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Adding intelligence to everyday things in your world, so that your life can be more awesome. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on September 22, 2012.

Adding intelligence to everyday things in your world, so that your life can be more awesome.

About this project

Extra SmartThings for all!  See Update 16 for details


SmartThings makes it easy to connect the things in your physical world to the Internet. You can monitor, control, automate, and have fun with them from anywhere - at home, office, or on the go.

We've made it possible to install apps that interact with your SmartThings, as well as online and other services. This unlocks a world of possibilities and and unlimited potential to make your life easier, more convenient and fun.
We call these SmartApps.


SmartApps are able to mash up and interact with connected things in your physical world, as well as online and other services, allowing for incredible creativity.

  • Get notified immediately if your pet runs out of your yard without you with the "Oh No, My Pet Is Loose!" SmartApp.
  • Get an early warning or directly contact a plumber when there is a leak somewhere (bathroom, basement), before damage gets out of hand with the “It’s Leaking!”  SmartApp.
  • Monitor drawers and cabinets that contain precious or dangerous items with the "My Stuff is Secure" SmartApp.
  • Brighten, dim, or flicker the lights when you get another fan or follower on social networks with the “Buzz Barometer" SmartApp.

Even more SmartApps...


Think about all the things in your home: doors, desks, lights, stereo, pet food bowls, basement floor... isn’t it time they started to chip in and do a little more around the house on their own? SmartThings makes it possible. 


We built SmartThings as an open platform, because we knew there would be a world of useful, beautiful and creative products that could be made smarter with SmartThings.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce a unique partnership between two Kickstarter projects - SmartThings and Instacube - that shows the power of this integration and collaboration. Together, we're making Instacube smart.

We will be working with the creators of Instacube to integrate the SmartThings technology - imagine the possibilities:

  • Elegant, visual notifications for the events in your life that matter most, including someone arriving at your door, your pet leaving, or a reminder that you’ve left the garage door open right before you head to bed - without taking your phone out of your pocket.
  • A beautiful, touchscreen interface for controlling the physical world around you, such as your lights, doors or air conditioning
  • The presence awareness of SmartThings can drive Instacube to turn on or off and to display the photo stream of the user who is present enabling many intelligent interactions.
  • Integrated SmartApps such as “Morning Routine” that can turn Instacube on as an alarm, get the coffee brewing, and turn on the bathroom lights

If you love SmartThings, please consider backing Instacube.

More info in Update #9.

Many of the existing things you own can be made smarter using SmartThings Kits. At launch, the following core devices will be available:

  • Power Outlet - anything that can be plugged in, can be turned on and off
  • Open/Shut Sensor - know if doors, windows or cabinets are open or closed
  • Motion Sensor - detect movement within a room
  • Presence Sensor - know when people and pets come and go

SmartThings are designed to be compatible with many of the existing standards for home automation, smart energy and more. There are literally hundreds of existing sensors and devices you can use. And with your support, many more of these devices will be certified for use and made available in the SmartThings Store.

  • Door Locks
  • Thermostats
  • Temperature and Humidity Sensors
  • In-Wall Switches and Dimmers
  • Smoke and CO Alarms
  • Moisture and Flood Sensors
  • Vibration and Pressure Sensors
  • And much more


You can help bring SmartThings to the world. We’ve highlighted a few of the backer levels below, including:

SmartThings Packs

  • Earlybird and Non-Earlybird SmartThings Packs in a handful of flavors (choose one) that will give you everything you need to get started including the SmartThings Hub and a selection of connected Things.
  • Your SmartThings Pack will also include access to a range of SmartApps that you can use to start making your world smarter within minutes.
  • SmartThings Pack backers will receive early access to the ThingStore to expand your world of connected things at will.
  • SmartThings Pack backers will also receive an invitation to suggest new SmartApps and types of Things and to vote on submissions from the community of developers and makers.
  • UPDATE: You can now add as many additional Things to your reward as you would like. See Update 7 for details.

Note: SmartThings Packs will support a variety of connectivity methods, including Ethernet, cellular, Zigbee, Z-wave, and Bluetooth. The initial launch units will be U.S. only, and may or may not include cellular connectivity.

If you’re a developer or Maker, SmartThings is an open platform and we’ve got a whole program just for you.

Developer and Maker Kits

We're giving the more adventurous among us early access to all the SmartThings tools. All Makers and Developers backer levels come with... 

  • 1 SmartThings Hub
  • Either 3 SmartThings (developers) or 2 SmartThing Modules or Shields for Arduino (makers)
  • Software Development Kit (SDK) - everything you need to develop SmartThings-friendly software
  • Cloud Platform API - integrate your device or app directly with SmartThings,
  • Mobile App Extension Template - embed controls for your project in the SmartThings mobile app
  • A whole lot of love!


Want to do even more to make the world smarter?

