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Part documentary, part cinematic adventure into how on earth to live a life OUT LOUD!


We’ve moved! Come and visit us in our cosy new home:


Join us! Adventure awaits!

Previously on OUT LOUD Kickstarter campaign...
We achieved a lot in that first fortnight - our first Kickstarter campaign! Our first interviews! OUT LOUD’s first press coverage! Incredibly generous support from superhumans all over the world! A BBC Masterchef offering on-set catering! An invitation to speak at a fantastic conference (more news on this coming soon)! Our first tweeted endorsement by a fictional TV character!...

An ill timed accident, our growing awareness of being a mere two tiny human twonks who perhaps need more than a few weeks to get the word out to the *whole* world, along with our dedication to and enthusiasm for making this movie, have all influenced our decision to extend the OUT LOUD fundraising campaign beyond the walls of Kickstarter... So here’s what’s happening next… Click it!

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For the history books, here’s our original Kickstarter campaign, before the relocation...

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If you're new to Kickstarter, here's a quick guide:

Question. What are you doing today that you’re passionate about?

That’s disgusting. But let’s continue.

We propose that living life OUT LOUD is having courage to be authentically, passionately you, whatever it is you do. Being alive, open and curious. Questioning convention and giving yourself permission, today. Because our lives depend on it!

Not convinced? Here’s the number 1 top most popular regret of the dying:

“I wish I'd had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.”

OUT LOUD, the movie, asks the most visible (and audible) human examples of living out loud - musicians, artists, photographers, scientists, writers and other creatively-focussed folks - how on earth they live a life they love, for a living. We’re not learning about how to get rich or how to gain attention. We’re exploring the practice, philosophy and science of being vulnerable, honest, creative, independent and brave, to show you how you can live a life true to yourself, too.

We've got a ship load of ideas, research and beautiful footage bursting with important voices. We just need time and funds to complete this SUPER MEGA ACTION adventure. OUT LOUD will be delivered to you as a cinematic explosion of music, irreverent humour, intelligent conversation and irrepressible joy that reminds everyone to unleash their dazzling potential. It’s the documentary for people who don’t like documentaries. And also those that do. Sha-POW!

OUT LOUD is a movie with mischief in its heart, love in its shining eyes and an insatiable desire to punch some life into everyday living. We want to make you cry… and laugh and question everything you thought you knew, for around 90 minutes.

  • We need your help (yes, specifically you) to give us the time and resources to make a complete(ly awesome) movie that will benefit us all! ACT NOW! In less than 32 days this will all be over! 
  • It’s a documentary/adventure movie about how to live a fulfilled, fun-filled life, on your own terms.
  • You can help most by backing the project right now.
  • You can help second most by sharing the project with people you think will be into it. They’ll appreciate it and so will we!
  • We can’t do this without you. We’ve sold our belongings and worked night and day to get this far. We are but two tiny human beans. Now we need the power of community and networks to make this movie a reality. We will make you proud. Guaranteed :)

Join in! Let’s dance!

If you'd like loads more details, read on, honeybuns!

Glad you asked. Two related but opposing factors inspired us to make this movie. 

The first, awesome people doing awesome things. Starting with Jonah Matranga (Far/Gratitude/New End Original/onelinedrawing), who has influenced a whole load of musicians, and influenced us to begin this project back in May 2011. Jonah makes his living through focussing on art and ideas. His willingness to share his stories, to try new things, to fail, to change his lifestyle to allow him to create and connect to other humans (worldwide), to repeatedly make a space to think and talk and vibrate together in rooms with other humans, to let people pay what they can afford for his art (which is also his living, remember), to be independent, open and vulnerable, are the foundations of our exploration.

Secondly, awesome people not doing awesome things. We meet so many people with so much to offer, yet they spend their lives toiling at unfulfilling jobs, don’t feel confident enough to share what they are really amazing at, or don’t see themselves as creative at all. Often they let life go by, playing it safe until they retire themselves to death. 

It’s so easy to get caught up sweating over the small stuff. Stuff that, at the end of the day, especially our last day, may not seem that important. Most of us are not told often, or convincingly enough, that it’s OK to share ourselves with the world, our honest real selves, tell our story, be open. It’s not easy, no Sir. We definitely don’t have all the answers and we all need all the help we can get. But what would happen if we all just went for it?

