones that are on the fence. Let's get some personal emails going here with the lists that you have and start focusing on the service piece.
      Thank you for your time.

    38. Missing avatar

      Boyke Vehring on

      Still no refund on my amazon account. do non us accounts take longer???

    39. Missing avatar

      Mariam Jones on

      Keep going with the Project, we are behind you 100%. Just keep me updated

    40. SnapJet Creator on

      @Dan we're working on the refunds as fast as we can. If you haven't already seen it, it should be there in a few days. We expect to have all refunds submitted to Amazon by next week.

    41. Dan Saposhnik on

      I received my email/survey from you over 5 weeks ago and requested a refund and it's August 12 and have still received nothing what's the issue with refunds?

    42. SnapJet Creator on

      @Lauren, please fill out our survey and we'll process it, we don't see a response from you. We're working through the refunds now and will put it into our next batch.

    43. Lauren LaPointe on

      I want a REFUND!!!!

    44. Jestin on

      Never mind, found the answer on the latest update.

    45. Jestin on

      Will the refund be shown on amazon payments or directly on bank statements?

    46. SnapJet Creator on

      Hi guys,

      @Jennifer - thanks for the enthusiasm. We'll work hard to make sure SnapJet ends as a success story. It definitely feels like a challenging and circuitous path at times, but it's so rewarding at the same time!

      @Edda, @Boyke, @Dan Thanks for your comments. You just need to fill out the survey and we'll do the rest. The refund will appear in early August. More details on that in our latest update.

    47. Dan Cameron on

      hi id like to get a refund please. how do I go about doing this?

    48. Edda De Jesus Morales

      I answered the survey and asked for a refund. When will it be made?

    49. Missing avatar

      Boyke Vehring on

      I want a refund and filled out the survey.
      What are the next steps?

      I added my address in the survey but not credit card number (i payed via amazon).
      Do i need to do something additional?

      Best wishes for your further development.

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