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Adding intelligence to everyday things in your world, so that your life can be more awesome.
Adding intelligence to everyday things in your world, so that your life can be more awesome.
5,694 backers pledged $1,209,423 to help bring this project to life.

Update 40: CE International Manufacturing Underway!


We had a number of back and forth items with the certification team, but we are now compliant for CE countries. We’ve got a bit of work left with respect to user manuals (safety language has to be in German in Germany), labels, and disposal partnerships, but those are all documentation / administrative. 

We’ve ordered initial batches of SmartThings Hubs and Things for countries that support the CE marketing. The longest lead time is for the PCBs, and we’ll update with a delivery time once we have that. We’re looking at expedite fees to see if we can get it all sooner. By the end of next week, we will be sending you a personalized ‘Choose Your Things’ communication. 

In addition to the SmartThings Hub, you’ll be able to choose your Things from SmartSense Multis, SmartSense Motions, SmartSense Presence Tags and moisture sensors. We’re working hard to validate and test a controllable outlet for each plug type to include as an option as well. If you added more money to your pledge you’ll be able to add on. We’re assembling a list of other products that we’ve tested, including more controllable outlets, with which you can expand your SmartThings experience once you receive your kits. 

In terms of logistics, we’re still working through how we’ll ship, but likely it will originate from the US. We’ll need to validate addresses as many may have changed in the past year, so be on the lookout for that communication as well. Given how patient you’ve all been, we will be covering the shipping charges for sending out to International backers. You’ll only be responsible for local duties and taxes. 

Thanks again for your patience. We can’t wait for you to be up and running and making more of the world smarter!


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    1. Jeremy Abbett on

      Any news on shipping to Europe?

    2. Miguel Doménech on

      What about internacional backers?? I'm from Spain and i'm still waiting!!

      Please, some info!!!

    3. Vagelis Fragkos on

      It's a year waiting and you have to make an update about International backers and shipment.Let me tell you that we have paid for an item that apart from haven't received, it is bound to cost even 2x because of the customs and Net present value of our money.AT LEAST try to consult other Kickstarter projects that shipped to International backers using hubs, that is actually absorbing possible customs.If you ship within Europe (from Italy from example)we won't pay customs even with DHL. UDOO did it ,pls consult them.The same shound happen for Australian backers!I believe they are many and they are going to pay customs a lot if you send from US. Please consider things and consult others,because we have been waiting a lot and for a project receiving 4.5X the requested time, you can at least figure out how we won't pay customs!

    4. Michael Yong on

      Communication with Australian backers has been absolutely pathetic. This is the first kickstarter that I backed and out of more than 50 projects, the only one that I really wish I hadn't.

    5. Matt Mccullagh on

      Should i be concerned yet that i haven't received the email to choose my things?

    6. James Bailey

      Yeah I feel like Australia is being completely left out!

    7. Mistah Oui on

      More than a year for international backer ..... I'm still waiting but please kindly understand that it's too long to wait more than a year !!!

    8. Tim Wallace on

      I was also hoping for an update for Australian backers. There must be a few of us.

    9. Missing avatar

      Chris Johnston on

      Just ordered my things! Whilst I'm also a little disappointed that there wasn't any power outlet option, I can appreciate why there isn't. It's likely to be a bit of a nightmare organising distribution of outlets with many different voltage and form factors from the US to many different regions - particularly when the origin of these products is likely to be the country that they are being sent to!

      Luckily for the UK, there's plenty of z-wave products available from local suppliers, including UK versions of the Aeon labs products. For an example see my post further down.

    10. Missing avatar

      Muescha on

      oh - how bad is this?

      i was expecting to have one presence and all other are power outlet units.

      you write this on the project overview page and also here

      but now i can not select a EU power outlet :(

      without a power outlet it makes no sense for me :(

      i dont need 4 presence units :(

      i neet 1 presence and 2(+1) dimmable things. thats is what i was expecting.

    11. Tormod Reigstad on

      Got to say I agree with Chuckles. How hard is it to come up with a (minor) update? I refuse to believe it has taken more than three weeks to get the lead time for the PCBs, and an update was promised once that lead time was known! I know you have a lot on your mind at SmartThings but "customer" relations should be given a higher proirity. We are a lot of people waiting (patiently) who would highly appreciate more frequent updates.

