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Adding intelligence to everyday things in your world, so that your life can be more awesome.
Adding intelligence to everyday things in your world, so that your life can be more awesome.
5,694 backers pledged $1,209,423 to help bring this project to life.

Update 39: The One Where You Can Get More Things

As you may have seen in TechCrunch, AllThingsD, GigaOM, Fast Company, CNET, and elsewhere this morning, we're very excited to announce the launch of our Shop today! “I want more things!” has been the top support request for quite some time, so we’re thrilled to be opening up the doors to make it easy for you to expand your setup and spread the word about SmartThings to friends and family.

You can now enhance your experience with additional sensors and products for every room in your home. We also plan on enabling you to navigate from our mobile app to our Shop with direct links soon, and will also be expanding and updating with new devices and solutions based on your feedback. Visit to check it out, and thanks again for your continued support!

Happy shopping,
The SmartThings Team


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    1. Jean-Philippe Encausse on September 12, 2013

      +1 International Delivery

    2. Missing avatar

      Thomas on September 4, 2013

      Yes, some update about international delivery will be great!

    3. girod on September 4, 2013

      Hello, can you tell us where is the product for the EU backers ? Thanks

    4. CK on September 4, 2013

      Why the store comes first before the kickstarter international reward has yet to be fulfiled?

    5. Jaak Parik on August 29, 2013

      Is there any updates about EU shipping? It's looooooooong overdue :(

    6. Missing avatar

      touillon on August 27, 2013

      Would you please consider a REFUND for backers, like me and apparently others, considering that being able to buy your product on a store is no longer a kickstarter product. I'm happy for you to go on but I don't feel part of this venture any longer.
      Thank you for taking my request into consideration

    7. Marcus Puchalla on August 23, 2013

      Did I miss something ??? You start to sell your products and we the backers are still waiting !!!
      This is NOT OK.
      Please give us some updates on when our products will be shipped!

    8. Missing avatar

      Andrew Cook on August 23, 2013

      Personally, I've given up on SmartThings being able to deliver what they initially offered - so I can't imagine buying anything else from them. Other people offering electrical goods and electronics through Kickstarter have managed to deliver to the US and Europe at the same time (and in at least one case have upgraded their offering so a single device works world wide. Meanwhile SmartThings can't get a EU compatible device out of the door.

      I expect that some Kickstarter projects won't deliver what they set out to - and I count this as one of them - so more than a year after backing the project I've concluded I won't see the SmartThings package, or my money.

    9. Aziz Haddad on August 22, 2013

      What about shipping to international bakers who helped you make Smart Things a reality before talking about buying more "Things" ? You may admit that this is really frustrating for us (who are waiting since months and getting one update per 2 months saying: "we are on our path...")

    10. Missing avatar

      Rince on August 22, 2013

      I am quite disappointed that we still don't habe our Kits in our hands while You are selling new ones. Will we receive the First generation while the normal customer buys the 2nd Generation at a cheaper prüfen?

    11. Greg on August 21, 2013

      In the same boat as others; disappointed in the prices. I'll look into buying 3rd party devices, but SmartThings doesn't benefit at all from that, and if I wanted to shop around and guess at interoperability I wouldn't have bought into the SmartThings idea in the first place. And the AAAA battery I will never, ever, understand. Sorry guys, my backer kit is seeing some use, but I can't really see spending more on it at these prices. $50 per door open/close, $50+ to turn on a floor lamp, etc.

    12. pclabtech on August 21, 2013

      It's like the 3D printers, Cars, Microwaves, etc. You buy a product that you are comfortable with. Yes, some of the prices are steep, but it's not stopping anyone from buying 3rd party. I am sorry but I can't afford the price for 4 more "multi" units when all I want to do is sense a window being opened... I don't care if I can detect the temperature, XYZ axis or presence. I wish I knew what was compatible with Smart Things in regards to open / close switches.

    13. Will Chivers on August 21, 2013

      How about you focus on sending Backers like myself there SmartThings first before appealing to other Backers or the GEneral Public - Thanks again.

    14. ActionTiles_Terry on August 21, 2013

      I'll repeat here what I mentioned on one of the Forum Topics:
      Unless you are only buying a couple "Things", I recommend getting Z-Wave devices (from ST's store, eBay, Amazon, etc.) because there are more ecosystems compatible with Z-Wave (vs. ZigBee HA) out there at this time.

      In other words, you can easily port all your Z-Wave devices to a Vera hub or GE Remote, etc.. and thus not be "locked-in" to SmartThings and their subscription costs or other limitations.

    15. SmartThings Creator on August 21, 2013

      @Pete, Ingo, John T, James, and others - As we've stated, prices should come down over time. We think we have created some great devices but if you find comparable things at cheaper prices don't hesitate to buy them. They will likely work with SmartThings, too!

