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A feature-length documentary highlighting the world's best cartoonists...talking about the art form they love, and where it's going.
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Hey everyone!  Thanks to all of you it's been a year since the release of STRIPPED!  To celebrate the movie and all the bonus materials are 50% OFF for ONE WEEK ONLY!! Right here: Please let any friends and comics fans know that haven't checked out the documentary yet!  And THANK YOU for all the support!!

Stripped Goes to Angouleme!


As a fun way to share the experience of France's 250,000-person Angouleme Comics Festival, Stripped Directors Fred Schroeder and Dave Kellett recorded a "travelogue" podcast of the festival, complete with pictures!

Have a listen/look....

This week only: 50%-off all Bonus Interviews/Packages!


All this week! Get 50%-off the award-winning documentary film STRIPPED: The bonus interviews and packages. "Gift" it to anyone, or treat yourself!

Called "a big Valentine to comics" by Bill Watterson, Boing Boing describes the documentary as "A wonderful film from start to finish," and MSNBC called it a "great, great film."

“Gift” STRIPPED: It’s 50%-off! Aaaand join us for a Live-Tweet, Nov 29th!

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Hi Friends!

Making your shopping list? We can help! If you loved STRIPPED, you can gift it to a friend who’d love it, too! And today, it’s 50%-off for the film! 45%-off for the Deluxe Edition!

Here’s how you gift it:
- Make your selection at
- At checkout, click the lil’ button that says GIFT THIS
- Enter their e-mail, write ‘em a little message
- You can even click a box that'll send it on Christmas morning! <---pretty neat!


Then, on Nov 29th at 7:00PST, join us on Twitter for a LIVE TWEET. That's where everyone around the world clicks “play” on their film at the same time, then we all follow along to the hashtag #strippedfilm. We'll be sharing commentary, behind-the-scenes, and deleted moments, and you can tweet right back about your thoughts and insights. Join us!

On Twitter, the two directors are @fredschroeder, @davekellett -- and the hashtag again is #strippefilm

See you at 7:00PST, Saturday night!

50% Sale on Extras!!!


Hey everybody!

Just wanted to give a quick update that our Bonus Packages featuring the uncut interviews with many of your favorite cartoonists and more are 50% off for until Friday Nov 7th!

Featured in Bonus Package 1: The full Directors' Commentary, the Extras Reel, and the full interviews with Jim Davis, Scott McCloud, Lynn Johnston, Mort Walker, Bill Amend, Cathy Guisewite, Kate Beaton, Matt Inman, Zach Weinersmith, Danielle Corsetto, Lalo Alcaraz, Howard Tayler, Greg Evans, Ryan North, and Jeph Jacques!

Featured in Bonus Package 2: Penny Arcade, Jeff Smith, Dan Piraro, Richard Thompson,Kazu Kibushi, Stephan Pastis, Kurtz, Straub, Guigar

That's over 24 HOURS of additional content!!