There are so many voices of fear, negativity and distraction in our lives. Maybe too many... *suspicious face*. We want to speak up for positivity and creativity and questioning convention, to see what happens when the focus is shifted towards embracing and expanding our human possibilities. OUT LOUD is our contribution to this conversation.

We’ve already had enlightening conversations with this heroic fleet of artists, musicians, writers, photographers, filmmakers, speakers, idea sharers:

Jonah Matranga / onelinedrawing, Far, Gratitude, New End Original, Ideas, Songs, Singing, Making | Jesh De Rox / artist, adventurer, futurist, trouble | Kevin Seconds / 7 Seconds | Henry Rollins / Henry Rollins is an American musician, writer, journalist, publisher, actor, radio host, comedian, and activist | Chuck Ragan / Hot Water Music, The Revival Tour | Samm Blake / adventurer, photographer, wanderlustist | Amina Moreau / Stillmotion | Ari Vais / The Campbell Apartment, singer/songerwriter/guitarist/painter/dude | Jesse and Whitney Chamberlin / Our Labor Of Love | Ann Matranga / Literary Editor, Jonah’s mum | Hannah Matranga / Jonah’s daughter | Amy MacClain / MacClain & Cole

+ other wondrous folks that you’ll find out all about in good time…

We also have an interview wishlist of people who have shared their ideas out loud and, in doing so, have inspired and reminded us to keep asking questions, join in and make good art.

All the money you pledge, every single penny, will be spent on making this movie. We are absolutely dedicated to bringing this project to life.To give you an idea of how the money will be spent, our movie making process over the next year will go something like this…

To keep costs to a minimum and because we love all of it, it’ll be just the two of us, your affable heroes the SUPER MEGA ACTION PLUS (Jamie Fraser and debs anne) doing pretty much everything. From script to screen, we’re your production team. It's a lot of work, but we’re experienced. We can handle this.

To put OUT LOUD on screens around the world, we need dedicated time and resources. We can’t feasibly continue without financial support! Our years of filmmaking, working within tight budgets, have proved to us that we’re more than capable and absolutely ready to transform this (small movie) budget into an epic movie adventure!

Very early on we decided the most appropriate way to fund a movie about creativity and connection was through Kickstarter. The existence of this platform enables more people to live out loud, so it’s the perfect place for OUT LOUD to be unleashed. 

We want this movie to be based on a strong foundation of real humans connecting with an idea. We want to be an example of going for it with gusto, putting ourselves on the line, risking failure and savouring the journey. So Kickstarter is where we started this part of our adventure. Creativity, connection, conversation, curiosity, courage! 

Now, onwards! To OUTLOUDMOVIE.COM!

MUSIC IS SO IMPORTANT TO US AND TO EVERY film we’ve ever made, and OUT LOUD is no exception. In fact, it’s totally integral to this movie. So, alongside Jonah Matranga’s sweet, powerful, wonderful tunes, we’ve enlisted our love-him-long-time collaborator Simon Panrucker to help us create a totally unique cinematic score. And maybe a song-and-dance number. (We also have a number of special tracks in mind, from other awesome artists whom we love, but it’s too early to confirm all that right now, that’s what The Insiders Guide is for →).

Simon Panrucker and Jonah Matranga (together at last)
Simon Panrucker and Jonah Matranga (together at last)

Film festival domination.

Worldwide cinema release, so you can take your friends to see OUT LOUD in your favourite local cinémathèque!

An Oscar or two.

Oh, and it would be nice if we’d created something that excites you to participate in your own existence, ask more questions and join in the human dance of creating and sharing and learning and trying again with gusto!

When you feel ready to join in, click on the reward level you like the most (over there on the right) or click the green ‘Back this project’ button at the top of the page (next to the video), enter the amount you want to pledge to help get OUT LOUD off the ground and that’s it, your OUT LOUD adventure has begun!

We’re offering you everything we have to offer in exchange for whatever you’ve got to give. We’re excited about it and we want each and every one of you to be able to join in. Whatever you can afford to contribute is exactly perfect and we love you for believing in this project and us. We will do everything we can to make this a wonderful experience for you. 

Then the Kickstarter fails, and 3000 years of darkness will descend upon the Earth. :( No one pays anything and we have to go back to the drawing board to see if we can make it work another way.

Have no fear! Whilst this Kickstarter campaign is indeed over, in a heroic effort to avoid 3000 years of darkness descending upon the Earth, we’ve built a new home to welcome all… OUTLOUDMOVIE.COM is it’s name. Come join us there!

