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By John Posey III
$1,889 pledged of $69,000 goal

Development: Metacritter 01 [Metaleech]


These horrific looking creatures are a result of genetically assimilating raw meta-essence with a multitude of prime-organic creatures, creating a menagerie of monstrosity. We will be posting concepts and information about all of the Metacritters—so if monsters are what you love, keep an eye out for them in the development updates I will be posting. I will be keeping updates grouped for the sake of easy navigation so you won’t see Metacritters with Environments.


Today’s update is the Metaleech. These tiny Metacritters are not to be taken lightly; what they lack in size and power they make up for in tenacity and sheer numbers. They are always found in large hunting packs, and an unprepared player will need to be able to eliminate all of them or risk a Metaleech attaching to their ship and draining it of its Energy over time. After Energy has reached 0, however, the Metaleech will begin draining Health. Don’t fret, though: a well-placed barrel roll will send any attached Metaleech flying and disorient them for a short period of time.

Story Lore

Researchers Log: Metacritter 01

Project Name: Genesis, Metaleech

Lead Researcher: High Inquisitor Marcus Ceare

Date: 0345 Hours, September 9th, 2272 AD

               “Another great success today!” High Inquisitor Ceare fails at holding back his sheer excitement. “Not even 24 hours after the birth of my Metacell, I created life, again!” Ceare pauses briefly and mutters something silently to himself. He clears his throat, continuing, “The most recent success is from my little pet project that I have decided to call Metacritters.” He chuckles softly to himself. “I have been emulating some of the same principles I found in my first success with higher primeverse life forms.” Ceare breathes in as he sifts through the stacks of notes that are towering on his desk. “Today I gave life to the Metaleech. Its size is around that of a common mouse, but despite its small size it is incredible. It seems to have an uncontrollable urge to feed, almost gluttonous...” He trails off, his thoughts taking him over. He quickly recovers, continuing with his notes. “The most amazing thing is that it can consume any form of energy and use it as sustenance.” After a pause, he sighs, “Simply amazing.” The sincerity in his words is obvious. “A few tests have yielded extremely unexpected results—it literally bored through the housing of a flashlight and attached itself to the battery, exhibiting its ability to absorb energy in the form of electricity. As far as organic matter, it drained a full grown rabbit of everything, leaving behind only the hide. Its saliva seems to have an effect on what it is feeding on, changing the substance’s composition to render it completely safe to consume—“ Ceare’s words are cut off by a lab assistant rushing in.

               “High Inquisitor!” the researcher attempts to catch his breath. “You are needed in the Genesis lab!”


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