    12. Missing avatar

      Chuckles on

      Ok - so a fortnight has passed since I last asked here, and no response.

      Could you please provide us with a status update for Australian backers.

      On the 16th of August you told us you were awaiting quotes from a local (Australian) representative to finalise certification.

      What is the status now?

      I raised a support ticket as well, asking for a status update. The response I got back wasn't at all informative - "Unfortunately we do not have a specific date for when to expect delivery to Australia".

      I didn't ask for a date for delivery, I asked for the current status, e.g.

      "We a still trying to find an Australian representative", "We're haggling over price with the Australian representative", "We are waiting on the Australian authorities to rubber stamp the paperwork", "We have all the paperwork and we'll starting the production run with Aus/NZ frequency hardware after the CE country production run", etc.

      Any of the above would be more informative than "we don't know when we'll deliver".

    13. Frank Wickström on

      Oh, I never said that I WANT to play customs, just that there is no such thing as customs-free-shipping. If customs suspect that there is something wrong with the shipment, or just does a random check, you will have to pay customs if they notice that product is not what it is declared to be. It does not matter if it has been shipped by USPS, UPS or the Cambodian Post, if they do a routine check, they see that the package has been declared as a gift, and with the value of 25$, then you are just shit out of luck. They WILL know that the package is worth more then 25$. I'm not trying to argue that I want to pay customs, I'm not trying to say that SmartThings should/have to use DHL/UPS/TNT. I'm simply stating that thinking that every package that is marked "gift" will just magically pass through customs is living a lie! It will not only be bad for the seller to do this on a large scale, as they might get in trouble if they ship a lot of stuff that is well worth over 100-150€, it might also fall on the customer, as their things might get stuck in customs for some time due to this.

      I'm happy with SmartThings trying to send this as a gift though USPS, and marking the value under 50€ for me. But what I'm trying to clarify here, is that just because a package is sent via USPS, marked gift and valued under a certain amount (as this varies in some countries), it does not automatically mean that the package will be delivered without you paying any taxes or customs. Does it make it less likely, yes, will there ever be anyone paying customs, yes!

      The best idea, as you stated, would be to simply ship from within Europe. I'm not just 100% sure that they will get away with not paying any taxes/customs this way tough. Sure, YOU won't, but will they? That I do not know, if someone wants to please clarify (with sources) if this is the case, that would be great.

    14. Missing avatar

      David Powlett on

      Bump. And for the Australian crowd? Soon?

    15. Will Chivers on

      Agreed @Peter, @SmartThings what's the haps?

    16. Peter Chodyra on

      Has there been any progress on SmartThings for Australian backers? Have wee been forgotten?

    17. Vagelis Fragkos on

      Let me rephrase it or just give some more details:I have been buying things online from various countries.From US I have NEVER paid customs simple because USPS is a governmental service.DHL/UPS have their own guys who take the commission and in Greece as well as other European countries they take twice the money the buyer could give just to do the customs clearance by himself.As noone takes any commission the customs don't actually bother at all,especially if "Gift" is mentioned (you can always ask all those OUYA European backers that wished OUYA was sent via USPS).If the declared value is over a certain amount yes you must pay the customs,BUT they mentioned in their email that they will sent as GIFT.Finally If I am not mistaken all the Americans have their Smart Things and I don't understand why the fellow European guy Frank from Finland would want to pay customs as there is always the solution of the "hub"as I have mentioned before.To ship a container somewhere in Europe (in a central hub) and then do "domestic European shipping" which has no customs!It's standard for other companies!

    18. Arik on

      @Wilksy: email with some options of THINGS but NO power outlet !

    19. Wilksy on

      Int backer here (EARLY ADOPTER SPECIAL: Get a SmartThings Hub and 3 Things in 2012) *Sigh*

      I got an address verification email , should i have received anything else, people talking about picking things?

    20. Arik on

      @ Frank Wickström : 100% correct!

    21. Pierre Lemperiere on

      I added specifically extra money to my pledge for things AND power outlets. Now I have no other choice than spending this money on things. I gave you $100 I planned to spend on power outlet.
      No answer to my email asking what to do 3 days ago.
      Guys contact me please, no way I spend $100 on things I do not want just because of a form on a website.