You are so sweet! Thank you. The best and funnest way to help is to back OUT LOUD! We would also love love love it if you could share this project with as many humans as humanly possibly! And also, recommend it! And then share it again!

Facebook, email and Twitter are perfect places to share the link http://OUTLOUDMOVIE.COM with your friends and acquaintances whom you think may enjoy OUT LOUD. Send them the link, why not? You might just change their life forever, you legend. 

Blogs and media power! We're looking for as many ways as possible to spread the word about this idea! If you know of a blogger, a broadcaster, a journalist, no matter how big or small, who you think may be interested in our movie, please let us and/or them know, stat!

Grant our wishes! If you happen to have a personal love/mutual respect connection with any of the wonderful people on our interview wishlist, please hook us up! :) We could probably work out a Special Thanks in the credits for that sort of behaviour ;)

Contact the SUPER MEGA ACTION PLUS! Hit us up with any other ideas you have about helping us reach our goal and getting this movie made. You can find both of us here:

EMAIL hey[at] 

TWITTER @jamie_f and @debs_anne and also @megaaction

Other than that, just LET EVERYONE KNOW! Sharing amongst your friends, families, followers, flocks WILL have a massive positive impact on the success of this movie, leading to spontaneous happy dancing by like minded people across the globe. True fact.

Sure! Here are some words about your SUPER MEGA ACTION PLUS from times gone by. Just imagine what we’re capable of now...

“Every now and then in life you come across people whose commitment is so overwhelming and all-consuming that it reminds you what you need to do to reach the top of your game. Even though you think you're pretty good at whatever it is you do, these people are taking quality to a whole new level. We love you and are infinitely grateful. #mind #blown” Andy Simpson

Thank you, Andy. We love you.

“I have worked with SMAP on three wildly different creative projects across diverse media. Each time, they have been a source of wonder. They are utterly professional, incredibly friendly and, most importantly, absolutely brilliant at what they do. They exude creative energy and enhance a vision with their own subtle brilliance. They bring ideas to life with technical excellence and clear understanding of a client's needs; they find new angles. I simply cannot recommend this company enough. They get stuff done, on time, and they do it all with dignity, a smile and in style.” Craig Green 

Thank you, Craig. You have dignity.


We are super pumped to put our energies, brains and whole hearts into making OUT LOUD a movie we can all be proud to see exist in the world. Flourishing and frolicking, out there... OUT LOUD...

We really hope you’ll join us... before the time runs out!


SMOOCHIES, from debs and Jamie xx

And now it's time for the Gallery...

Kevin Seconds, Dennis Lyxzen, Jonah Matranga & Walter Schreifels @ Groezrock, Belgium
Kevin Seconds, Dennis Lyxzen, Jonah Matranga & Walter Schreifels @ Groezrock, Belgium

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

We’ve spent most of the last ten years training ourselves in the art of movie making, however we know there will still be obstacles along our way. Movie making is tricky so there’s no guarantee that it will all come together exactly as planned. We think that’s part of the adventure and we’re ready to overcome any challenges we encounter.

Some dastardly obstacles could include:

Movie Release date: There is always a chance that things will take longer than planned, however, we’ve done as much of the groundwork as possible already, and we *really* want to premiere at Sundance, if they'll have us, which means we need to have the movie ready by September 2014 at the latest. We plan to make it available to backers as soon as possible after Sundance. We will keep everyone informed of our progress along the way, so we’ll all be on the same page. If we reach our goal, you will begin to receive our Insider’s Guide in January!

Speaking of Reward Fulfilment: We’re looking into a number of different ways to fulfil the rewards, in particular the downloads. We don’t know for sure what technological advances will occur over the next 12-18 months to make this even better, but rest assured we’re very excited about making all the rewards as high quality, accessible and fun as possible for everyone involved.

We are so passionate about bringing this idea to movie life and cannot wait to get started. This is our debut feature-film, that's why it's so exciting and scary. It’s our debut album. The one where we come out all guns blazing. It’s our ‘Appetite For Destruction’. Our ‘Rage Against The Machine’. Our ‘The Stooges’ (maybe we should have called it ‘SUPER MEGA ACTION PLUS’). We might not do anything better than this, but rest assured this one will rock your... inner energy fields out/off.

Thank you so much for even reading this far, if you decide to back us, we will never forget it.


