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The makers of The Red Dragon Inn are bringing their experience with inns and taverns to a roleplaying game near you!
The makers of The Red Dragon Inn are bringing their experience with inns and taverns to a roleplaying game near you!
334 backers pledged $18,105 to help bring this project to life.

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Progress Report!

How about the Guide to Inns and Taverns?

We are finally moving through the final steps for delivering on our first Kickstarter too! All of our books are accounted for and we are in the process of signing and shipping them out. We have to take a break for Gen Con, but we should have everything out before the month runs it’s course. If you are a backer on The Guide, make sure you’ve updated us with your current mailing address!

Gen Con 2013!

We are absolutely stoked to be at Gen Con 2013! Pay us a visit at Booth #1925 where you can get a chance to play RDI:4, Cormac the Mighty, Witchdoctor Natyli, and even Ozrik the Adept! We also have two events with seats still available at Gen Con. Hit up the ticket booth and sign up!

1. Gambling? I’m In! Tournament on Friday at 9PM check it out here.
2. The Red Dragon Inn: Doppelganger Tournament on Saturday at 7PM check it out here.

If you’d like a chance to play with the creator (all of the scheduled events have been sold out since day one!), then come by our booth and we’ll try to squeeze you in. Space permitting, we’ll be accepting generics to our Gambling? I’m In! tournaments on Saturday.

Books Have Arrived!


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Physical Copies are a Go!

We are pleased to announce that physical copies of The Guide will be heading out this month! The goal is to complete fulfillment and have all of the rewards for our backers in their hands before Gen Con!

To help ensure that everything goes well. Sam Waller from SFG will be contacting everyone receiving physical editions of the book personally to re-confirm their mailing address. We realize that the delivery is VERY late, and we want to make sure that anyone who has moved, been re-stationed, or needs their stuff sent to a place that was not their original survey answer has everything up to date.

Again, thank you for your patience! We can't wait to have this book in your hands!

P.S. If you have still not received your Digital copy of The Guide, let us know!

Missing Digital Edition

By now everyone should have their digital copy of The Guide. If you do not yet have your copy of it, please shoot us a message so we can resolve the issue ASAP. Starting this Wednesday we'll be reissuing coupon codes as well as messaging people who haven't received their codes directly to ensure everyone is getting their pdf.

Happy Gaming!

Digital PDF is a Go!

Distribution of the PDF Begins this Week!

I am pleased to say we are finally able to deliver at least a portion of our rewards! Throughout this week we will be sending out the digital copies of theGuide to Inns and Taverns. We will be using the e-mail address that is provided by Kickstarter for the fulfillment on all of these rewards. If you need us to use a different address, let us know!

Remember The Cursed Inn?

With our Kickstarter for The Red Dragon Inn running into it's last 24 hours, and ourselves running out of stretch goals for it (we never thought we would reach this far past $60K) we are bringing The Cursed Inn back up. Sam will be running the adventure at Gen Con this year, but if we reach the next Stretch Goal then we'll make it into a full-blown PDF. As a way of saying thank you for bearing with us all this time, we will be making that PDF available for free to everyone who backed The Guide if it funds.