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No time for drinks when the tavern is burning down! Save the city in this co-op fantasy deck building game for 2-4 adventurers!
No time for drinks when the tavern is burning down! Save the city in this co-op fantasy deck building game for 2-4 adventurers!
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Time for a Gameplay Video!

Posted by SlugFest Games (Creator)
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Just a quick update today. We've had a pretty full weekend play testing and polishing BFG. Part of that was implementing a digital version through Tabletop Simulator so we could run our closed playtests live with some of our top SlugCrew from various places in the US. Since we had everything from the print and play plugged into a nice interface we figured it was a good time to also put together a gameplay video!

In the above video, Sam goes through how to set up the game and play the first encounter of a two player game. If people are interested in seeing a full game, or have any questions they would like us to cover, let us know in the comments below!

The only other things to mention before we close out for the day, the BGG Contest is about to come to it's close, so you definitely don't want to miss that. We're also spitting distance from the next stretch goal, and just about to unlock the first secret item card. Last but not least, we provided a broken link a couple of updates ago, so if you are interested in picking up some avatars to use for your profile photo wherever you do your social media business (like on Twitter or Facebook), just click on the banner below:

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    1. Ashley Krisp on

      Thanks for clearing everything up @SlugFest Games!

    2. Montgomery Box on

      Any possibility of releasing the module to Tabletop Simulator for the PnP?

    3. SlugFest Games 12-time creator on

      @Krystel McKean: Dual Wield allows you to play an extra weapon for the turn. Technically, you would need to play them in the following order: Gerki > Dagger > Short Sword. However since the game is co-op and you haven't assigned a fight yet, we don't suspect that you will be prevented from still playing the card. This would be different if you played Gerki > Short Sword, and then somehow drew the Dagger (Deirdre chooses you to draw?).

    4. Missing avatar

      Krystel McKean on

      The [+Hero] question I have was cleared up here. However, while running play tests/demos of this game, a question on dual wielding came up. Say I play Gerki, then give him a dagger. That's my one hero and one item play. The dagger gives him dual wield. Can I then play a second item/weapon card on him? And further, does it have to be in that order? As in, I couldn't play the sword and then the dagger?

    5. SlugFest Games 12-time creator on

      1) Ema is correct. You can play as many heroes as you have [+Hero]. Some characters, like Zot, will commonly be able to play out their entire hand due to retiring cards and +Hero effects. This leaves them completely helpless on other player's turn.
      2) Splash effects are added together before monsters suffer the effects.
      3) As long as the Curse is in the game state that the Retire effect lists, (e.g. "hand or discard pile") then they can (and should!) be retired.

    6. SlugFest Games 12-time creator on

      RE:Video: Sam unfortunately swapped the Cleanup and Damage steps and forgot to add his second level characters back to his hand. So to recap:
      Monster Damage happens BEFORE Cleanup.
      During setup for Encounter 2, add your 2nd Level Character Card to your hand.

    7. Ema Mid Šturalová on

      1) I believe you can keep playing heroes as long as you have cards with [+hero] and enough heroes, at least that's how we played it
      2) I'd say the splash is additive, although that didn't happen to us. Oh my, what a ton of damage!
      3) Yes, I'd say so. If a card says to retire a card, you can retire whatever card you have in your hand or discard pile.

    8. Ashley Krisp on

      Ah, we just didn't have luck with those cards our first round through.

      I think I worded my question on the main comments page wrong, can you compound [+hero] indefinitely aka, can you play a hero with [+hero] and an item with [+hero], get two more 'actions' and then play another hero with [+hero] for a total of 4 attacking heroes during your action turn? (this is assuming you have enough heroes in your hand or get to draw more cards throughout this action).

      Also, when combining a hero and item that both offer splash, do they get added together before dealing damage to armored monsters? or are they second actions.

      Finally, I assume curses can be retired unless item or hero is specified on the card?

      Trying to work out some nit-picky details before I introduce it to my strategy heavy friends.

    9. SlugFest Games 12-time creator on

      @Ashley Krisp: Yes. A number of characters, a couple weapons and a few monsters retire heroes.

    10. Ashley Krisp on

      I was wondering, is there another way to resign characters besides saving the garrison right now?

    11. SlugFest Games 12-time creator on

      @David Wildfire: Simple enough! Each Encounter Card has a penalty on it. Sometimes that penalty is just that you don't get the reward. Other times you can suffer some sort of damage or out-right loss the game.

      Now, assuming you don't lose when the location is destroyed, when a location is destroyed, the party drafts the remaining monsters in turn order until all of them have been assigned to new groups.

    12. David Wildfire on

      Love the look of the play test. I do like how you add the cards you buy into your hand and not the discard pile (like every other deck building game I have played).

      This is probably a easy thing to find in the rules in I get the print and play but dumb to ask but what happens if the location is killed? Do you keep going till there are no more monsters and then start the next round or is it over and you just go to the next one?

    13. Joe Blomquist

      So my favorite thing about this is thematic. In Pathfinder Card Game, you are exploring and run into monsters or you are hunting them down. In Greyport, you are protecting parts of the city from monsters and the like. It sounds like a small difference, but it makes for a profound change in play style and I love it.