  • If (when) the Kickstarter ends successfully on December 15th we’ll email out the printable gift cards between 17th December and 22nd December (in time for Christmas). Your adventure-filled Insider's Guide episodes will begin no later than January 2014 to keep you entertained and perky. At this point, we will also begin contacting those of you who pledged for the VIDEO SKILLS POWER-UP PRO and/or sweet little movie rewards, to synchronise our calendars.

    Our plan is to enter the movie into Sundance Film Festival (Jan 2015), the entry deadline for which is September 2014. The movie will most likely go on general release a few months after Sundance, with the advance screenings happening before the public premieres. We’ve also got secret plans for special, backer-only events along the way!

    You’re getting in on the 1st floor, baby. It’s a long way to the top, but luckily it’s a glass elevator so your view just gets better and better the higher you go. And there are refreshments.

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    HD MOVIE DOWNLOAD + LIMITED EDITION OUT LOUD MANIFESTO ************************************************ The movie is yours, for keepses! Use it to pick you up when you’re down, inspire you when you’re doubtful or simply have a joy-filled 90 minutes. Your HD DOWNLOAD will be DRM-free (fun film fact - you don’t want any DRMs on your downloads) and available in formats that work wherever you need them to (from iPad to PS3 and beyond). Show your Grandkids what you made happen here today. ************************************************ PLUS a Special Kickstarter Exclusive Edition of the full OUT LOUD MANIFESTO in digital and printable formats for your wall, wallpaper, scrapbook, etc, so you can always be reminded that you joined in, and to always join in, because great things happen when you do. ************************************************ PLUS you are now an official OUT LOUD backer and, as such, have achieved backer only updates, your name on the official OUT LOUD movie website (optional) and other perks yet to be dreamt up! Welcome aboard! ************************************************ $8ish | €6ish

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    Everything above PLUS our IMMENSE INSIDE GUIDE TO MAKING AN INDEPENDENT MOVIE + MOVIE ARTWORK ************************************************ A years worth of *at least* monthly multimedia dispatches, giving you our INSIDERS GUIDE TO INDEPENDENT FILMMAKING. From running a Kickstarter campaign to filming on location to screening a premiere, you can expect insights, antics and a lingering glance/stare at what happens when two humans decide to go after their dream of making movies. A bit like special features, only LOADS of AWESOME ones. Just imagine ‘Airport/Airline’ meets ‘Twin Peaks’… at ‘The Office’. ************************************************ PLUS... a digital download package of OUT LOUD MOVIE ARTWORK! A visual feast! All the official movie art in as many formats as we can fit, plus other OUT LOUD influenced art we create between now and the premiere! BLAMMO! ************************************************ $48ish | €36ish

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    Everything so far PLUS ILLUSTRATED EBOOK (KICKSTARTER EXCLUSIVE EDITION) + OUT LOUD SOUNDTRACK ALBUM + EXTENDED INTERVIEWS ************************************************ A beautiful, annotated EBOOK, including our development and production notes, the OUT LOUD screenplay, stories, photos, doodles and ‘witticisms’! This version will include the names of all our backers and will not be available anywhere else, ever! Read about the movie and contemplate it’s wisdoms. Long live the trees! Booyah! ************************************************ PLUS... OUT LOUD ORIGINAL MUSIC SOUNDTRACK ALBUM - as much of the original music composed for OUT LOUD as we can possibly give you! Maybe even some banging/lilting tracks that don’t survive the final cut! ************************************************ PLUS... EXTENDED audio versions of the INTERVIEWS we conducted during the making of OUT LOUD. Listen to additional awesome insights while you’re on the move! Or stationary! ************************************************ $81ish | €58ish

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    ALL THAT PLUS you are cordially invited to a DIGITAL ONLINE MOVIE PREMIERE with Q&A and DIGITAL AFTER PARTY ************************************************ BACKERS ONLY WORLDWIDE ONLINE MOVIE PREMIERE with Q&A and DIGITAL AFTER PARTY Experience the wonderful masterwork we have created together, in full 1080P HD, in the comfort of your own home. We’ll be there on your screen right after the movie to answer any questions, offer eye-opening insights and general showing off. Followed by a digital After Party, the likes of which you’ve never seen before! We’ll be bumping dirty tunes, performing dirty limericks, dropping truth bombs and otherwise entertaining your ass. Let’s make a night of it, yeah? ************************************************ $96ish | €70ish

