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Hackable, real-time smart display: receive and act on notifications, tasks, workout timers, business metrics, emails, news and more!
Hackable, real-time smart display: receive and act on notifications, tasks, workout timers, business metrics, emails, news and more!
Hackable, real-time smart display: receive and act on notifications, tasks, workout timers, business metrics, emails, news and more!
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Shipping has been started!


Hey Kickstarter,

We are so happy to start shipping of rewards!

Our fulfilment partner has started shipping process last Friday and will continue during the following weeks. In most cases, you will get mail notifications with tracking number(but with some shipping providers it's might not going to happen). Please, expect package from Hong Kong.

We can't wait to see lots of unboxing moments on Youtube, Facebook and Twitter.

Smart Atoms

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LaMetric mass production


Hey Kickstarter,

Thanks for providing delivery addresses, we are very close to start of shipping (separate update will be published at that moment).

Meanwhile, enjoy photos and video from the mass production line:

 LaMetric motherboards

  LaMetric screens

 LaMetric assembling line

 Assembled LaMetric devices

Assembled LaMetric devices

Assembled LaMetric devices 

"Long life" test

"Long life" test

Acceptance procedure (we created Android app for final device validation when it is assembled and tested)

Packaged devices  

Smart Atoms Team

P.S. Please help us to spread the word across your friends, they have an awesome opportunity to order LaMetric with $30 discount code(getlametricsoon) till 25 September.

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We have launched mass production!


Hey Kickstarter,

Thanks to everyone for sending shipping address. Backers who didn’t fill the survey, please do this.

Just quick update on the progress. 

Mass production has been started

We are so happy to announce that mass production has been launched last Monday.

Review photos how batteries for portable LaMetric were produced and inspected.

Battery inspection

Produced batteries for portable LaMetric 

So far production is going smoothly according to the plan.

Fresh website

We have created new website. Please check it out, share with your friends, they still can get LaMetric at discounted price!

LaMetric website

Make It Yours with Clockfaces

Imagine clock where you can change the clockface or create your own. 

With LaMetric you can personalise your Time and be different!

Clockfaces for LaMetric

Make It Yours with Apps

We have been working hard on development environment where you can build two type of apps:

  • Indicators - apps to track data in real-time 
  • Buttons - apps to take actions with the click of a button.

 LaMetric Developer to create apps

We have just implemented gamification inside the team and created Trello app to track closed tasks per week. So the guy who solved most issues is a winner.

So curious what apps you are going to create!

Sample indicator app built in LaMetric Developer

Stay tuned for production and shipping updates! 

Smart Atoms team

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FCC/CE regulations, shipping survey information


Hey Kickstarter,

Just quick update on the progress. LaMetric is passing FCC/CE regulation tests at the moment. 

Electromagnetic compatibility tests

The goal is to check LaMetric for correct work in the same electromagnetic environment, of different equipment which use electromagnetic phenomena, and the avoidance of any interference effects.

Electrostatic discharge test

ESD test verifies whether LaMetric works correctly and there are no damage of electronic components during spectacular electric sparks(lightning, with the accompanying sound of thunder, is a large-scale ESD event).

Electrostatic discharge test

Wi-Fi/Bluetooth tests

These tests are performed to validate whether LaMetric operates in allowed ranges of Wi-Fi/Bluetooth frequencies.

Safety tests

Safety tests are needed to ensure product is safe to use at home environment.

Shipping survey information

We are resolving last issues, afterwards, in August(yeah!), we plan to start production. We should also start to prepare for shipping. At the beginning of August, we are going to send survey. Please make sure, you will complete survey with actual shipping address in 2 weeks period.

Thanks for your support!

Smart Atoms

Pilot production of the small batch


Hey Kickstarter,

According to our planning mentioned in the previous update, we resolved moulds issues and launched pilot production of the small batch(74 items) to understand material, soldering, assembling, testing and package problems during mass production. It was very exhausting but exciting week of challenges. 

These 74 devices will go to Smart Atoms and Foxconn engineers to understand and improve the last issues. 

Let’s review what we have done recently. 

PCB production

First of all, we produced LaMetric printed circuit boards. 

PCB production process

LaMetric PCB pilot production

Ready-made PCBs 

For the key electronic components we prepared software tests. Each PCB went through these tests to check components on defects and soldering quality. For example, if Wi-Fi module has short circuit, software test will catch this.

 PCB software tests


Usually good preparation and planning help to avoid a lot of problems. Our assembling line is prepared quite well and has a lot of documentation for operators including description of the smallest details. 

 Assembling line documentation 

Because product is innovative, during last week operators have been trained how to assemble the product by engineers who designed the production line.

 Learning process

 Assembled devices

During assembling process, electronic components might be damaged by hands. Additional tier of software tests is performed to check whether components are not damaged and work as expected.

 Software tests after assembling 

Failed devices are being marked and sent to repairing line for investigation and rework. 

Analysis of failed devices

Some portion of devices should be tested on “long life”. This test is performed to understand whether any issues occur after 24-48 hours of uninterrupted work. Such devices are checked via third tier of software tests when “long life” test is completed. 

“Long life” test

Finished devices

At the end of the day, assembled and tested devices are being packaged and ready to use.

Finished devices packaged in master cartons

LaMetric package

Opened package

LaMetric, adapter, plugs, USB cable and quick start guide

After pilot production we created report with the issues during different stages: 

  • Material and components issues 
  • PCB production issues 
  • Assembling issues 
  • Packaging issues 

At the moment we are working on solving these problems. After that we will move to production.

Smart Atoms

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