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SMACH Z is a handheld PC with haptic touchpad controls that's powerful enough to play any AAA game natively (10K games out of the box)!
SMACH Z is a handheld PC with haptic touchpad controls that's powerful enough to play any AAA game natively (10K games out of the box)!
1,293 backers pledged €474,530 to help bring this project to life.

350,000! Full Windows 10 support!

Posted by SMACH Team (Creator)

Whaoooo! THANK YOU!

We just reach the 350.000 euros goal! So… SMACH Z will have Windows 10 support!! 

Let’s see what it means to have Windows 10 support on SMACH Z: 

  • You’ll be able to choose between Windows 10 or Linux (SMACH Z OS) before shipping


  • We’re going to adapt our controller tool configuration designed on Linux to Windows 10, so anyone will be able to create their own custom control schemes and take advantage of our software. 

  • Exclusive Windows 10 games: GTA V, Halo Wars 2, Crackdown 3, ReCore, Killer Instinct: Season 3,... You’ll be able to play all those games and many more on SMACH Z!


  • Xbox One streaming: You can now stream from your Xbox One straight to a Windows 10 PC as long as you are on the same network. This isn't just streaming, though. You can even access the entire Xbox One dashboard, and launch apps like party, friends, achievements, and more. 

  • Exclusive Windows 10 software: As you already know, SMACH Z works as a handheld PC, and while it's true that it’s a device aiming for gamers, you’ll be able to install programs and apps too. There are 669,000 apps in the Windows Store; hundreds more are added every day.


Also, we’d like to clarify some of your questions: 

  • When will the backers choose the OS? 

When the console is ready to be shipped, you will be contacted by SMACH Team asking for your address and model preferences: Windows or Linux (and color case). However, we are considering to give both OS installed by default and having a launcher that will delete the one that you don’t want.

  • Is it possible to change OS later? 

Yes, you can reinstall Windows or Linux yourself whenever you want. 

  • Will it be possible to download Linux if you choose Windows 10? 

Yes, the SMACH Linux distribution will be available for everyone. 

  • Will you have a Windows 10 license if you choose Linux? 

Yes. Everyone gets the Windows 10 license key even if you choose Linux, just in case you want to install it later. 

What an amazing response and still 9 days to reach more goals! 

Later today we’ll publish the new Stretch Goals! 

Thanks for your support, 

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    1. Missing avatar

      Rodrigo on

      So perhaps you could release in the future clickarm microSD reader. This way you could use this microSD reader with difficult access to install a second OS and use the normal one to install games or media. Because otherwise installing 2 OSs would spend too much hard drive.

    2. Missing avatar

      Rodrigo on

      The Pandora has 2 microSD slots for this reason, to be able to dual boot and use a external microSD at the same time.

    3. Sean on

      Loving this update, but you know what would be cool? The ability to choose each time pre installed. I'm really looking forward to be able to play everything on the go, but I think people forget that the steam OS runs games roughly 30% better, clearly not as big of a library. But 30% is nothing to really scoff at, it would be cool to kinda jump back and forth on the fly without adding a SD card and doing it manually. That way if the games have steam os support you can play it on that, if not just click win10. But, that's my two cents.

    4. marian on

      Would rather have a removable M.2 SSD flash card so I don't have to do the reinstall thing every time I want to change systems as I use both, that way I can also upgrade the size as time goes on.

    5. Chris on

      Great news! Can't wait to get use of my entire Steam library!

    6. Ron Poppe on

      finally, best update yet

      to be able to play final fantasy series, dark souls series on the bus is the biggest selling point to me

    7. Rafael Duarte on

      finally, the best news so far.
      Windows10 with full controll customizable right on it