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Martial arts fighting, Hong Kong cinema style! A fast and light card game for 2-6 Kung Fu masters.
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Kung Fu Fighting is a fast, hilarious, action-packed card game for 2-6 players in which you are a combatant in a free-for-all martial arts movie fight scene. Unleash a Flying, Flipping, Spinning Kick on your opponents, but be careful to hang onto a Block or two for when they try to do the same to you!

As SlugFest's first published game, Kung Fu Fighting has always held a special place in our hearts and the hearts of our longtime fans. This exciting card game hit a really good sweet spot as a quick and light game that still had some interesting choices and lots of silly, over-the-top cinematic Kung Fu moments.

A typically over-the-top attack.
A typically over-the-top attack.

So after it was out of print we tried to Kickstart a totally new edition: fancy art, overhauled mechanics, higher production value, etc. Response was overwhelmingly meh.

Since that failed project, we've thought a lot about this game, and we still get occasional requests for reprints. After the success of our low-key print-on-demand version of En Garde Reforged, we decided we should do the same thing for Kung Fu Fighting.

We are very much using the KISS principle for this project: Keep It Simple, SlugFest! Rather than redoing everything (art, mechanics, etc.), we are simply creating a lightly-updated set of cards with the original art and mechanics and sending that off to our friends at DriveThruCards for printing.

However, as with the En Garde Reforged campaign, we have one stretch goal. If we pass $30k, we will do a manufacturing print run of the game instead. It will still be the lightly-updated original game, however. (For our previous Kung Fu Fighting campaign we underestimated the amount of love that was out there for the original version!)

As with our En Garde Reforged campaign, we can offer you the game right now, in a very functional, if minimalist way. Our colleagues at DriveThruCards do great, reliable work and are ready to publish this game through their print-on-demand services. In essence, your  pledge of support is a pre-order for the new print-on-demand version of the game, consisting of:

  •  Kung Fu Fighting deck
  •  More Kung Fu Fighting expansion, including extra cards for the base game, Archetype cards and cards for Team play
  • 6 mini-player mats
  • 2 large plastic deck boxes (the game is too big for just one!)

The rules will be available online and you will need to supply 6 objects to use as Chi Tokens  (which conveniently fit in the deck boxes!).

If demand for the game is high enough, then instead of offering a minimalist print-on-demand version of the game, we will manufacture a full production run of the game! Allow us to introduce you to our one and only over-funding milestone: the Kung Fu Master Stretch Goal!

As you can see, we do not have an all-or-nothing initial funding level. We can create and deliver the print-on-demand version of the game with even just a single backer. What this Kickstarter campaign is all about, however, is whether or not we can get enough folks interested in the game to elevate it to the next level, taking it from print-on-demand to full  manufacturing. Therefore, there are no nickel and dime micro-upgrades with dozens of micro-goals like you might expect from traditional board game campaigns. We only need one, all-or-nothing stretch goal: If we can raise $30,000 everyone's rewards upgrade for free, becoming a manufactured version of Kung Fu Fighting with all the bells and whistles, including:

  •  Kung Fu Fighting deck
  •  More Kung Fu Fighting expansion, including extra cards for the base game, Archetype cards and cards for Team play
  • 6 full-size player mats
  • 6 Chi Markers
  • 1 Game Box with Cover Art
  • Rules

This upgrade includes all the usual micro-goals you usually see from  other campaigns: improved box, glossy rules, token upgrades, etc. Best  of all, even if we don’t hit the Kung Fu Master Stretch Goal, everyone will still be getting a great game (and, as a consolation prize, they'll be getting it way ahead of schedule)!

The unique nature of this campaign has some big ramifications on the estimated delivery date for the rewards. If we do not reach the Kung Fu Master Stretch Goal, we will ship rewards as soon as the campaign funds become available. Therefore, we actually have two estimated  delivery dates:

  • If we receive <$30,000 of funding, rewards will be shipped out by August 2019.
  • If we receive >$30,000 of funding, rewards will be shipped out by February 2020.

Because we can only list one estimated delivery date on the pledge levels we can offer, we opted to use the farthest out date.

Backers are required to fulfill all of their regional obligations for import. Unfortunately, there is no region-friendly shipping for this project.

In addition, we should note here that we will not be using a pledge manager for this project.

Interested in picking up some of our other games? Then head on over to where you can get all of our games right now! Best of all, we are  offering free domestic shipping on all orders placed during the campaign!

Risks and challenges

We have a long history on Kickstarter and strive to deliver quality products on time with transparent and efficient campaigns. We commit ourselves to fulfilling on our campaigns and ensuring that everyone has a good customer service experience.

We are confident that our record speaks for itself. We take all necessary steps to ship games on time, and when problems come up, we fix them.

Please remember that this campaign is unique. We are offering two different versions of the rewards depending on whether or not we hit our stretch goal. If we do not hit $30k raised, we will be sending out the print-on-demand version of Kung Fu Fighting to everyone as soon as funding is received and mailing addresses are collected (July). If we do surpass $30k raised, we will be manufacturing a full production version of the game. The estimated delivery time provided on the pledge levels reflect this second option (February).

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    You will receive one copy of Kung Fu Fighting. This new version includes both the original game and the More Kung Fu Fighting expansion. The estimated shipping date for rewards at this pledge level are for the Kung Fu Master Stretch Goal version of the game. If we do not reach that Stretch Goal, the print on demand version of the game will be shipped out in July, arriving to backers in August. Please note that we will not be using a pledge manager for this project.

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