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MISTI-Con is a new, more intimate, Harry Potter fan convention to be held in May of 2013 at the Margate Resort in Laconia, NH.
MISTI-Con is a new, more intimate, Harry Potter fan convention to be held in May of 2013 at the Margate Resort in Laconia, NH.
68 backers pledged $8,385 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates

Last Week to Get Special Registrations! Pin Design Revealed!

There are less than 7 days left to our Kickstarter!!
Even though we reached goal, every dollar makes MISTI-Con that much more amazing! 
With your help we can push our funding into $10,000!

To celebrate this final push we have a ton of announcements to make. So please read to know more!

First, what many of you have been patiently waiting for, the final design for the special pin that will be given to:

- Anyone registering for the con via the Kickstarter (Early-Bird, Ministers VIP, or Chief Mugwump)
- Volunteers who accrue a certain number of hours
- Staff
The image below is the design we sent to the pin production company.  We don't have the final mock-up yet, but when we receive it we will be posting that as well.
We just didn't want to make you all wait any longer =)
This pin is designed specially for MISTI-Con's biggest supporters. It represents the combined efforts of Wizards and Witches to make great things come to life.
The words on top of the crest "Fortissimus Coniunctus - Debilissimus Divisus" are the latin translation of a paraphrased quote attributed to one of the great wizards of the second war "Strongest United - Weakest Divided"


Second, we are thrilled to announce a new addition to the MISTI-Con academic line-up,  Dr. George R. Plitnik of Frostburg University, Maryland.  He teaches a honors course entitled "The Science of Harry Potter".  His insights into Muggle technology will especially be of interest to those applying for a position in our Muggle relations department.

Third, our new postcards will be arriving soon, and the artwork on them is outstanding (and also viewable below)! So, if you can help us reach $9,000 in funding, ALL supporters who have pledged $10 or over will receive a 11x17" poster version of the design!

So please tell your family and friends about MISTI-Con and its Kickstarter.  We need you to retweet, reshare, reblog, retumble all you can these next 7 days.  Every dollar we get goes straight into programming, decorations, props, audio/ visual and more.

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House Mittens by Anissa Harper

For a pledge of $25 you will receive a pair of warm handmade mittens.  Anissa can make them according to your size, in the color scheme you want (house, house unity, mixed house, book and movie Ravenclaw) as well as with or without finger covering.

These are perfect both for cold weather and your next cosplay!

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Help us reach $10,000!

We have been simply astounded by the support we have received for MISTI-Con. Our original goal was to have enough to get the con up and running. Thanks to you, we not only can safely launch the convention, but we can increase the quantity and quality of our decorations, greatly expand our promotional efforts during the coming year, and be sure that our 24 hour common room is well stocked.

As we are heading into the last 2 weeks of our Kickstarter, we are thrilled to announce two NEW goals.  With your help, if we can reach $10,000, our Masquerade ball will include a delectable spread of desserts and fresh fruit.  Our original budget originally supports various chips, dip, and salsa to snack on as you dance the night away.  So this would be a fantastic upgrade.

Additionally, everything over $10,000 will be put directly into our academic speaker budget.  Which will allow us to bring some fantastic names in Harry Potter and fandom academia to our convention!

To help you help us reach these goals, we are excited to announce our Incendio event!  These are additional reductions in award levels.  These include the custom character voices now at $10, the Wizard Rock bundle down to $25, and a huge 50% reduction in the custom drink award! (now $50!).  Additionally, all VIP and Chief Mugwump passes now include the custom drink award! (This of course is for previous contributors of the VIP and Mugwump passes as well).  Finally, EVERY Kickstarter supporter who pledges $5 or over will be receiving a special Ray The Dark Lord Bartender Dark Mark sticker.

Thank you so much to everyone who has helped us make it this far.  Please tell your friends about MISTI-Con and our Kickstarter as well.  Every pledge we receive not only makes MISTI-Con that much more amazing, but gives you something cool in return.

Sincerely, Clay, Jonathon and Cassie and the entire MISTI-Con team.

P.S. Remember, all convention registrations obtained through Kickstarter include the MISTI-Con T-shirt, as well as a very special diecut metal pin.  This pin will only be available to passes obtained through Kickstarter, volunteers who work a certain # of hours and our staff. They will not be sold ever.  We should have a photo very soon as the prototype is in the design phase, we think it will blow you away!

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Highlighting EvieTee’s

We have many different T-shirts available as awards and to make things easier to read, we have condensed them into a single lower $20 tier.  One of the awards is your choice of t-shirt from EvieTees, an Etsy shop run by Elena Squatritro.  Elena specializes in fantastic shirts that cater to many fandoms, the image below just highlights SOME of her designs! You can see more of them at

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HP Cookie Care Package

We are $27 away from $7k! Perhaps this next highlight will push us over. Today we are showcasing COOKIES!

One of our $40 tiers is a care package of magically delicious cookies baked by Jennifer "Wotchertonks" Drucker. Jennifer is also on the MISTI-Con team and is responsible for most of the promotional artwork you will be seeing, including our incredible new postcards.

Her artistic talent translates to her baked goods where her cakes and cookies are ALMOST too pretty to eat.

You can find more photos of Jenny's baked goods on her Facebook page here:

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