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Adding intelligence to everyday things in your world, so that your life can be more awesome.
Adding intelligence to everyday things in your world, so that your life can be more awesome.
5,694 backers pledged $1,209,423 to help bring this project to life.

1 Week, $1M and, 1 Awesome Mobile App

You knew it was coming. The $1M stretch goal.

But first, we’ve had a lot of backers asking to see more live SmartThings action. Check out this video of the SmartThings iPhone App (yes, Android is happening too!) showing simple outlet controls, open/closed, motion and temperature sensors, notifications and some SmartApps.

We’ve been making great progress on the hardware side too. So much so that we are able to now make all SmartTags multi-sensors. That’s right, SmartTags will not only detect presence, but also temperature, motion, angles in 3-axis, and vibration. There are literally hundreds of uses! And that means what you thought was a single Thing is actually 5 Things in 1. Isn’t that smart?

So what’s the reward for the $1M Stretch Goal? We’re adding an extra multi-sensor SmartTag to everyone’s Pack. That’s right, if we hit our $1M Stretch Goal, every Backer with a SmartThings Pack will get a bonus SmartTag. 

We have 7 days to go. This won’t be easy and we need your help. Here’s how:

  • You can tell your friends and share your enthusiasm for SmartThings. Blog, tweet, share on Facebook, tell the media, stand on the corner with a sign.... 
  • You can increase your pledge to receive additional Things - just add to your pledge amount. See below for details. 
  • You can individually pledge $256,229.  :)
We couldn’t be more excited about the support that you have given to us, and we know that together we are going to make the world a much smarter place. Thank you and let’s push to the finish line together! 

The SmartThings Team


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    1. SmartThings Creator on

      HI all - Just to clear up the confusion on the Bonus SmartTag for the DOUBLE PACK. The Double Pack will get 2 Bonus SmartTags. We reached out goal of $1M and each PACK gets the extra SmartTag.

    2. Ryan Gallagher on

      I am curious about the "Double Pack" too, I am trying to convince family members to go with this option but am unsure on what to tell them they're getting.

    3. Missing avatar

      Zach Shepherd on

      I'm also curious about whether "Double Pack" pledges will receive two bonus Things for the $1 million stretch goal.

      I'd assume yes (as the description states "The contents of this new level are EXACTLY the same as the Early Bird and Early Adopter pledges put together."), but it doesn't look like everyone is on the same page based on the other comments.

    4. Missing avatar

      Scott Creed on

      I pledged the Early Adopter Special after you reached the $1 million stretch goal. Can you please confirm that I will still receive the extra SmartTag.

    5. Simon on

      can i get 3 power outlets with my 174 pledge?

    6. Missing avatar

      Charles E Roush II on

      if we add 174 to our Super Early Birds pack do we in effect get 8 things now? plus if we replied in the one post we effectively get 9? 2 outlets and 7 things?

    7. Classic Comics, Inc. on

      Double pack, not back.... Obviously....

    8. Classic Comics, Inc. on

      If you get a double back do you get two bonus SmartTags?

    9. Missing avatar

      Nate on

      @Derek - They previously said you can add the $174 amount to your pledge for Early Birds and Super Early Birds in order to double your order

    10. Derek Steen on

      If I double my EARLY BIRD pledge from $149 to $298, then will I get double everything (including all the free Things we've "earned" along the way) in the EARLY BIRD pledge?

      Thanks. :)

    11. Missing avatar

      Nate on

      You would have to have 2 accounts in order to get the advantages of the Double Pack as the 2x Early Adopter, which is a circumvent of Kickstarter rules. I think the idea behind the Double Pack was to make being a single backer easier

    12. Missing avatar

      JP on

      Yes, please clarify if DOULBE PACK gets 2 Free Things - if not, I think I will change my order.

    13. Isaac Chew on

      Wondering the same thing. @Nate, if it's as you described, it would defeat any advantage of getting the Double Pack. For calculations sake (for 2 hubs + 8 Things):
      2 x Early Adopter Special (2 hubs + 6 Things + 2 Free Things) = 2 x $174 = $348
      Double Pack (2 hubs + 6 Things + 1 Free Thing) = $323 + $25 (1 Thing) = $348
      i.e. There's no advantage of backing the Double Pack.

      Can the project creator clarify this, and perhaps reward the Double Pack backers with 2 free Things?

    14. Missing avatar

      Nate on

      @Vagelis - I believe, best guess by the wording they've used before, as they did before for the +1 Thing on the 2500 backer pledge (that we just missed), it will be per pledge that the additional SmartTag is added.

    15. Vagelis Fragkos on

      As Nat Fairbanks said:
      "Will the double pack get two additional things if you hit $1M?"
      Because we need to know if we will get 2 additional smart tags?

