$5,776 pledged of $20,000 goal
$5,776 pledged of $20,000 goal

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Meet our awesome team members

Here are some pics of our awesome team members!

Please help us put them back to work , These girls are awesome, reliable and trustworthy,

Each one of them is a very hard worker with an eye for quality control , they won't allow any material to slip by them if it doesn't fit the requirement set out by us!

pic#1  kendyl  (twin)

pic #2 tiffany  (twin)

pic#3 hannah

pic #4 julia

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Finally a video

Sorry for the delay I hope this really helps
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WOW we thank you sooooooo  much for your support we are looking forward to meeting our goals and filling our promises to our backers, but remember we cant do it until we reach our goal!

Tell all of your friends and help us privide you with quality parts!


We are having trouble with the video at the moment but we have not given up!

Trinkets for pledges

These are made of Pewter, The sharks tooth, pig, and owl are the large(r) rewards

the rest are small rewards, the last picture is of a pewter soon ring

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Video Soon

Hopefully we will have a video up in the next few days!