In Search of Hannibal - A Graphic Novel

by SmileTitans Publishing

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    1. Luke Raymond

      Excellent timing! I was just going through my projects and saw this one didn't have an update in a while. Now I know you guys are going slow and steady but is there any sort of current ETA, like in Q1 or Q2 of 2018 or do you two foresee the project going later than that?

    2. Alejandro Bordallo Micó on

      Being up front with delays is good, keep up the good work!
      Backers normally prefer things done well rather than rushed. However, do keep up the communication and updates coming, it is the most important thing!

    3. Missing avatar

      Walter Boese on

      Hey guys, good to know. An epic about an epic should take time and everybody actually expecting it's copy in 2017 is, well, how to put it.... "unexperienced" in these manners :-)
      For me, one of the real modern beauties of kickstarter et al. is that people actually get the chance to do something right. And I totally prefer that (my boss doesn't though :-) ).

      I think: Take you time. Do what needs to be done. And do it right, goddamit.

      Pleeeaase :-)

    4. Missing avatar

      Dileep Reddy on

      No problem. I've waited 2,200 years for this. A few months give or take won't drive me to murder.

    5. Missing avatar

      Johan Felixsson on

      Unless there is a danger of you running out of money as time goes on time shouldn't be a problem. Take the time you need, and I am sure it will be great!

    6. Sebastian Deußer on

      Don't worry about it, as long as it won't be delayed by years and is great when it arrives, I'm sure most people will be fine with that.

    7. Le Di Chang on

      Time to send those ninjas in studded leather armor dual-wielding Spandaus through Lindy's balcony...