Share the SmartThings story. We know not everyone can kick in, but if you believe in the SmartThings vision, please "Like" this Kickstarter page, Tweet about us, Pin us, and email all your friends. While you're at it, visit SmartThings on Facebook and "Like" us there too! :)

Donate your brain to science. Every day our team, spouses, partners, and friends come up with interesting, fun, helpful (and occasionally bizarre) new ways to apply SmartThings and SmartApps. We want everyone in the community to share their ideas. Just go to the Comments section and tell us how you envision making your life smarter.


We want to free physical devices from the iron grip of the few who understand the ins and outs of firmware. That's why SmartThings will be a completely open platform. Our core mission for SmartApps is to enable developers to unleash their creativity in the real world just as easily as they have been able to on the web and mobile devices.

There are two paths to creating new SmartApps. Basic, and Advanced.

  • At the Basic level, you can generate new SmartApps using a web based interface with full access to existing triggers and available actions within the SmartThings cloud.
  • At the Advanced level, we are creating and exposing an SDK for the physical world of non-smart devices — enabling them to plug into the digital one and become smart.

We give your front door an API. We give your bed an API. We give your toilet an API... your imagination is the only limit.

  • We are working hard to make sure that our APIs are both straightforward and secure. You can use your preferred development language and tools to do amazing things with the physical graph that SmartThings is bringing online.
  • We are ready to integrate with all of your favorite web services.

The uses are endless, so don’t be shy. Let’s work together to make the physical world smarter.


We’ve got dozens of ideas to share for how to make our lives smarter, but we're also eager to hear yours. Tell us about them in the Comments section.

But, if you’re handy with a soldering iron, know that a breadboard isn’t just for cutting Rye, can casually slip Arduino into daily conversation, and are ready to hack your own physical world, we’re ready to support you.  For you makers and open hardware buffs, we’ve got:

  • SmartThings ThingModule - add cloud intelligence to any device
  • SmartThings ThingShield and Sketch for Arduino - make your existing project smarter
  • SmartThings Software Development Kit (SDK) - develop SmartThings-friendly software
  • Cloud Platform API - integrate your device or app directly with SmartThings
  • Mobile App Extension Template - embed controls for your project in the SmartThings mobile app

Tell us about your project and we’ll help you bring it to the world.


We currently have working prototypes of the key hardware and software components of the SmartThings Packs that you are backing as part of this Kickstarter project, including the hub, end-devices, maker tools, cloud platform, and mobile app.

Here is our timeline for putting SmartThings into your hands:


  • Final stage of design and certification process for SmartThings Hub, Packs, and Maker tools


  • Certification completed for SmartThings Packs
  • Injection molding and final packaging design


  • Volume manufacturing of SmartThings Packs (Hubs and Things)


  • Distribution - Kickstarter backers get their SmartThings Packs 
  • SDK ready for Developers and Makers
  • SmartThings Mobile App available including SmartApps


The SmartThings founders share a vision: A product experience that is beautiful, functional, fast and revolutionary. We can’t wait to get SmartThings into your hands. Reach out to us in the Comments section if you want to speak with any of us directly.


There were two major “aha moments” that inspired us to develop SmartThings.

Like most innovation, SmartThings started with a flooded basement. During a power outage, the pipes at Alex’s cabin froze and burst, flooding the basement. In looking for options to get notified about temperature drops and flooding, it became clear that available solutions required a separate Internet connection. Even if the cabin had one, it would have shut off in the power outage.

So the concept of ‘it just works’ for SmartThings was born. We built a platform that easily connects everyday things to the Internet. Our vision is to include always-on cellular connectivity in every SmartThings Hub, so you just take it out of the box, plug it in, and it’s connected. Even better, when you buy new devices, what we call Things, from the ThingStore, they’ll be pre-assigned to your SmartThings Hub. Plug them in or turn them on, they show up in the app, and you’re immediately in control.

Our real inspiration came when we realized how intelligent everything in our lives could become through the power of computing in the cloud - SmartApps were born. Installing applications into your real life should be as easy as it is on your phone. SmartApps let you combine schedules, events, notifications, information from the Internet and many sensors and devices to create useful solutions that make life easier and more fun.



  • UPDATE: Please see Update 14 For the Latest Info:

    We are targeting Q1 2013. To achieve that, we are in the process of researching compliance and certification requirements for international markets. We're also looking into logistics and shipping. We can't currently commit to a delivery date for international backers, but will be working diligently to fulfill international interest. We will work hard to minimize international shipping costs. If the international shipping cost ends up being more than you expected, or we cannot support your specific voltage needs, you will have an opportunity to cancel your pledge. If you want to hold off backing at the SmartThings Pack level, we’d love for you to back us at a Friend level to get priority access to SmartThings Packs when ready for your country and to help us get there as quickly as possible.

    Last updated:
  • We've had a lot of requests from people who want more than one full SmartThings pack. We have created the DOUBLE PACK tier for $323 where backers get 2 hubs and 6 things. You can also add things to any Pack level by adding multiples of $35 (outlets) or $25 for anything else.

