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    1. Missing_small

      Creator LeGrand Olsen on September 24, 2010

      Meow? i only just now read about this.. wasn't stalling :( Living in two states makes it hard to stay on top of local happening. would still buy a VIP pass if I can.

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    SUPPORT PACKAGE: Slowtrain, aka Anna and Chris, will send you a special postcard. Card may be scenic, funny, hand-drawn, crude, silly, or weird. Note on the postcard will most likely be very random, perhaps very tender.

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    OPENING ACT PACKAGE: Get a postcard from Slowtrain plus a store t-shirt. Our comfy shirts are worn all around the hippest parts of the coolest cities, now you can have one of your own too!

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    VIP FOR ONE: Perks include 5% off all purchases at Slowtrain and at least 7 VIP-only parties. This membership is valid for 1 person. Oh, and you'll still get our fun and entertaining postcard too!

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    VIP FOR TWO: The above VIP package for you and a guest.

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    HEADLINING VIP PACKAGE: The above VIP package for you and a guest PLUS 10% off (TEN PERCENT!!) of all purchases at Slowtrain for all of 2011, and priority entrance to all VIP parties - meaning the doors will open 15 minutes early just for the VIPs who pledge $100 or more (grab your beers and get up front first!).

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    BACKSTAGE VIP PACKAGE: Get the above VIP package PLUS a bottle of whiskey (our fave!), a pizza delivered to you from our favorite pizza place in the world - Chicago's LOU MALNATI'S (yum!), a $50 gift card to our regular coffee shop - NOBROW COFFEE & TEA, 2 Slowtrain t-shirts, and our entertaining postcard where we give you endless thanks.

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    PRACTICALLY FAMILY VIP PACKAGE: This package is for up to 3 people total...that's you and two guests. Get the above VIP package PLUS two VIP passes (which include guest passes) to the 2011 Twilight Concert Series (under the assumption Slowtrain will still be sponsoring the event next year), 2 free tickets for 3 Urban Lounge or Kilby Court shows of your choice, we'll list you as a sponsor of all of our 2011 VIP Parties, a package of free music handpicked by Slowtrain (CDs or vinyl), a $50 gift certificate to use at Slowtrain, and adorable thank you cards sent to you from our moms (they really appreciate you supporting our project).

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