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A feature-length documentary highlighting the world's best cartoonists...talking about the art form they love, and where it's going.
A feature-length documentary highlighting the world's best cartoonists...talking about the art form they love, and where it's going.
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Kickstarting a new book!


Hi all: It's Dave Kellett, the co-Director of STRIPPED!

I'm Kickstarting a new comics collection, and thought you might like it! Here's the >>LINK<< to check it out. Or even better, here's a 90-sec video explaining the book:

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If you liked the humor and look of STRIPPED, I think you'll really enjoy this! Click here to read more!

And thanks!
Dave Kellett

Links for Last Posters!

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Want one of the last Limited-Edition Watterson Stripped Posters?


Friends! After three years, we find we are left with a few dozen of the limited edition posters that Bill Watterson (Calvin & Hobbes) kindly drew for the film. 

Only 500 hand-numbered prints were ever made, so they're a rare find for folks that collect Watterson stuff.  And to thank you for supporting the film, we wanted to make these last ones AVAILABLE TO YOU FIRST, on March 20th. 

You get exclusive first-crack at them!

They're beautiful: We printed them on gorgeous 13-pt paper stock, so they look and feel amazing. In fact, here are all the details:


  • Measurements: 36" x 24"
  • Paper: 13-pt, high-quality stock (almost weighs a pound!)
  • Only 500 hand-numbered prints were ever made:
    - 250 First-Run Edition (originally printed for KS backers, and interviewees)
    - 250 Limited Edition (originally printed for the premiere)
  • Shipping: Will come shipped rolled with protective tissue paper, within a protective plastic sleeve, within a sturdy 3"x27" mailer.
  • Hand-numbered: While buyers won't be able to pick which number in the series they get, they can be assured they have one of only 500 ever made.
  • There are ~12 available prints that are also signed by both directors
  • $30 for the hand-numbered print 
  • $35 for the directors-signed, hand-numbered print
  • We'll be making the (secret) store link available at 12:01AM PST on March 20th. The link will only be available for Kickstarter backers in that first 24 hours.
  • If, after 24 hours, there are some still in stock, they'll go on sale to the general public. But you get first crack!
  • Questions? Ask below!


Last Call to Claim "Stripped" Kickstarter Rewards!


Friends! After three years, it's time for a LAST CALL ON STRIPPED BACKER REWARDS!

99% of you got your backer rewards in Spring 2014, but despite many posts in the intervening years, we've never heard back from 1% of you! So let's fix that! We're giving everyone 30-day notice to claim any and all awesome Stripped rewards that were never received!

Don't e-mail or message us: That'll just confuse things. Please do either of the below paths....

Here's how to do it!
If you never answered the original survey form we sent you in a Feb 19, 2014 e-mail (subject heading: "Response Needed! Get your reward for backing STRIPPED!")...locate that e-mailed link and fill out the response!


1.) Log in to your Kickstarter account
2.) Go to your "Backed Projects" page (link here: ) and click on STRIPPED
3.) Then follow these visuals (link here: to enter/update/revise your shipping address.

Again: Don't just drop us an e-mail or message. Use either of the above channels, as that will get us your proper info to accurately ship the correct rewards you're owed.

Thanks, friends! You have until Feb 20th to claim your rewards. After which, any unclaimed items will be sold off or donated to charities.

New Kickstarter Project from STRIPPED Director


A quick note to Stripped backers:
As comic lovers, we wanted to tell you about a comic project you might enjoy: DRIVE, by Stripped co-director Dave Kellett. The comic's a 2016 nominee for "Best Long-Form Comic" from the Natl. Cartoonist Society, and is Kickstarting a book collection right now.

DRIVE is a serious sci-fi story populated by goofy characters: A sort of “Dune” meets “Hitchhiker’s Guide”. And it’s totally free-to-read, right now, online (try it!).

If you’re looking for new comics to try out, check out the Kickstarter video for DRIVE, and consider snagging a book!