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    EVERYTHING so far PLUS ADVANCE SCREENING FOR 1 ************************************************ SPECIAL ADVANCE SCREENING of OUT LOUD the movie! Before the general public get their mitts on this special thing you and we have going on, YOU (our precocious Backers) can see the movie soar above/in front of you as it fulfills it’s destiny, in high definition projection and louder-than-your-neighbours-would-allow stereo sound! We’re thinking unusual/super cool/friendly cinemas, where we can have easy-going funtimes! We’ll also do a live in-person Q&A. Ask us anything, we like to help. Then we can all celebrate together with cuddles and mischiefs and be proud of this thing we’ve made come true. Just imagine… ‘OUT LOUD’ meets ‘you’… and ‘all of your best new friends’! LOCATIONS: LONDON, CARDIFF, NEW YORK, LOS ANGELES, SAN FRANCISCO (you’ll confirm your chosen location at the end of the Kickstarter campaign) (Doesn’t include travel or sleeping quarters.) ************************************************ $120ish | €88ish

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    THE NO BRAINER!! 2 OF EVERYTHING SO FAR! BLAMMO! ************************************************ TWO TICKETS to a SPECIAL ADVANCE SCREENING of OUT LOUD the movie. Bring a date! Or a buddy! Or your favourite nan! ************************************************ PLUS 2 OF EVERYTHING ELSE SO FAR which means you also get… 2 HD MOVIE DOWNLOADs, 2x OUT LOUD MANIFESTO, A PAIR OF FANCY NAMES IN THE CREDITS! 2x access to our unique live-action INSIDER’S GUIDE VIDEOS, 2x MOVIE ARTWORK, 2 beautifully annotated OUT LOUD ebooks, 2x SOUNDTRACK ALBUM DOWNLOAD, 2x EXTENDED INTERVIEWS, 2 invites to the BACKERS ONLY WORLDWIDE ONLINE MOVIE PREMIERE with Q&A and DIGITAL AFTER PARTY! And 2 x Official Backer Perks! You’ll receive two separate logins to access all your stuff independently. BLAM-BLOO-BLAP! And BOOM! ************************************************ $160ish | €116ish

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    VIDEO SKILLS POWER-UP PRO ************************************************ IMPROVE YOUR OWN VIDEOS with the kind, understanding, wise wisdoms of your video professional friends, the SUPER MEGA ACTION PLUS! Whether you’re a future YouTube star, a world-changing entrepreneur, home movie enthusiast or aspiring moviemaker, show us your current video project (or dream video project plan), we’ll examine and dissect it then book you in for a 60 MINUTE PERSONAL CONSULTATION SESSION! Comes in your choice of three formats: [1] London meet up (transport and accommodation not included) [2] a Skype video chat [3] personal Q&A video (you send us your questions and we’ll send you a video of ourselves answering them). Whichever you choose, we’ll help you get your ideas out there, looking glorious and sounding super sweet! ************************************************ PLUS two complimentary tickets to an advance screening of OUT LOUD with live Q&A. We’ve got your back. ********************************************** PLUS You also get the badass HD MOVIE DOWNLOAD, the OUT LOUD MANIFESTO, YOUR CHOICE OF NAME IN THE CREDITS, our unique live-action INSIDER’S GUIDE VIDEOS, MOVIE ARTWORK, a beeeyoootiful OUT LOUD EBOOK, SOUNDTRACK ALBUM DOWNLOAD, EXTENDED INTERVIEWS, BACKERS ONLY WORLDWIDE ONLINE MOVIE PREMIERE with Q&A and DIGITAL AFTER PARTY!! And Official Backer Perks! ************************************************ $482ish | €350ish

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    DIRECTORS’ CUT SCREENING FOR 2 + SPECIAL THANKS ************************************************ EXCLUSIVE/INTIMATE DIRECTORS’ CUT SCREENING for 2 in London. Come join us for the first time anyone's eyes will have laid eyes on our pictures on the big screen. Following the screening, we will compare notes on the movie as an almost finished beast. This is a unique opportunity to give your feedback on OUT LOUD and influence the final cut. We will give you a SPECIAL THANKS in the credits for your efforts. We (and any other cast and crew who are available) will obvs stick around after notes to answer your questions/be eye candy and then we’ll take you out for lunch or dinner (depending on the time of day). (Travel and accommodation not included, but recommended.) ************************************************ PLUS two complimentary tickets to an advance screening of OUT LOUD with live Q&A, so you can see what you helped us to create! ********************************************** PLUS You also get the sweetass HD MOVIE DOWNLOAD, OUT LOUD MANIFESTO, our unique live-action INSIDER’S GUIDE VIDEOS, MOVIE ARTWORK, a Kickstarter Special Edition OUT LOUD EBOOK, SOUNDTRACK ALBUM DOWNLOAD, EXTENDED INTERVIEWS, BACKERS ONLY WORLDWIDE ONLINE MOVIE PREMIERE with Q&A and DIGITAL AFTER PARTY! And the Official Backer Perks! ************************************************ $804ish | €584ish

