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Captain Picard was the greatest starship captain in history, but he's never actually been to space. Help us send him there on a balloon
169 backers pledged $6,193 to help bring this project to life.

Photo Story

Posted by Logan Kugler (Creator)


Photo Story


Memory cards courtesy of SanDisk

Ordering 25 Subway sandwiches to feed the crew

Breaking out the helium tanks

Discovery Channel doing interviews

Balloon filling begins!

Picard (and Riker and Data) getting ready to fly!

Kirk (and J.J. Abrams and Roberto Orci) getting ready to fly!

Hard at work

Last minute adjustments

Star Trek communicator buttons all taped in for the flight

Flight Director

Attaching the balloon

Almost ready!

Final countdown

Max Schlickenmeyer filming for the final video


Up, up and away

The pursuit - we had a 9 car tracking convoy, including a dedicated tracking vehicle

Inside the tracking vehicle - we had an entire car just filled with trackers on their laptops

The Jeep in safari mode

We're close! We know it's landed within 300 yards of here.

"I see it! I see it!"

We found it!

Picard's precision landing. He sure knows how to land a starship!

The picture-perfect landing from another angle

Kirk's landing

Smile for national television!

The launch crew

The launch crew (cont.)

Mission success!

SPOT tracking

Flight profile

Hard at work on radio interviews


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