      @Terry - We are not offering lifetime service for free on the SmartThings purchased through the store. You are correct that we are exploring all pricing models. Most of the models we are exploring still allow for people to try and get great use from SmartThings for free and then offer enhancements for power users. (another example of our Kickstarter backers getting a great deal) We're excited to see what you come up with during your hacking!

    16. SmartThings Creator on August 21, 2013

      @Yoav Weiss - THese are a good choice for home renovation projects. A lot of us use them. If you need 3-way switches these work:

    17. James Schmitz on August 21, 2013

      I too agree that the prices are extremely high. You speak of having a SmartThing in every room of the house. You do realize that even for a small home, this would be in the hundreds of dollars! I'll pass.

    18. ActionTiles_Terry on August 21, 2013

      My 2c regarding prices:
      1. I wonder if the SmartHub will include lifetime SmartCloud, or if there will ever be a subscription fee or premium service fee(s). If I take SmartThings at their word, then they really don’t have a fleshed out business model yet; and, as such, they can’t close the door on any possible revenue stream. The most lucrative opportunities may not be hardware.

      2. While the prices are reasonable (except for the Outlet, geesh!), I was hoping for better. One of the problems keeping HA from wider adoption is the high cost of outfitting a home with a large number of sensors and activators.

      3. That said: It is highly likely that prices will start to fall steadily as more and more competitors / suppliers enter the marketplace. This is a major reason I want the ecosystem to use open standards for device networking, not just for API access (Cloud-to-Cloud). If WiFi, 6loWPAN, Bluetooth LE, 433Mhz, X10, Insteon, etc., all can talk locally to/though one system, then the market is larger and that means lower prices due to both economies of scale and competitive pricing.

      4. WigWag is trying to offer “every” protocol through their hub, some via RS-232 or USB dongles. Seems like a good idea, but not sure how well they can execute. In the meantime, I’m exploring bridging from SmartHub to some other protocols (X10, BLE) — Arduino likely sufficient to handle this (?), I hope; at least for proof-of-concept.


    19. Missing avatar

      John T on August 21, 2013

      Was really excited to purchase new things, but very disappointed with the pricing, so expensive! :/

    20. Ingo
      on August 21, 2013

      Wow, does each Thing come with a gold bar?

      Seriously, those prices are high. I'll wait.

    21. Pete Jones on August 21, 2013

      In the spirit of providing constructive feedback - the prices are too high. It's a shame as I really wanted to add more Things, but not at those prices.

    22. Yoav Weiss on August 21, 2013

      Found three way switch kits compatible with LEDs on GE's site**

    23. Yoav Weiss on August 21, 2013

      Is there someone in the company that can help with some questions on a home renovation? Looking to install in-wall switches to control recessed LEDs. Seems like the GE switches in the shop are limited to incandescent, though I found three-way switch kits on GE's is appreciated!

    24. Missing avatar

      Gray on August 21, 2013

      @Paul: They're available, though the site isn't super easy to navigate.

    25. Missing avatar

      Paul Shabian on August 21, 2013

      How to buy shields? not available from the store?

    26. SmartThings Creator on August 21, 2013

      @Philip, Eric, Rob - We are still selling the original power outlet in the starter kit. It is named differently now: and we are offering different varieties to purchase stand-alone.

      We are continually investigating new hardware and plan to provide the best of what we find to our customers. We will be getting additional energy management features into the app to support the Smartenit as well as other metering outlets, soon.

      Gray/Tom - As with all electronics we are expecting costs to fall and prices to follow. We hope this helps people appreciate the deal they got as Kickstarter backers! We hope to get back to and under those prices in the future. Take note that these are not the only devices compatible with SmartThings. There are hundreds of Z-Wave, ZigBee, and cloud-based devices that work great and area available from other resellers.

    27. Missing avatar

      Tom Gleason on August 21, 2013

      I love the hub and accessories I got but whoa... way to pricey to make this worth while. Very disappointed. My second hub is stored in a closet. Can't afford your prices.

    28. Missing avatar

      Gray on August 21, 2013

      Are these the target prices for the Things? I'm thinking of the motion sensor and multi sensor in particular. I know we were able to add them to our KS packages for $25 each, but these prices are twice that. Will they eventually go down?

    29. DeltaLima
      on August 21, 2013

      yea noticed the smart outlet has gone missing. really hope this doesn't means its support is dropping also. energy metering and management was a key reason i invested in "smartthings"

    30. Eric Schuld on August 21, 2013

      @Philip - The only thing I see not in there is the Siren and the SmartOutlet - unless I'm missing something:

      And congrats SmartThings! Nice Milestone for you all! I'm excited to see what happens now that more people will have access to Arduino Shields - hoping to see some new creativity!

    31. Philip Hurwitz on August 21, 2013

      I'm not seeing all the original "things" in the store that came with the kit, seems to be replaced with some COTS alternatives. Is this accurate?