    22. Frank Wickström on

      @Vagelis: Ignorance is bliss
      @Everyone else: Please don't listen to this guy! USPS is the US Postal Service, and they do NOT have any magic "no taxes shipping". They ship stuff just like everyone else, and if their things get caught in customs you WILL pay taxes (if they price/value is high enough), just like with DHL/UPS. The things with DHL/UPS/TNT/... is that they usually take care of this for you (not pay, but getting it through customs). They also declare things in customs, without customs checking for it first. This might be what Vagelis have noticed and thought that this is what they always do. Many times you can specifically say that, if it comes to it, YOU will take care of customs. Other fun stuff with DHL/UPS is that you can get world-wide shipping tracking, something which USPS don't usually provide (correct me if I'm wrong).

    23. Vagelis Fragkos on

      Just an edit to my previous comment:There are NO taxes/customs via USPS.Everyone who buys from eBay knows that,I believe.

    24. Vagelis Fragkos on

      On the 24th of September ,once I received the email to choose my things I have also told them to send my package as a gift (which was mentioned in their email) and also through USPS as there are now import taxes that way.(Everyone who buys from eBay definitely knows that)I have also re-suggested them to ship a container of the items/packages that are for European backers, to a central hub in UK or Ireland and then send them with royal mail or sth like that.There are now import taxes in Europe and apart from that all European backers will be happy.I am willing to pay the shipping but not the import taxes again to DHL/UPS.Up to this moment I have backed kickstarter projects which shipped their goods either via USPS or via a central hub and only paid taxes for OUYA (...)So I have told them to inform me whether they can send the package via USPS but they haven't answered me yet.It will take some time for them to reply and there is no rpoblem to that, but I hope that they don't reply after choosing to send my package via other carrier than USPS,cause I will be too frustrated.

    25. Arik on

      The issue is a bit frustrating as in fact I am now ordering "Things" I do not need instead of one or two controllable power outlets as I planned to do.Z-Wave power outlets are prices at about 30 UK pounds/30 Euro across Europe..Maybe Smartthings will find a way to send us some discount vouchers to get them or another way to compensate for this fiasco.

    26. Cojamist

      I too would like to have an official comment regarding the UK / International power outlet 'missing issue'. it was stated that we could choose from these and now were being told (via an email to another backer!?!) that we cant have them? This option was one of the main 'selling points' and to quietly remove it is not good my friends.

      I still think smarthings are awesome but I really cant ignore that us international backers are getting a raw deal.

    27. Martijn Snels on

      About 3 days later no email to "Choose Your Things" yet. We're stull waiting for our Developer Kit...

    28. Marcio Camurati on

      Any news to Brazil? regards.

    29. Matt on

      No controllable power outlet? This was one of the reasons I backed this project. Now I have to select things that I didn't want. I might find great uses for them but it is not what has been agreed upon.

      Now I have to buy them separately from third party providers. Quite disappointed with this.

    30. Arik on

      CK-its an email sent to me as i raised a support question.

    31. CK on

      Is the email out yet? I don't seem to receive one.

    32. Eric on

      I'm really disappointed with not being able to chose power outlets as well.
      I counted on selecting at least several from the 'things' I am entitled to.
      Now, apparently, I'm forced to select something which I did not want in the first place.

      Were US backers able to select them?

      Not happy...

    33. Arik on

      This is the answer i got to the power outlets issue
      Hi Arik,

      Our sincere apologies, but we were unable to secure enough outlets to avoid delaying shipping further, so we've removed the option for outlets. Before you receive your kit, we will publishing a list of compatible third party devices so you can procure them (from third parties) if you wish. Our apologies for the inconvenience.



      Very very bad decision. The core feature of this project was to be able also to turn devices on and off.Now you say we are not going to get this core device?

    34. Missing avatar

      Andrew Cook on

      I don't quite get why people are demanding a refund over import duties - this was an obvious extra expense a year ago.

      I so get why people are demanding a refund for being ignored - but this is a company that isn't interested in pleasing customers outside North America.

      Luckily, credit card companies will do chargebacks - and for those of you being ignored in your refund requests I suggest that route.

    35. Missing avatar

      phil on

      Yeah tax is a bit of a bummer. I've been lucky so far with other kickstarter projects.

      @smartthings my calculations for additional items included the outlet that isn't ready yet, what happens to my $85 additional credit if I don't pick current additional smart things with my order. Or should I just wait for the UK power outlet to be ready before submitting, any new info?

