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pledged of $10,000pledged of $10,000 goal
62hours to go

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by Fri, March 22 2019 5:00 AM UTC +00:00.

Taste Victory as Roxana!

Posted by SlugFest Games (Creator)

Greetings SlugFans!

We have once again been blown away by your support! Thank you so very much! But, before we wax on about how awesome you all are (and you are awesome) let's dive right into one of the most exciting features of this campaign, the new character for The Red Dragon Inn: Roxana, the Adventurous Chef!

Roxana is the head chef at The Red Dragon Inn, and lives on the bleeding edge of culinary delight and dietary horror. Her intense focus on her craft often brings her to the party with cooking pots and cutting boards loaded with... exotic ingredients. With a table full of "willing" test subjects for her special menu, Roxana is ready to serve!

Along with her 40-card Character Deck, Roxana also boasts a 12-card Recipes Deck as well as a bonus tile called the Smorgasbord. Besides the normal setup rules (shuffle and draw a hand of 7 cards from your Character Deck and take 10 Gold from the Inn), you must also shuffle her Recipe Deck and flip the first card of it and place the Smorgasbord near her "Cutting Board".

Throughout the game you will be placing cards onto your "Cutting Board", so make sure to leave yourself room.

Roxana's Recipe Deck contains cards that she can craft. However, since she is always experimenting with exotic ingredients, she does not have absolute control over the kinds of dishes she will be whipping up at any given time.

At any time, Roxana may craft the currently revealed Recipe card by spending the appropriate Ingredients from her Cutting Board. She does not replace this card after she has crafted it, meaning you will have to wait until the start of your next turn before you can craft a new card. Cards crafted in this way are added directly to hand and may even be played immediately. Finally, when these cards are discarded, they are placed in her normal Discard Pile, meaning that they become a part of her deck for the rest of the game (there's always some leftovers she can dish up later!).

At the start of her turn, Roxana reveals one Recipe card. If she already has a Recipe card revealed, she must choose to keep one and return the other to the bottom of her Recipe Deck. While she is making this choice she may not craft either Recipe card.

To craft Recipes, Roxana must first harvest Ingredients. Her ingredients are located on the bottom left corner of most of her cards. When she plays a card with a Recipe Icon, then she must harvest that card when it resolves (and was not negated). These cards move to her Cutting Board, rather than her Discard Pile.

A number of Roxana's cards may also have a Cleaver icon. These cards allow her to harvest Ingredients directly from her hand, without resolving any of the effects of the cards harvested in this way. Players will need to carefully balance how quickly they harvest cards in this way, as you may end up with few or no cards left in your hand! Note that harvesting these bonus cards is optional.

When Roxana shuffles her Character Deck, any cards currently on her Cutting Board do not shuffle back into her Character Deck.

Sometimes, however, you may not want to craft the available Recipe, or you may desperately need to get some cards back into your deck before the shuffle. Fortunately for Roxana, the Smorgasbord is always available for dumping unnecessary Ingredient cards back into your normal discard pile. Doing so also comes with the added benefit of drawing you a card!

Don't forget that you can join our Digital Play Test Community and take a shot at playing Roxana right now! We absolutely adore her mechanics and feel like she is one of the most rewarding characters to play after you know the ins and outs of her deck. So be prepared for the sweet taste of victory, or the bitter flavor of defeat when Roxana joins the party later this year!

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    1. SlugFest Games 12-time creator on

      @Rubescent Dragon - sorry for the delay in answering this! No, you can't chain cleavers to add more stuff to your cutting board. When you resolve a card with a cleaver, you may add one ingredient from your hand to your cutting board. If that new ingredient also has a cleaver, it's irrelevant. That new card isn't "resolving", so none of its effects happen - not even that cleaver.

    2. Rubescent Dragon on

      the idea here being that you could potentially make a large ingredient chain to not only make the current food but potentially be prepared for the next food as well with the caveat that you don't have any cards in your hand for defense for a while

    3. Rubescent Dragon on

      okay so it looks like I was correct about 98% of what I said and you did answer the question about if you could discard 1 card for the smorgasbord which is great but the only remaining question is:

      if you add a card that has a cleaver on it to the cutting board because of a card with a cleaver on it can you add yet another card to the cutting board or does the cleaver icon only apply to the card that was activated/resolved and not whatever card you used from that first effect

      sorry I'm not good at explaining things sometimes basically I'm asking if you can chain combo items to your cutting board 1st card resolves (it has cleaver) you add a 2nd card to the cutting board which also has cleaver allowing you to add a 3rd ingredient to the board if you choose to for a 3 ingredient chain on a single turn. or because you added the 2nd card via the cleaver effect its cleaver effect doesn't get to go off because it never traditionally activated/resolved.

    4. SlugFest Games 12-time creator on

      @Rubescent Dragon - so, if you play that card with sauce and a cleaver, then after the card resolved, it would go to the cutting board and you could also, if you like, also add a second ingredient card (meat, veggies, or sauce) from your hand to your cutting board. Then, to get the Ogre Stew, she would discard one meat, one veggie, and one of anything from her cutting board to her discard pile. She would then add Ogre Stew to her hand and could play it at any appropriate time.

      Independent of that, Roxana could discard any three ingredients (cutting board -> discard pile) to draw a card. Since ingredients get spent from your cutting board when you use them, though, you can't use the same ingredient for multiple things.

    5. Rubescent Dragon on

      So let me see if I got this correct:

      A card that allowed roxana deal damage had a hunney(?) icon and a cleaver allowing her to place the everyone pays her gold card onto the cutting board adding a vegatible and a 2nd cleaver which allows her to again place a hunney(?) card to the cutting board in the form of the ignore a drink card.

      Now Roxana can discard either 1 of the hunney(?) (not both) the vegtable card and the meat card in order to gain the Ogre Stew(?) (kind of loose like Brew or Btew to me) and add it to her hand/main deck pile. Now the real question is could she also discard the 2nd hunney(?) (maybe this is the sweets ingredent) card to be able to draw a new card or does she have to have 3 ingredients on the cutting board to activate the smorgasbord?

      If anything like this seems wrong please feel free to let me know what I got wrong and how it is actually supposed to go thank you!

    6. Missing avatar

      Morgan O'Brien on

      The artwork on these cards is some of the best yet - they're making me hungry!

    7. SlugFest Games 12-time creator on

      @Nadav Pechthold: 1 extra card per cleaver. Using a cleaver simply moves an extra ingredient from your hand to your cutting board. You don't get to play that second card, you're just "discarding" it to your cutting board. Once it's there, you can spend it on a recipe just like any other ingredient on your cutting board.

    8. Nadav Pechthold on

      I've got a question about the cleaver cards:
      1. Can you only harvest 1 card per cleaver? Or is it any number of cards in your hand that is harvestable?
      2. When you use the Cleaver card, can you also use the other ingredient tied to it?