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MISTI-Con is a new, more intimate, Harry Potter fan convention to be held in May of 2013 at the Margate Resort in Laconia, NH.
MISTI-Con is a new, more intimate, Harry Potter fan convention to be held in May of 2013 at the Margate Resort in Laconia, NH.
68 backers pledged $8,385 to help bring this project to life.

Last Week to Get Special Registrations! Pin Design Revealed!

There are less than 7 days left to our Kickstarter!!
Even though we reached goal, every dollar makes MISTI-Con that much more amazing! 
With your help we can push our funding into $10,000!

To celebrate this final push we have a ton of announcements to make. So please read to know more!

First, what many of you have been patiently waiting for, the final design for the special pin that will be given to:

- Anyone registering for the con via the Kickstarter (Early-Bird, Ministers VIP, or Chief Mugwump)
- Volunteers who accrue a certain number of hours
- Staff
The image below is the design we sent to the pin production company.  We don't have the final mock-up yet, but when we receive it we will be posting that as well.
We just didn't want to make you all wait any longer =)
This pin is designed specially for MISTI-Con's biggest supporters. It represents the combined efforts of Wizards and Witches to make great things come to life.
The words on top of the crest "Fortissimus Coniunctus - Debilissimus Divisus" are the latin translation of a paraphrased quote attributed to one of the great wizards of the second war "Strongest United - Weakest Divided"


Second, we are thrilled to announce a new addition to the MISTI-Con academic line-up,  Dr. George R. Plitnik of Frostburg University, Maryland.  He teaches a honors course entitled "The Science of Harry Potter".  His insights into Muggle technology will especially be of interest to those applying for a position in our Muggle relations department.

Third, our new postcards will be arriving soon, and the artwork on them is outstanding (and also viewable below)! So, if you can help us reach $9,000 in funding, ALL supporters who have pledged $10 or over will receive a 11x17" poster version of the design!

So please tell your family and friends about MISTI-Con and its Kickstarter.  We need you to retweet, reshare, reblog, retumble all you can these next 7 days.  Every dollar we get goes straight into programming, decorations, props, audio/ visual and more.

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    1. Shannon Rowley on June 16, 2012

      LOVE the designs and hearing about the academic line! OMG! Now I'm REALLY excited! Whoot! Ahhhh! Hurry up and get here, May! <3

      ~Shannon Rowley