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Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Dec 17 2015
pledged of 900.000 €pledged of 900.000 € goal
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Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Dec 17 2015

SMACH Z will be back...

Posted by SMACH Team (Creator)

Hi folks,

We have been analyzing the status of the campaign and have decided to take it down and re-consider our campaign. We believe that it’s the best decision for the project because the following reasons:

- Campaign progression: Pledges started very well but they have stopped in the last days. We’ve to work better our marketing strategy next time.

- Too high goal: Even if we need 900k to produce SMACH Z, it’s a very ambitious goal. We'll need to find additional private funds and go for a lower goal.

- AMD SoC: This is causing a lot of confusion. We think we‘d need to give more info about the final SoC and we can’t do it now. We're going to discuss the matter with AMD.

- Prototype: Everybody expect to see SMACH Z working in an encapsulated prototype and it’s something that we can’t offer just now. So we’ve first to build a more advanced prototype to better demonstrate SMACH Z capabilities. 

- Windows: Many people is asking for a Windows version of SMACH Z. We need to re-analyze better this possibility and see how that’d impact the cost. While we can do that during the campaign, we believe that it’s better to stop it and start a new one in the next months.

- Rewards: Same that for Windows, people is asking for changes in the rewards that would be done better if we re-launch the campaign.

But don’t worry, this isn’t a tragedy: This campaign has meant a lot of good stuff to us. It let us see that lots of people are interested in SMACH Z. From loyal backers to people that shared the campaign through social media. We’ve received great feedback and we have seen people becoming authentic spreaders of their love for SMACH Z. It means that there’s a market for this product. Our intention is to keep going and launch a new improved campaign improving to make sure that we can reach our goal!

We can't tell the specifics yet, since we're studying different possibilities. And we want to keep you in the loop, we hope we can count with you on board for the next campaign, to stay tuned about the news don’t forget to sign-up our Newsletter:

Once again, we want to thank you all for your amazing support! We’re amazed and glad to your interest on our project. It’s the fuel that motivates us to create the best handheld console ever!

Finally, we've set up a Google poll for you to let us know your opinion about how to improve our next campaign and SMACH Z. Please fill this out, your answers will count a lot on our decisions for the next campaign:

See you soon!

SMACH team


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    1. Missing avatar

      Andrew Zero on

      not gonna lie, the survey makes this whole project look extremely sketchy, like you want to put it on indiegogo to fleece us for not having a working prototype? if this isn't on kickstarter with a reliably backed refund policy in place it will NEVER gain true media/social media/viral traction among the people that would be interested in this project.

    2. Spencer Ryan Barnes on

      Total n00b question. Couldnt you make a Frankenstein prototype easy enough, the guts of the planned product hooked to a screen, and play a sample on that?

    3. Spencer Ryan Barnes on

      As an original owner of a GameBoy, I want to see something like this. Its in my blood. I just bring up my previous points to point out that I feel they should clearly be addressed(why these are more relevant than smartphones with controller peripherals, or HD graphics due to streaming play), I know one point is the ability for Smach to not NEED to be online, but that would be a weak single leg to stand on, so really hammer your points in this area for round 2 please.

    4. Missing avatar

      jonny storm on

      having just filled in your questionnaire it looks a lot like you guys got shut down by kickstarter for breaching their 'no prototype=no product based rewards' rule. Most of the questions are 'would you back an indiegogo campaign (where this rule doesnt apply) and 'would you back a campaign funding the building of a prototype if we didn't give you a smachz as your reward?'

    5. Spencer Ryan Barnes on

      In five years, smartphones may already have high end models near the capabilities you have planned for Smach Z, and a peripheral could make them like a gaming controller.

    6. Spencer Ryan Barnes on

      Smartphones are becoming really powerful, already replacing dedicated cameras for some armature photographers. My consideration is if a more affordable "Steam OS phone" wouldn't be more practical and applicable to the growing economic climate today.

    7. Missing avatar

      jonny storm on

      This was the right thing to do, and I applaud your ability to swallow your pride and do it now.

      Please please do it right next time. You sound like you have the right ideas coming through now, but you also need much better marketing.

      If you are going to run a campaign in English, all communication should be written in clear grammatically correct english. I can't stress enough how important that is when trying to present a professional image, and explain a technically dense product.

      If I were you I'd look to hiring a specialist company to manage that side for you, many successful kickstarters do. They would also help you with improving your own professional visibility and personal narrative, both of which help people trust and buy into a project such as this.

      Also I think 1 million isnt too high a target, many people who pledged said they did so despite all the misgivings they had about how the KS was being run. If you could dispel those doubts I believe you would attract the necessary numbers.

      Good luck guys, I love the idea of your product, push on,then come back to show us your progress!

    8. Chris Holt

      Plenty of other campaigns have breached their funding goals and made the 1mil mark here on kickstarter: 149 projects to be exact…

      I applaud your move to cancel the campaign and retry once you've reorganized more. My earlier comment was intended to be a constructive criticism.

    9. Mantis on

      No offence, but I'm glad you cancelled if you were this unprepared in the first place. At least you manned up and admitted your mistakes, which takes some balls to do. You screwed up, but so long as you get the right staff to figure out where you went wrong and you sort things out I'll be around the second time.

    10. Missing avatar

      LordVarg on

      Also i dont think that 900.000 i a high goal. Just do advertising better, you'll Pass that goal

    11. Missing avatar

      LordVarg on

      I just hope, i'll get the early bird again, when the second campaign starts :(

    12. Valli

      You all have been nothing but professional and amicable. I believe that if your goal was cut down to 300,000 or so, this kickstarter might have been successful.

      900,000 can seem to be a very insurmountable number, just like you said. Good luck finding that private funding, and don't be gone for long! :)

    13. Kyle Yadlosky on

      And now my dreams of a PS Vita for Steam go dormant once again.

    14. Alf on

      You have a mistake in your survey, @SMACH Team: The price of the Smach Z Pro Version: There is written: 5.349 Euro (this is a little pity too expensive ;) - I think, there should be written 549?

    15. Alf on

      First! Overall, it makes me sad, that this campaign don´t run better. But on the point with the capsulated system: I don´t think, that was, what we requested, @SMACH Team. We all understand, that the system is in development, and it would have been more than interesting, to see the system running with different software/games in benchmarks/tests. But anyway - I will be back onboard, when you are relaunching the campaign - hopefully with an Windows option from the beginning on. Please keep up your work, it would be very sad, to not seeing something like this come to market. Thank you @SMACH Team!

    16. DanLies on

      A lot of trolls, good luke and try again!

    17. Chris Holt

      I find it interesting that this device has been in the works for at least 18 months (, though I thought i heard announcements of it back in august-november 2013, and yet there is still not anything resembling a functional prototype. There is no reason this thing can't exist. Windows10 has free versions for mobile devices, Debian/SteamOS is open source and obviously free, you touted your connections with AMD for a custom SOC. Great! Show your progress.

      In case you haven't been following the Kickstarter and CrowdFunding trends in the past 5 years, Backers unanimously want to see a functional prototype before tossing money out the window and hoping to see a product more than a year later.

      We could also poke at the tech specs that you've announced. Show some comparisons of your system to the common and/or top of the line mobile devices (phones and tablets) currently used for gaming. I don't just mean a spec table. I mean, run tests on your device that you can also run on the other devices that show that your device is better suited to gaming than, oh, idk, the Nexus 5x, iphone 5s/6s, MBAP, nVidia Shield Tablet/portable.

      P.S. stating a line item of "plays steam games vs playing android games" is not a valid comparison!