      Personally I need to know that in order to increase my pledge for smart outlets.

      AND I definitely need some info about the international shipments but ok I understand.
      Thank you.

    16. Missing avatar

      Kent on

      Since there's no button on the SmartOutlet, is there any plan for a SmartButton SmartThing? Just a one button remote that a SmartApp could use to toggle the SmartOutlet. Seems like that would be solve a lot of issues (not to mention be useful for other SmartApps as an acknowledge signal, etc)

    17. David Milliken on

      Excellent thinking Peter! Integrating SmartThings and Tasker would indeed be taking things to the next level of intelligence! Please make that happen!

    18. BJ Heinley on

      +1 on Wabice's question

    19. ActionTiles_Terry on

      @Wabice & @Jamie Sonneville:


      "Clouds" are wonderful things (unless they portend rain...); but, I've comment this again and again and again here, and reiterating here to support the above listed commenters: FULL local independent-of-the-internet control is essential: (a) privacy; (b) reliability; (c) security; (d) bankrupt-prooficity [i.e., Our SmartThings must continue to work if SmartThings the Company goes kaput).

      And plenty of other good reasons. Frankly, the "internet / cloud" is only required for SmartThings because:

      (1) I presume that there is limited computing / storage power in the Hub, thus the STCloud is required for history, macros, complex API functions, ...

      (2) The STCloud is an "easy" way to implement remote home control and iOS/Android Aop connectivity without requiring any home router & firewall reconfiguration.

      Issue #1 --> Suggests that a "home lite-cloud server" should be an option. Maybe it requires a $100 WiFi Android device ... something like an Ubi, or even an old phone or tablet. This is preferable to using an "always-on PC or Mac".

      Issue #2 --> I don't know. Reconfiguring home router to allow incoming connections is easy for me, but definitely hard for a lot of folks. Still, a heavy-weight STCloud is not required, just a web-redirect, actually, if all that is needed is remote control to the suggested "home lite-cloud" (#1 above).

    20. Missing avatar

      Peter Rask on

      When doing the Android app please consider opening up for plugin feature for Tasker (just search for Tasker in Google play), making it possible to get information into Tasker will make for a formidabel combination.

    21. Missing avatar

      Jamie Sonneville on

      I'm curious to hear the response to Wabice's question...

    22. Wabice on

      Speaking from an IT Administrator point of view, are there details as to what Local Only capabilities the device has to offer? I understand the SmartApps and integration with other cloud-based services will be the major selling point for the non-hacker users, but I can come up with use case scenarios where I'd rather keep my home/office SmartThings network off the cloud (although for some of my family, it's not a matter of choice since they live in areas where broadband internet availability is spotty and where cell towers can't reach). I'm most concerned as to whether I will be able to use the device without providing it an internet connection, since as long as there's a way out there is also a way in to the devices I have hooked up to it.

    23. SmartThings Creator on

      @Andrew Stoel - we love IFTTT. Our Cloud will do many similar things (if not all) but we believe we can also integrate with them. Have already been investigating.

    24. Missing avatar

      Andrew Stoel on

      what about integration with

    25. SmartThings Creator on

      @Stephanie Clarkson - it will be a challenge - no doubt :)

      @Peter Chodyra - we plan to have the temperature show in the app as it is shown here: on the main Location screen as well as on the Temp Sensor Icon (without going into the details - dev team is still working on that first bit but as you can see in videos we have the temp sensor showing temperature on it (unlike Apple) :)

    26. SmartThings Creator on

      @Wabice & @Dave Coughlin - We are looking at LIFX. On a worse case scenario we can integrate with them via wi-fi and the Cloud service and APIs. Best case is that they have ZigBee or Z-Wave inside and can extend the mesh of existing SmartThings.

    27. SmartThings Creator on

      @Christopher Hyatt - The apps on the mobile devices communicate with the rule sets in the Cloud. The SmartThings Cloud service will integrate with a lot of other online services. If your hub cannot get online the Cloud will send a message to your phone letting you know (and it will keep trying). If the service is not available for some reason communications can still happen between hub and devices and a queue will form to send when service returns. The smartphone is more of an information viewing and alert devices. If it is not available there are no issues. You can still configure and see status online.

    28. Missing avatar

      Opus on

      Sorry if I missed this detail, with the smartapps in the video, it looks as though automated programming is actually running on the phone, not the hub or cloud. Is that the case? If so, what is the service? I really agree with your statement "We don't want to be opening up our apps to turn on lights"

      So can you/anyone detail what will my army of smartthings do in the following situations:
      My smarthub cant get online?
      The online service is not available?
      My smartphone is not online?