    Last updated:
  • You can! Just add multiples of $35 (outlets) or $25 for anything else (motions sensors, open/close sensors, SmartTags). For example: If you are at the $174 level and would like 2 additional outlets and another SmartTag, simply add $95 to your pledge amount without changing your backer level. Your new total would then be $269

    Last updated:
  • Our currently slated Things will be targeted at $35 for SmartOutlets and $25 for Motion and Open/Close sensors, as well as for SmartTags (presence, vibration, angle, temperature).

    Future Things will vary widely depending on the functionality. E.g. temperature sensors will cost less than a power outlet. In addition to manufacturing our own Things, we will also support third party standards to increase the variety and choice that you have available to you.

    Last updated:
  • Outside of Kickstarter backers, we expect the SmartThings service to cost between $4.99 and $9.99 / month. However, as a special benefit to the initial Super Early Bird, Early Bird, Early Adopter Special, Pre-Order, Developer & Maker, and Enthusiast backers (any pledge level that includes Hub), you will pay zero monthly fees, forever.

    Last updated:
  • No.

    Last updated:
  • Yes, we plan to support Android as a top priority with our launch. As soon as we have a timeline we’ll share with all our backers.

    Last updated:
  • At launch, we will only be supporting a set of Things that we manufacture, and can therefore assure performance and reliability against. The list of those Things appears above. Post launch, we will make additional Things we manufacture available via our ThingStore and publish a listing of certified third-party Things that we also support.

    Last updated:
  • The SmartThings hub does include ZigBee technology, and the SmartThings platform is designed to be compatible with many of the existing standards for home automation, smart energy and more. Within those standards, there are literally hundreds of existing sensors and devices that can work, and we will continue to certify devices for use with SmartThings.

    Last updated:
  • Our SmartThings hub does include Z-wave, and the SmartThings platform is designed to be compatible with many of the existing standards for home automation, smart energy and more. Within those standards, there are literally hundreds of existing sensors and devices that can work, and we will continue to certify devices for use with SmartThings.

    Last updated:
  • We are constantly evaluating a range of open standards and new specific devices, and as we’ve certified them on the SmartThings platform we’ll be sure to let our backers know. At this point we do not have plans to support X-10 or Insteon.

    Last updated:
  • At SmartThings, we take security very seriously. We have engineered a solution that safeguards your information and ensures that only you, or those to whom you grant access, will have the ability to control your devices. We use state-of-the-art encryption between devices and our hub, our hub and our cloud service, and between our mobile applications and our cloud service. Our cloud service is architected with multiple layers of security isolation, continuous monitoring, and access controls at multiple levels to ensure that we keep people out unless you tell us otherwise. We will even allow you to set PIN numbers on your Things when you want an extra layer of verification before an action is taken. We want you to be confident that our service and devices can be used in any kind of scenario without having to worry about security or privacy.

    Last updated:
  • Yes! The mobile app will support control of multiple hubs, regardless of location.

    Last updated:
  • Our current plan is to support up to 100 Things on a single hub. In addition, if your needs exceed that capacity, you will be able to easily add hubs to increase the number of Things you can control.

    Last updated:
  • The SmartThings Hub incorporates two robust mesh networking technologies that are designed to provide a direct range of 150-300ft depending on a range of environmental factors. Beyond direct Hub-to-Thing range, the mesh networking capabilities will allow for individual connected Things to speak with the Hub through each other - extending range much further.

    Last updated:
  • We chose not to build Wifi into the first generation Hub to make room for the many other wireless technologies that are included. However, the on-board Ethernet port provides a way to connect to an existing wireless gateway to gain access to the WiFi network and connected devices.

    Last updated:
  • Yes! We have announced deals to work with a few great projects and others have offered to make their products work with SmartThings. InstaCube, The Ubi, and Wattvision are a few but we expect even more in the coming weeks.

    We are constantly amazed at the awesome projects launching on Kickstarter from the maker and development communities. Those that embrace open hardware and software platforms and technologies are ideal candidates for simple integration with SmartThings at either a hardware or software level. We can't wait to work with the community to see what is realized.

    Last updated:
  • We love NFC and plan for SmartThings to support it within our mobile apps for phones that have built-in NFC readers, which would enable scenarios like those in the Kickstarter video right out of the box for smartphones that have NFC technology.

    Last updated:
  • Right now, we have backers at the $10,000 level across 3 distinct groups. They are:

    1. Distribution Partners - This is for folks with an existing sales channel or go-to-market strategy who would like to collaborate on a pilot to bring SmartThings to their audience.

    2. Maker Partners - This is for folks with an existing product or technology who would like time in our lab to integrate SmartThings technology into their solution.

    3. Benefactors - Just well off folks who want to see us do well!

    We're not actively pursuing equity investment at this time, so we don't have a program for investors.

    But if one of those categories fits, we'd love to talk more. Email contact details and we'll get in touch.

    Last updated:


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