      Ideally I would just use the credit in your shop and get an arduino shield and UK power outlet when available.

    36. Missing avatar

      Chuckles on

      Any update for Australia? Last we heard (Update #38, 16th August) was you were awaiting quotes for a local representative...

    37. Arik on

      In you Kickstarter page I read:
      Many of the existing things you own can be made smarter using SmartThings Kits. At launch, the following core devices will be available:

      Power Outlet - anything that can be plugged in, can be turned on and off
      So where is that option in the emails you sent?

    38. Edgar on

      Sorry, outlet power

    39. Edgar on

      Hello, the email with choose your things is here now, but where is the option for The controlable outlet poder?

    40. Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield on

      I've got to agree. I'm excited to think that we may finally get the kit -- but without the ability to buy extra bits and bobs locally, It's kind of a downer. Please, PLEASE use a European distributor!

    41. Missing avatar

      Chris Johnston on

      To be fair to Smartthings, taxes and tariffs are not a new development for international backers, they've been on the table since before the end of the funding period:

      "This is not inclusive of any country-specific taxes, tariffs, etc. and we will not have additional detail on these prior to the close of the campaign. We are actively negotiating with our partners to achieve the best possible rates for every country."

      So...the fact that they will be covering shipping charges (expected to be $49 back then) is nice compensation for the shipping delays. Let's not get too greedy now!

      That being said, it might be worth investigating possible loop holes with respect to the items being a gift as a result of a pledge rather than a purchase of goods. However, I wouldn't encourage this since declaring a low or zero value only leaves the company (and possibly us!) open to insurance compensation issues should any shipments go missing in transit.

    42. Vagelis Fragkos on

      4 days have passed since me and Erik Dahlber have told youa bout customs and shipment within EU.After that another 5 people commented on this thread.Apart from that It's now a year since the project finished and we haven't received it and we are still patient....
      You have NOT answered anything about what we have told you and am not willing to pay customs!You have to answer formally our questions with what you WILL do not what you think to do.After that we can decide whether to ask for a refund or not!If you don't ship from Europe you must tell us!

    43. CK on

      May I know what is the custom tariff code you are going to ship the product?
      Product category and description.
      Please do not put full retail price as tax will be very high. Thanks.

    44. Patrick Santana on


      I asked two times to change my address and I didn't received any feedback.


    45. Øyvind Selbek on

      I second the motion for a lower shipment value - preferably $33 for Norway.

    46. Arik on

      Erik Dahlberg Is absolutely right.This is a reward for us backing you guys up.We have DONATED money to you-not bought anything from you.I kindly as you to mark this shipment as gift valued no more than $50

    47. Drew Jackson on

      Awesome news for CE countries!!! of which i just found out Australia isnt on the list. Awesome none the less.

    48. Vagelis Fragkos on

      That is a very welcome decision from you to pay our shipment costs but I have pledged for $174 and if you ship to Greece via UPs or DHL I will pay something like €100!!! imagine that for OUYA I paid €70 for customs and the way they shipped was actually a fiasco!PLEASE for the love of God, dispatch all your European items to a European location like UK or Ireland and then send the smart things without UPD /Fedex/DHL.Inside eurozone all us European users we won't pay any customs.If you cannot do that please pm me and give me a refund cause I am not willing to pay double the price for this even if it's an awesome product which I have been waiting for 1 year!Please browse the kickstarter community projects and you can see that others dispatch goods to "central hubs" and then send them to the end consumer,otherwise there will be a lot of negative feedback for you on twitter.Thank you for your time guys,I hope that you can consider what I have told you.I am still willing to pay for shipping but from eurozone only that there are NO customs!!!

    49. Erik Dahlberg on

      Regarding international shipping and the local duties and taxes, it's a shame that you do not ship from within Europe since a lot of countries add a lot for customs (25% of marked value for Sweden, my country for example). I have also understood from other people commenting that you priorly have marked the package with higher value than we paid for in our kickstarter pledge. That would add even MORE tax!? Couldn't you instead mark these packages as a zero value gift, since it could be argued that you actually GIVE us these products, since you under kickstarter regulation aren't conctractually obliged to give us anything - or am I wrong? That would take away any headache we as backers would have with regards to customs.