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Fantastic locations to drop into your fantasy roleplaying game.
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We RPG game masters have a lot of tools to help us run our roleplaying games. Our monster books and bestiaries give us piles of foes to throw at our adventurers. The various guides for game masters often give us non-player characters, treasures, and story-building tips.

One of the hardest parts of game mastering, however, is coming up with interesting adventure locations for our characters to explore. These locations need to be fantastic, detailed places that capture the minds of our players every session we run. Good locations are hard to improvise and often hard to strip out of a fully-fleshed-out adventure.

Check out the Fantastic Locations Intro and Sample Chapter

Sly Flourish’s Fantastic Locations is a book, available in PDF and print-on-demand, that gives you fifteen system-agnostic fantastic locations to drop into your favorite fantasy roleplaying game. Each location builds on a fantastic theme, such as a mysterious ancient structure under the ice, a cursed castle of a mad king, a fallen celestial fortress, and a dwarven mine that cracked into the tomb of a dead god. Each location includes artwork by Brian Patterson of D20Monkey. Sometimes this artwork takes the form of maps. Sometimes it's an overlook of a specific location.

These sites and structures aren’t full adventures. Instead, you and your players build your own stories in these fantastic locations, then you populate them with the monsters that fit your story.

This book is system agnostic. You can use it in just about any fantasy roleplaying game.

Check out the introduction and the sample chapter to get an idea of what you’ll get.

This is an ambitious product and it needs your help. We have a fantastic team putting this book together, and your support will help them get the job done. The cover of the book was developed by Guido Kuip, an artist credited with many contributions to fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons products. Brian Patterson of the website D20 Monkey will develop internal artwork for each of the locations in this book. Scott Fitzgerald Gray, a designer, developer, and editor for many Dungeons & Dragons products, will be editing the work. Erik Nowak, the page designer for The Lazy Dungeon Master and the Aeon Wave adventure will be handling page design and layout.

The First Fifteen Locations

Below is a list and short descriptions of the first fifteen locations you'll find in the book.

Ziggurats of the Doom Priests: Ancient ziggurats in the jungle where the Doom Priests ruled over their tormented subjects for centuries.

The Structure Under the Ice: An ancient mysterious structure discovered deep under a million-year-old glacier.

Pyramid of the Night King: An obsidian pyramid buried under the desert and filled with the horrors of the Night King and his terrible dynasty.

The Undercity: A monstrous city with a terrible symbiotic relationship to the city under which it sits.

The Dark Abbey: A forgotten monastery on the top of a hill cursed by a terrible dread buried underneath.

The Elven City of Moonwillow: The ruins of an elven city twisted and destroyed by the elves' own hubris.

The Lich's Sanctuary: A spherical safehouse hidden away in outer worlds with all of the chambers a lich would need to recuperate from pain-in-the-ass adventurers.

The Fallen Palace of the Celestials: A celestial castle smashed down into inhospitable glacial mountains.

The Dungeon of Fire: A dungeon for the worst creatures to walk the lands hanging over the center of a volcano.

The Red Keep: A dwarven mining city that uncovered a terrible secret in the center of a mountain. This is the location depicted on the cover!

The Dam of Kings: A great dwarven dam that uses rushing water to power massive machines built within it.

The Forgotten Library: A library built atop a rocky hill whose chambers extend deep into the ground below to protect it from vengeful lords.

Castle of the Mad King: The ruined castle of a series of mad rulers who found that their strength and power resided in the blood of their subjects.

The Obsidian Enclave: A huge laboratory for shadowy magic built into a natural chamber deep under the earth.

Earthmote of the Elemental Lords: A floating embassy for the four elemental powers now ruined by the wars that tore them apart.

Stretch Goals!

The baseline product is a book with fifteen fantastic locations, including fifteen pieces of original black-and-white artwork.

If we reach $4,500, we’ll turn five pieces of the book’s black-and-white artwork into five pieces of full-color art.

At $5,500, we’ll increase the art! We'll either replace up to five pieces of black and white art with full color art or we'll add up to five pieces of additional black and white pieces for locations that could stand to have two pieces of art such as a map and a room shot.

At $6,500, we’ll increase the art even more! We'll either replace up to five more pieces of black and white art with full color art or we'll add up to five pieces of additional black and white pieces for locations that could stand to have two pieces of art such as a map and a room shot.

At $8,500, we’ll add five new locations, each of which will include either full-color art or multiple pieces of black and white art per location. That’s twenty full locations and tons of art. This is the book of our dreams.

At $10,000, we'll add a new chapter to the book called "Running Fantastic Locations," featuring detailed tips and tricks to get the most out of every room in every location in the book. We're also going to add a specially formatted Campaign Worksheet PDF. This single sheet, designed by Erik Nowak and myself, will help you keep track of the details of the PCs and steer your game around their goals, motivations, and history.

At $11,000, we're going to add another chapter to the book called "Designing Fantastic Locations.” This talks about the theory and methodology that went into creating these locations so you can build your own. It will also include advice on building fantastic locations quickly, for when time is short but you need something interesting now.

At $12,000, we've partnered with the folks at Battlebards to offer a special Fantastic Locations-themed Soundboard, featuring ten to twelve tracks selected from the Battlebards library that fit the themes of these locations. All backers at the $15-dollar level and above level will get access to this Battlebards Fantastic Locations Soundboard.

The Books

We have three different reward tiers for this Kickstarter. The first tier gets you the Fantastic Locations PDF. The second tier gets you the Fantastic Locations PDF plus a PDF of a "handouts" book, which contains artwork for each location on its own full page. This is perfect for using the art as handouts for your players.

The third tier includes the PDF of both Fantastic Locations and the handouts book, along with the option to buy physical softcover versions of both books at cost from RPGNow. We estimate that it will cost roughly $5 to print black-and-white versions of each of the two books, or roughly $10 for color versions of each of the two books. All fulfillment of the softcover books will take place through RPGNow. RPGNow has very reasonable prices for print-on-demand printing and shipping, and the rewards for the Fantastic Locations Kickstarter have been priced low to account for this. At this tier, when the books are ready, you will receive an email with a code to order these books at cost from RPGNow.

Sly Flourish’s Fantastic Locations has been a year in the making so far and we think you’re going to love it. Join us!

Risks and challenges

The text of this book is already fully written but it still needs editing, art, and layout before it can be produced and delivered. The personal circumstances of the editing and design team might potentially delay the release of the book but we don't foresee problems. All of us are experienced at delivering products like this.

Because we’re using the print-on-demand services of RPGNow, you don’t have to worry about all of the typical supply-chain issues involved with printing and shipping books. Fulfillment of the physical books should be a smooth process as we proved with the successful Kickstarter for the Aeon Wave adventure.

I and the design and editing team have worked on many similar projects in the past. All of us are committed to work through any potential problems as they occur, and to get this fantastic book of fantastic locations into your hands.

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