    29. Wabice on

      Just came across the LIFX light bulb project and I also hope to see support for LIFX bulbs. It's a given that I'm grabbing a few of those bulbs; and having them talk with the SmartThings system will be awesome. That way I can use the Smart Outlets for other creative uses.

    30. Missing avatar

      Dave Coughlin on

      Any plans to integrate with the LIFX lighting that seems to be doing well?

    31. Caleb Wong on

      @Stephanie I guess so...I got few accounts with early bird too :p and used the dev account to comment. Hope they do track well :)

    32. Stephanie Clarkson on

      So right now, for my initial Early Bird pledge, I get the hub, the three initial Things, the bonus thing for responding to your first stretch goal, and, if you make this, an extra Tag? I think? How are you guys keeping track of all this? :-)

    33. Peter Chodyra on

      The app looks great. Will the temperature sensor/icon show the description on the main screen for quick view of the temperature in various areas of your home? Or will it only be available on e you click on the temperature sensor and view the details?

    34. Marcio Camurati on

      Have any news about Brazil in international plans?

    35. SmartThings Creator on

      @Nicolas Van den Eynde - We have not forgotten! We have ongoing meetings and should make an announcement very soon about our International plans. Hang in there! (It is looking promising for Europe)

      @Daniel Carter - We're sure many people (like us) will use the SmartOutlets for lamps - we think there just may be different ways to control lamps and lights in the future.

    36. Daniel Carter on

      Can you elaborate on what you envision SmartOutlets being used for? I'm sure most users were thinking lamps... there are not a whole lot of other devices nowadays that power on/activate automatically when power is connected.

    37. Nicolas Van den Eynde on

      5 Days to go and still no Updates over international support, have you forgot your promissed to tell us about it so we could cancel our pledge if not compatible ?

    38. SmartThings Creator on

      @Dan Meier - W hear you and we agree that app has to be super easy to use - just pointing out some other ways to look at it. How about an app that knows if everyone is in bed and if it is after a certain hour just shuts out the lights. Ultimately we think SmartOutlets will have their places but they won't be for lamps and lights anyway. Would like to see smarter bulbs and are looking at what it would take to do that. (cc: LIFX, others)

    39. Dan Meier on

      >> We don't want to be opening up our apps to turn on lights
      Perhaps, but definitely want to be able to turn OFF lights in the app. Example 1: lying in bed at night reading...nodding off, but don't want to get out of (warm, cozy) bed to turn off lights. Don't have to if I can do it through the app. Example 2: I check the status of lights, doors and garage doors in the app before going to bed and notice the kids have left the kitchen lights on again (darned teenagers!)...but no problem if I can turn out the lights (and lock doors and close garage doors) from the app.

    40. Matt Combes on

      You know what else you should do at $1 million? Colored hubs (or at least black). C'mon, make it happen. :)

    41. SmartThings Creator on

      @Chris B - The SmartOutlet we plan on using at launch is from a 3rd party (Smartenit) and does not have the button you describe. We want to create our own even smarter outlet, however we didn't want to promise this for December as the certifications for such devices required are more stringent.

      We don't want to be opening up our apps to turn on lights, we would prefer they work on triggers and presence events. We will consider yours and others' scenarios as we design our own outlet.

      @Pat Kleespies - you will be able to add Modules and Shields to your pledge prior to the end of the campaign. We'll try to update all the Makers/Developers soon.

      @Reegtlaw @Nicolaus Bauman - we have begun testing the app in iOS 6 and fixing the few issues we have found. These are mostly having to do with how to handle more screen size. Decent problem to have. Though none of us yet have the iPhone 5 in hand, several of us have been using iOS 6 for many months now and have good familiarity with it.

    42. Nicolaus Bauman on

      iOS 6 compatible? Well, technically they can't even say that because it hasn't been officially released anyway.

    43. Reegtlaw on

      iOS 6 compatible?

    44. Pat Kleespies on

      Will additional SmartThing Modules and Shields be available as an add on during the Kickstarter, or after the fact?

    45. Missing avatar

      Chris B on

      Don't mean to be repetitious, but I'm still wondering if the SmartOutlet has a local switch on it or not. Can the SmartOutlet be turned on or off locally as well as via the SmartThing App? This question is very important as it will effect how much I add to my pledge to get more Things.

    46. Nat Fairbanks on

      Will the double pack get two additional things if you hit $1M?

    47. Nat Fairbanks on

      Will the double pack get

    48. Jason on

      Nest has a ZigBee Radio in it; it should be compatible.

    49. SmartThings Creator on

      @Jason we are looking at that seriously right now. We have seenu many requests for it. In the near term, there will be a good mobile web interface that will work for those that don't have either iOS or Android.