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This will INSTANTLY be your new favorite surf toy. Safe, easy-to-learn, travel-friendly and fun for all ages and skill levels.
This will INSTANTLY be your new favorite surf toy. Safe, easy-to-learn, travel-friendly and fun for all ages and skill levels.
423 backers pledged $30,905 to help bring this project to life.

Huffington Post Article On The New Slyde Grom and Other Products We Love On KickStarter

Posted by Slyde Handboards (Creator)
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Hi Guys  

Being our first update I just wanted to say to everyone who has supported us already how truly thankful we are for your support. What we are building here is something very special and without you we would not be where we are today. So thank you. 

With your help we have completed 70% of our goal in the first 24 hours, that is huge! If you have friends, colleagues or family members who you think would love to have a Grom by all means spread the stoke and share our page. Or this awesome article by Huffington post. You know you are on to something awesome when these guys write about you.

Other Products on Kickstarter We Love

Everyone loves Cornhole, so why not add golf in the mix 

Chippo: The New Golf Game for Beach, Backyard & Tailgate  is a sweet mix of your favorite beach game corn-hole and golf without the ugly shoes and just a pair of flip flops.

I would wear loafer all day everyday just because you can loaf around in them

FLOAFERS: Foam Meets Fashion made using environmentally friendly-EPA foam.  These look like the most comfy shoes to, well loaf around in.

Meet Skippy! No not the Peanut butter this is so much better

Skippy the skipping rocks game you will love making skipping stones a social pastime 

I'm a sandals / flipflop man myself, so anytime I can get a new pair that fit well I'm in. 

Wiivv Custom Fit Sandals How much money have you wasted on flip-flops over the course of your life? Now that a good question. When I traveled through Australia and had no money I fixed a pair with a straw - Email me ill tell you how 

That's all we have for now from our favorite Kickstarter projects currently underway. Now let me get back to spending my day browsing through the 1000's of awesome projects so we can let you know which ones we like. What do you mean that's not constructive? :)

Spread and share the stoke and if you want to make a few $$$ then sign up to our affiliate link HERE and get cash moola for anybody who uses your link to buy a board. This way you can get that cash from uncle Jerry you've been waiting a year for without asking sneaky style.


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