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    A SWEET LITTLE MOVIE & ASSOCIATE PRODUCER STATUS ************************************************ As a reward for backing the movie at this level, we will create a bespoke SWEET LITTLE MOVIE about you (or someone you know), to help you (or them) live OUT LOUD. We’ll spend a day together and film whatever you choose (we can help with ideas if you’d like some extra inspiration). We'll also film an interview/conversation with you (and/or a person of your choice) talking about your big idea*, your passion*, or even your beautiful family*. Don’t worry, we’ll help you and your passion look their best, that’s what we’re here for. You’ll show us what you care about and we’ll make it into a sweet little 3 minute(ish) movie for you to use however you wish and treasure for the rest of time. (If you’re outside London, you’ll need to pay our travel costs, hope you understand!) Sweet little movies make for a beautiful family heirloom, a totally pro film for your small business and/or an amazingly awesome gift for someone you love a LOT. *(Nothing illegal, hateful or wrong, please!) ************************************************ PLUS Congratulations! You have achieved ASSOCIATE PRODUCER STATUS which of course means Associate Producer credit in the movie! You’re a big deal (and a sweetheart)! ************************************************ PLUS You also get TWO TICKETS TO A PREMIERE of your choice, the HD MOVIE DOWNLOAD, the OUT LOUD MANIFESTO, our unique live-action INSIDER’S GUIDE VIDEOS, MOVIE ARTWORK, the Kickstarter Special Edition OUT LOUD EBOOK, SOUNDTRACK ALBUM DOWNLOAD, EXTENDED INTERVIEWS, the FINE ART MOVIE PRINT, BACKERS ONLY WORLDWIDE ONLINE MOVIE PREMIERE with Q&A and DIGITAL AFTER PARTY! And Official Backer Perks! ************************************************ $6390ish | €4774ish

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    EXECUTIVE SURPRISE! ************************************************ EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS are special creatures and, as such, get extra special treatment. Firstly, you get your name in the OPENING CREDITS OF THE MOVIE! And on the MOVIE POSTERS! Due to your high ranking movie business officialdom, you’ll get a credit on the Internet Movie Database ( as Executive Producer for OUT LOUD! Googling yourself just got a whole lot more rewarding. Executive Producers also get dibs on tickets we are allocated at any event (after cast, crew and special guests)! For example, if one (us) were to be given 10 tickets to a Cannes Film Festival screening, one would email one’s Executive Producers (you) to see how they were fixed for that particular weekend. Tickets will be allocated, in pairs, on a first come first served basis, so keep your eye on the prize. PLUS! ACCESS ALL AREAS! We’ll let Executive Producers know about days they can visit the set, rough cut screenings, pretty much whatever we can offer! You can even be a background artist, if that’s what tickles your thingy! As a visionary, shrewd, wise, perceptive, discerning, farsighted patron of the arts, you will be part of the OUT LOUD entourage. Part of the family :) (Your transport and accommodation are your responsibility, fam.) ************************************************ As Executive Producer you will also be given 2 invites to a THEATRICAL PREMIERE of your choosing (and best seats in the house!) PLUS you also get the HD MOVIE DOWNLOAD, the OUT LOUD MANIFESTO, our unique live-action INSIDER’S GUIDE VIDEOS, MOVIE ARTWORK, the Kickstarter Special Edition OUT LOUD EBOOK, SOUNDTRACK ALBUM DOWNLOAD, EXTENDED INTERVIEWS, BACKERS ONLY WORLDWIDE ONLINE MOVIE PREMIERE with Q&A and DIGITAL AFTER PARTY, VIDEO SKILLS POWER-UP PRO, SIGNED FINE ART PRINT (with your name on it!), official Backer Perks and a cuddly toy! ************************************************ $8042ish | €5826ish

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