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daddys computer music, my first album!'s video poster

daddys computer music is a funky fresh new album that will melt your car's 6x9s!! Read more

Rockford, IL Rock
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This project was successfully funded on September 7, 2012.

daddys computer music is a funky fresh new album that will melt your car's 6x9s!!

Rockford, IL Rock
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I'm Jason Glidden and I love music!  Please help me give ours tothe world for FREE on HALLOWEEN!!

listen here


*your donations will get you early merch and help me give our album to everyone at the Album Release Party at Kryptonite Fri Oct 26th 2012!

*just added 8/30/12 - Limited edition Slow Motion photography printed on canvas for wall hanging.  Photos available seen here:

crack bridge
crack bridge

The daddys computer music album will be available on TPB  and SoundCloud to download FREE starting on Halloween!!  I'll keep you updated on its progress via my SoundCloud and Facebook Facebook.  This album was named by my beautiful 3 year old daughter who loves listening to the music, I make on my computer, in the car.. 

Although, the fun physical things like CDs, posters and t-shirts do cost actual money..  So this Kickstarter project has developed to allow my friends and family, not being featured on the CD, to be a part of spreading our music, that we have spent so much time on, around the world!! 

Everyone who comes to Kryptonite, Fri Oct 26th 2012, for the Album Release Party will get a CD and hug! 

support local business, I do!

This project will also help some local businesses continue to share their skills with us!  All of the physical materials produced will be manufactured in the midwest area, Rockford, Madison and Chicago, keeping their dreams alive too! 

money stuff...

300 CDs, 300 posters, 100 t-shirts and catering for Kickstarters at the album release party will total $1600.     
That's all I'm asking for!  All this shwag will be made by
Sooper DooperPirate Ninja Print Shop and Deli Italia

Let's do this!!

Producing an album has been a lifelong goal of mine!  Now, it is happening because of the help from some really talented friends!! 

Dan Ling!!!!

and here's a killer jam by WavePackets who's featured on Big Dipper!

and here's a fun one Steve Lindsay and I did.. 
He's also on A dirty little secret!

and here's Jesse Campbell shredding it proper!!

and David Skoglund everyone!!

daddys computer music has come about from endless nights of practicing and inventing music in my basement studio, as for the last couple years. 

These songs are selections from years of my musical ideas and experimentation that have been added to by some of my closest friends, old and new. 
Every track on the album will have a featured friend adding something to it, guitars, drums, synths and organ solos, rapping, scratching or just plain attitude!!

We have done all of this recording in our own free time and have communicated and traded recorded files over the internet using SoundCloud, a personal music page website.
#1 thank you internet! 

I've composed all of my tracks in MIDI using Fruity Loops Studio 10, an excellent and easy to use home studio software.  I've then posted the last year or so's worth of tunes on SoundCloud so people can download for FREE and play around with at home.

After receiving recordings back from friends on SoundCloud, Tim (Time Nice) Nickless and I have edited and mixed them on ProTools in his home studio in Chicago, waaayyy up north, one day a month, all summer...  GO CUBS GO!!  Tim is an old friend from college I have reunited with over Facebook, 
#2 Go interwebs! 

I have also made some new friends on the SoundCloud website around the world who have graciously given me their time and recordings for the album! Thank you all so much! 
#3 Internet, you kool!!

I will be hosting an album release party at Kryptonite , the most friendly music venue in the world, FRI OCT 26TH 2012!  I love you guys!!

at              Kryptonite  308 W State St.  Rockford, IL  61101

where Minotaur, Toast n Jam, Time Nice, The Creek and Dirty Needlez will all be playing!  There will be a catered VIP party upstairs for
family, Baller Kickstarters and performers starting at 9pm!!

and have a great day!!!


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    Thank you so much for helping!
    Download the album for FREE!!
    AND **EVERYONE** at the Album Release Party at Kryptonite in Rockford, IL on Fri Oct 26th 2012 will get a CD!!

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    Pledge $10 or more

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    Gets you a personal phone call to thank you from Bella and I, my 3yo daughter and #1 fan! AND a CD and 11x17 poster, mailed if need be.

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    Pledge $15 or more

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    Gets you a CD and a t-shirt!! BAAAM!! for local pickup or dropoff. mailed needs a $20 dontaion. ♥

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    Pledge $24 or more

    8 backers

    VIP at the Kryptonite Party (upstairs access to FREE food and drinks, CD, poster, t-shirt and Baller Status)

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    Pledge $26 or more

    3 backers

    OR a CD, poster and t-shirt MAILED to you, if you aren't going to make the album release party at Kryptonite!

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    2 X (VIP and all the gear at the Kryptonite party)!! or mailed..

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    2 X VIP merch AND your name in the Thank Yous on the CD package!

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    Pledge $90 or more

    0 backers Limited (10 left of 10)

    Gets you a beautiful piece of Slow Motion photography printed on 11x14 canvas. photos available seen here:

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    Pledge $125 or more

    1 backer Limited (3 left of 4)

    All of the above, of course, AND a LARGE custom piece of spray paint and stencils on glass Slow Motion artwork, you choose the color scheme! ps - I make really kool art too! Ask Craig Pearson!
    *local delivery only for glass artwork*

    Estimated delivery:

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