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The Red Dragon Inn 4's video poster

The Red Dragon Inn adventurers are off to the high seas aboard the Crimson Drake, and you can be a part of the adventure! Read more

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This project was successfully funded on June 18, 2013.

The Red Dragon Inn adventurers are off to the high seas aboard the Crimson Drake, and you can be a part of the adventure!

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Checking In and Kung Fu Fighting!


Hey SlugFans!

By this point everyone who has backed The Red Dragon Inn 4 should have received your rewards! We were happy to make the vast majority of your holiday deadlines and are pleased to announce that RDI4, Cormac, and Natyli have been hitting the ground running. Sales through distribution are amazing, and we can't thank you all enough for helping us fund each and every one of these releases.

If you have, for whatever reason, still not received your rewards, and we are not currently working them out with you, please let us know at:

Kung Fu Fighting

We are also excited to announce that we have just launched our next Kickstarter campaign: Kung Fu Fighting!

Many of you have been asking about our very first game, and we are happy to bring it back! We just launched moments ago, and already backers are working on our earlybird specials. We are also very interested in your feedback, and would love to invite you over to help us play test the game! So check the campaign out here and give the print and play game a shot!

Fullfillment Complete!


Hey SlugFans!

Everything everyone should be receiving for their rewards has been shipped out Monday. That means anyone domestic who was delayed or has told us about a miss packaging issue, should have their rewards arriving this week or early next week.

If you are a Domestic Backer and HAVE NOT recieved your reward by DECEMBER 20th please contact us through:

All of the international rewards have also shipped, but we cannot promise that they will be delivered before December 25th.

If you are an International Backer and HAVE NOT recieved your reward by JANUARY 1st please contact us through:

Wizgille - Homecoming

And as an added bonus, another character history! Meet the ever optimistic mad genius Wizgille. Find out how she came to be an adventurer on our blog!

Where in the World is Cormac and Natyli?

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Hey Slugfans!

The most popular question in our mailbox nowadays is either:

  • 1. We got our rewards and everything is awesome! :D


  • 2. My friend/Some backers got their rewards already and I haven't yet… :(

If you have not yet received your rewards, fear not as we will finally be able to mail them!

Why the delay?

Because when freight delivered our games, they shorted us 5,000 copies each of Cormac and Natyli!


That's what we said.

At the end of November we received 10,000 copies of RDI:4, 10,000 of the reprint of RDI:1, and only 1,000 each of Cormac and Natyli. With the vast majority of our backers getting both allies and with a huge margin of them getting more than one pair of them we immediately hit a fulfillment SNAFU. This is the infamous "counting error" - pretty much the only information we could share until we had some manner of resolution in hand.

We did the best we could with what we had, and we went ahead and fulfilled as many rewards as we could. Meanwhile we were running around trying to find out where exactly the missing allies went. They had been printed, we had even paid for them, but they were not in our warehouse. At least 200 rewards needed to be delayed and this delay primarily affected backers at the Whole Party pledge level.

Did you find them?

Starting with our printers in China, and then to each truck stop on the way back to Fort Wayne, Indiana (where we warehouse our stuff), we started calling and asking about the missing product. It couldn't be that hard to lose track of multiple pallets of inventory after all!

Eventually we found them again, in a warehouse in Chicago, Illinois. When the cargo container was getting split up into specific freight deliveries, the allies just hadn't been loaded in. SlugFest Games has had issues with deliveries out of Chicago before, and apparently the fateful city is the setting for yet another one. However, we are stoked to finally have everything in hand and will be immediately going forward with fulfillment for the rest of our backers.

When will they arrive?

Domestic backers should get in touch with us if they have not received their rewards by December 20th.

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that international backers will have their rewards before the holidays, and should get back to us if they have not received their rewards by January.

I've changed my address!

We are shipping everything through USPS, which means as long as you have set up mail forwarding, you'll be fine.

We apologize for keeping quiet about the problem behind the scenes, but we didn't want to jump the gun until AFTER we determined if we would have to do an additional print run of Cormac and Natyli (delaying things until 2015 for some backers). We hope that answers a number of questions. If you have anything to share, please feel free to hit us up through e-mail ( or leave a comment!

Happy Gaming!

How's Fullfillment Going?


Hey SlugFans!

We hope everyone had a lovely week, especially for us folks in the US who are now stuffed with turkey. How about a brief update on how shipping is going?

The Majority of Rewards Have Shipped!

That means most of you will soon be receiving your rewards and a number of you already have. When you get it, crack the game open, try it out, and let us know what you think. If you are looking for a great place to share opinions, reviews, and images, you can hop on over to the RDI:4 Board Game Geek page and share to your heart's content! Someone should definitely get the sea event deck up there.

Some Rewards Shipped Later in the Week

This applies primarily to the Retail Level supporters as well as anyone who got TONS of add-ons. Our guys needed to get a new packing method together to deal with the challenge of getting 10+ games safely out into the world. The majority of those have also already shipped, but you can probably expect to see them showing up this upcoming week rather than over the Thanksgiving Weekend.

A Handful of Rewards Haven't Shipped

A small handful of rewards haven't shipped yet, either because of a counting error or incomplete mailing information. We are working hard to fix these issues, and if you haven't been contacted directly from us, then everything on your end has been done right and it's our own goofing up! We are still on track to get everything out there before too long.

And there's your update! For those of you with the game in hand, happy gaming! For those of you still eagerly waiting on it to show up, it won't be long now!

The Shipping Update You've All Been Waiting For!


Hey SlugFans!

The last few weeks have been a bit crazy, but the good news is that product has (finally) been received and packing has begun. Unfortunately this puts us just short of making it to you in time for Thanksgiving (West Coasters may get to crack RDI:4 on turkey-day).

Shipping will begin on November 24th.

We are shipping out from California, USA, so figure in your shipping time based on your distance from us. It is a reasonable estimate that everyone in the Domestic USA will be receiving their rewards before the end of the first week of December. Hopefully everyone international will receive their copies before Christmas!

Fulfillment for The Guide to Inns and Taverns

Bullets for your leisure:

  • Everyone deserving a Digital Copy should have gotten an e-mail coupon-code for redeeming your copy of the PDF on DriveThruRPG. Please check your spam filters!
  • Everyone getting a softcover copy of The Guide will get it with their other rewards.
  • Everyone getting a hardcover copy of The Guide will get it independently from their other rewards.

You may be getting your Hardcover copy of The Red Dragon Inn: Guide to Inns and Taverns before OR after you receive your other rewards. They are being printed and shipped on demand with our book guys rather than our game guys.

Character Histories

Sorry for the slow down on these! We're busy making sure you are all getting your games right now. Also, our unassuming dwarf Dimli (our next subject) decided to spiral into a 3-4 blog post long story with Deirdre. These characters apparently have a mind for themselves, and if you ever flipped through the Guide to Inns and Taverns, you know that Cliff and Sam can go crazy into details and ramifications!


  • Tracking Numbers: Fellow SlugFan James Flatmo asked if tracking numbers will be provided for the rewards. They will not as we would need to process and manage in excess of 1200 tracking numbers.
  • Character Histories: Dimli is up next, followed by a short story about Dimli and Deirdre's first adventure together. The story isn't exactly a character history, but much like the Fiona and Dimli story "Swearing in Dwarven" it seemed to want to write itself.
  • The Delay: Sam jumped the gun on the last update and confused "Games have shipped" with "Games are hitting customs". Also, we have so much product coming in our printer put it in two containers on different boats and that added a logistical hiccup on our end when it came to customs.