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Adding intelligence to everyday things in your world, so that your life can be more awesome.
Adding intelligence to everyday things in your world, so that your life can be more awesome.
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Update 38: International Testing

Here are key updates on international testing:

  • At this point, all tests for CE compliance are done with the exception of low voltage safety testing. This is required for our manuals, but is generally a test on the batteries and power supplies, so should not have any design implications. Our lab says that will be done in 1-1.5 weeks.
  • We are in the process of choosing our partner as part of the WEEE (Waste of Electronics, and Electrical Equipment) directive, required for the CE Mark.
  • We’re actively doing an ‘in the field’ test with 1.8GHz mobile phones to check for potential interference. Say hi to Spencer if you’re in Singapore.
  • We’re updating our label, manual and packaging designs with final required changes, including all the special markings required for CE Cert - RoHS, WEEE, etc.
  • For AU Cert, we are waiting on quotes for a local representative (required for certification), but testing is done.
  • As soon as the 1.8GHz field test is done we’re pulling the trigger on manufacturing for CE. Getting a firm date now from our manufacturer, but in most cases this is just a chip swap (excluding the hub, which has a design change and therefore new PCBs). Once we have this date, we’ll post it as a comment to this update.
  • We are working to get your contact info from Kickstarter into our Salesforce system. Once that is done, you’ll get the invite to choose the things for your kit.

If you live in a non-CE or AU/NZ country, we’re trying to understand the unique Z-wave frequencies to see what approach we can take to get you kits even sooner. If you are in Chile or Mexico, look for a potential communication soon as that is the same Z-wave frequency as the US.

Lastly, we understand that this has been nearly a year, but we’re not willing to skirt the rules as we intend for our relationship to be permanent. Quite a journey, and we appreciate every step you’ve taken with us. We’re not at the end of the journey by a long shot, and we know the wait will be worth it. We’re down to weeks, not months. Of course if you want us to ship a kit to a US address, simply ask and it will happen.


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    1. Mauro Delrio on

      In first days of 2014, I'll move to another EU country. Do I need to update the shipping informations ?

    2. Missing avatar

      Chris Johnston on

      Hey there a further update for this? I'm feeling unloved!

    3. Kao Pao-Tang

      Hi Spencer!

    4. Sami Johannes Niemelä on

      So, shipping EU in 2014 then?

    5. Martijn Snels on

      Hope you can make things up for us. We've ordered an Developer kit and after a year we still haven't received the kit... I was at least expecting you to ship the European Developer backers beta kits so we can at least start developing.

    6. seden on

      Good news, sound it is going alright.

      In case, what are the details of the changes required as to CE certifications ?

      And yes, indeed an adapted power supply is a requirement ;)

    7. Rom on

      Hoping that the SmartPower outlet can support 100-240V already.

    8. Alex Leiva on

      Thanks for this update

    9. Missing avatar

      Stefan Himpich on

      So much to do and to think of - but it looks like you guys are doing it right.


    10. William Muk on

      Good update. Thanks. :)