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The creators of SMBC Comics and SMBC Theater are making a brand new webseries with dirty jokes, spaceships, and EXPLOSIONS!
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zach weiner

2,451 backers pledged $76,918 to help bring this project to life.



We raised over $11,000 for our DVD presale! If you purchased a DVD: physical DVDs will be in the mail by the end of the week and we'll make the torrent available at that time. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! We can't wait to go back to weekly sketches for February, March, and April!

BU TODAY WE SING!  To celebrate your generosity, Jon and James will be singing karaoke LIVE IN OUR UNDERWEAR!

Come watch us at 4pm PST:


SMBC Theater


    1. Creator gary mitchel on January 26, 2012

      Hey, I still haven't received my DVD. When did they get sent out?

    2. Creator Andrew Moore on January 11, 2012

      Please no; I'll pay good money not to see Jon and James in their underwear.

    3. Creator Molly Price on January 10, 2012

      What if one's address has changed since one backed this project and they totally forgot to say anything? Hypothetically speaking, of course. >.>