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The creators of SMBC Comics and SMBC Theater are making a brand new webseries with dirty jokes, spaceships, and EXPLOSIONS!
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Sorry the dvds are mailing slowly, but the USPS has gone mad with power.

Posted by zach weiner (Creator)

Hi guys! Angel, the shipping fairy here. 

So I'm doing my darndest to get the last dvds shipped out all across the world. But we've run into a snag. The US Postal Service. I'm really tempted to call it 'the human garbage employment service' at this point. Don't get me wrong, I love my local mailman.  But, when the service window chick goes 'on break' after they've been open for only 15 minutes....well, that just sets the tone. 

I dropped off the packages for the US, Canada, and Australia, with what was sufficient postage compared to the rates we were given when we last shipped dvds to you guys. I've now been informed, that the USPS, as of January 26, 2014, despite having no changes to their service or sorting equipment. have decided that a DVD in a padded envelope, no longer qualifies for large envelope rates  (its considered rigid, and that is its only disqualifier from the large envelope rate). Its now a package. Oh, did they forget to mention, that there's also a new special stamp rate for commercial shipments? And that we don't qualify? US dvd shipments now cost $2.50, when they used to be $1.32. International shipments are edging close to $10 a package. 

The short of it is, I still have your packages. They're all nicely autographed, and shoved in their padded packs, even the international ones have their forms filled out and stuck on the back. But I need to add a shitload more postage to them. You will get them! James will eat ramen for the next 6 months, but YOU WILL GET THEM. 

Shoot me a message if you want the address of the post office to send nasty postcards to. 

with love and spacedicks,

   Angel the shipping fairy


Posted by zach weiner (Creator)

OH YES. We've mailed out the first wave of DVDs and we'll mail the second this weekend!  LOOK TO YOUR MAILBOXES!  At this point we know you've all downloaded and watched Starpocalypse in full HD with the best possible sound like six months ago, so this outdated piece of tech is mostly a souvenir/ artifact - but we hope you enjoy physical proof that you supported us back in the dark ages of 2011 with all our pretty signatures.  We could never have done this, or the last season of SMBC Theater, without you.  And it means so damn much to me personally. Thank you Superpals!

ON TO THE DVD - In addition to the actual show, the DVD includes two commentary tracks - one with myself and director Jason Axinn and one with Jessie, Jon, and JP.  It also includes VFX behind the scenes comparisons to give you a sense of how ridiculous this ragtag production was for everyone. AS  A NOTE: we didn't have the money or resources for "Dolby Surround Sound" level audio production and there's something in the channels that makes the show's audio sound a bit rough when played through high-end speakers after we converted audio to DVD formatting.  We don't know why.  We do know no one wants us to run a Kickstarter for the thousands of dollars it would cost to have a professional figure it out.  I really think the show is best watched in the digital, full HD format anyway (DVD is a dead tech) - so for actually watching the show Starpocalypse PLEASE share that digital file with your friends like it's not 1999.  If by some miracle we figure out what the hell is going on with the DVD audio we'll put up an iso for everyone to download for free, but for now - if you haven't downloaded your free HD version that looks, sounds, and plays perfectly we encourage you to do it now:


Again, thank you all SO MUCH for all your support over the years.  We hope you enjoyed Starpocalypse and all the work we put into bringing you a free sketch every week for four years. I know it was an amazing time in my life and a memory I will always cherish.


James Ashby

Signed DVD's shipping End of July/Start of August

Posted by zach weiner (Creator)

Hi Everyone! 

Producerlady Angel here! You know me from saying, "Penis" and "Touch him on the penis" a lot. Like too many times. I'm also the person that has helped James and Zach not murder themselves or each other since we were teenagers. 

I've been tasked with getting the dvd's signed and shipped to you, so I just wanted to put out a quick update here. First off, James made a booboo and ordered the dvds, which sounds fine, except he ordered them wrapped in cellophane. So first I had to unwrap about 1300 dvds from their cellophane. Then I had to take the cover inserts out of 1300 dvd's. Then I had to strap James to a chair with just his left hand free and make him sign 1300 dvd's. So that part of the task is done. 

Zach as you know, just had a baby (she's adorable guys, our only fear is that she might grow up to not be a nerd, and then we'd all be heartbroken). So we can't drag him to the dvd's, so we're taking the mountain to mohammed and he'll be signing exclusive custom stickers which will be inside your dvd cases when they arrive. Stick it on the case! Stick it on your fridge! Stick it on your butt! Whatever you feel gives you the best street cred/karma/nerdpoints. 

I'm rounding up the rest of the cast to sign til their hands fall off soon, and once that's done, into padded envelopes and straight to you! 

Sorry for the delays on getting these out, you know we still love you, right baby? 

Love, dicks, and spaceships,

 Producerlady Angel 


Posted by zach weiner (Creator)

THE FINAL KICKSTARTER REWARD IS HERE! If you donated enough for a DVD, we're going to be shipping them later this month!  BUT BEFORE WE DO:  If you need to update your address with us for any reason, we're going to wait 2 weeks for you to send us an update.  If you replied to the survey in January with your correct address, YOU'RE DONE!  Haven't filled out the survey?  Do it today so we can get you your stuff!  Filled out the survey but moved?  Send a note through Kickstarter so we can update your address!  We have to get them signed and shipped, so you've got two weeks to update your info if you need to!  


James Ashby



Posted by zach weiner (Creator)
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Hey folks!  James here - I've gotten a few questions from folks about the DVD - NO! WE HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN!  We've locked all the design elements (menus, packaging, etc) and we have final renders of the movie and special effects samples.  Just last night I got Jp, Jon, and Jessie to sit down for the final element: their commentary track!  

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BUT OH GOD WHEN WILL IT BE READY? The truth is I'm not 100% sure.  We'll be working with a DVD author to get it all programmed and duplicated - for the Season 2 DVD that process took about 2 months of troubleshooting, reworking, and unexpected difficulties. So maybe it'll be done by the end of the month, maybe it'll be a couple of months - unfortunately I just don't have much control over that time frame.  BUT THEY WILL BE COMING OUT AND WE WILL BE SENDING IT TO EVERYONE WHO ORDERED THEM.

In the mean time - you all downloaded your digital copies right?  Those look better (in HD) anyway! 


We've been selected by three film festivals so far!  

First, we were named BEST OF SHOW by Indie Fest!  Check out the annoucement!

We will also be featured by The Big Easy International Film Festival during Apirl 5th and 6th! If you're in the Louisiana area and want to see Starpoc on the big screen check it out!

We will ALSO be featured by the Barebones International Film and Music Festival!  Check out the schedule here - if you're in Oklahoma it looks to be an awesome time!

I'll update everyone as more info comes in - but until then, I LOVE YOU TSAB.  Thank you so much for all your support, sharing it with your friends, and letting the world know about this weird story you let us tell.  We can't ever thank you enough.