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Ultra-thin, light, portable and free-standing. Users can easily unfold it, adding one to two extra screens to their computer.
Anytime, in any circumstances. Available in 16 finishing materials and 3 sizes. Le Slide works on a single USB port (2,3 or C).
Plug it and that’s it.
Anytime, in any circumstances. Available in 16 finishing materials and 3 sizes. Le Slide works on a single USB port (2,3 or C). Plug it and that’s it.
1,626 backers pledged €600,514 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Hector Silva
      1 day ago

      What a world!

      Kickstarter has really become a terrible place. I've become really disenchanted with the whole thing and crowdfunding in general because people are just too damn dishonest and cowardly.

    2. Missing avatar

      manuel di Pietrantonio 3 days ago

      I thought I did but maybe it was on Facebook. Yes, he spoke alone for 90 minutes, it was just before they announced the deal in China. The usual "it's gonna be great" line but it seems that, once again, it wont be for this year ;)

    3. Missing avatar

      Mr P 3 days ago

      Wow Manuel, I wish you'd shared that news a bit earlier!

    4. Missing avatar

      manuel di Pietrantonio 3 days ago

      @Mr P - He told me straight a few months ago on the phone : "I don't know what to do with the KS backers. If you have an idea, I'll give you Two Le Slide ! LOL If they want to sue me, so be it". We were the ones who made it possible but now we're a problem.

    5. Missing avatar

      Mr P 3 days ago

      Surely now is the time for the @creators to clarify the situation?

      Do they still have sufficient funds to deliver the project?

    6. Ry Lickliter 4 days ago

      I just heard back from Richard. He was nice enough to reply within 24 hours, however it's apparent that he is cutting and pasting replies at this point as my response was word for word what others KS backers were receiving from him. The part that makes me nervous was his last sentence:

      "Regarding the payment issues we need to address hopefully we will receive funds from our partners in Belgium to honor the purchase but that out of my control."

      If I'm reading this accurately, he is saying that the original folks either haven't paid for the production of the original backers devices or that they simply don't have our money anymore, which is probably accurate. They spent about 4 years traveling, marketing and paying themselves (assumed) with the 600,000+ euros they received from this project. I'm doubting they have any of our money left to pay the manufacture for our devices.

    7. MIB 4 days ago

      I really do wonder if the new drivers of this project didn’t know about the KS backers. I just don’t buy it. It’s called due diligence and if they haven’t done that, then there are bigger issues ahead. The last updates on here introduced us to the new guys. And still they don’t know about us KS backers? It feels like we’re still being played here. It’s like this is another episode of the Twilight Zone.

    8. Missing avatar

      Michael Bennett 4 days ago

      Any new update?
      If not how do we apply from refund?

    9. Timothy Leung 5 days ago

      How do we get our money back?

    10. Ry Lickliter 5 days ago

      @Andrew Richardson - Check out their Facebook scam group, you can get it from some of the screenshots.

      I just wrote him and included my receipt for the 338 euro the original team accepted (with no plans of delivering). It looks like the new folks running the show had no idea about the original backers.

    11. Andrew Richardson 5 days ago

      Can someone message me with Richard’s email address? I ordered a 17” twins... so would like to find out details etc

    12. Missing avatar

      Kim Covil 6 days ago

      So if you were after anything other than a 15"... no idea what the timescales will be.

    13. Missing avatar

      Kim Covil 6 days ago

      Richard's (very quick) response:

      Thanks for your response at this point my personal focus is to complete the final engineering and modify existing PCBA ”Mother board” sort of to make this unit thinner and prevent bugs on the user's end.

      Secondary our final prototype be ready on the next Tuesday, If everything goes well then PCBA Assembly and new tooling should be ready around 75-90 days for our first production hit the market place.

      Our initial tooling is focus on 15” inches only but might change next few weeks .

      That's the progress as it today please continue follow my Instagram I'll keep everyone inform on weekly basis.


      Sent from my iPhone

    14. Missing avatar

      Kim Covil 6 days ago

      This is what I have just sent to Richard:

      Dear Richard,

      Thank you for taking over the production of the Slidenjoy product from the Slidenjoy team. We had lost all confidence in their ability to produce anything at all.

      I have seen a few different pieces of correspondence you have had with other Kickstarter backers and pre-order customers asking if we could send you details of what we have already paid and which models we are expecting. Do you have a preferred format for these details to help you manage them? For example, please find forwarded below, the email Kickstarter sent me for my original pledge for a set of "twins". Since then, due to the delays, the Slidenjoy team promised all original Kickstarter backers a free upgrade ( - Kickstarter update #40):
      "That’s why we wanted to add something, as a compensation, to thank you for the wait and apologise (once again) for the delay. We’ll upgrade every order : people who ordered the single will receive the Twins (same edition as they choose for the Single version), people who ordered a Twins ABS will receive a Twins Premium, and so on. We’ll make a survey to know which model of the upgraded category you’d wish to receive. And for the ones who already went for the Twins in Limited edition, please contact us in private, we’ll arrange something for you !"

      Please let me know if you need any further details, or if there is some other format you would like this information gathered in that would be easier for your team to process.

      Kind Regards,
      Kim Covil
      Arnox IT Limited

    15. Missing avatar

      Kim Covil 6 days ago

      So does Richard want us to each email him separately with our proof of Kickstarter payment? That is going to be a lot of individual emails, each formatted differently and so hard to process.

      I notice that he is already concerned that @Creator will walk off without paying him for producing the slides that we have already paid for.

    16. Missing avatar

      Carlos Ortiz 6 days ago

      Since we have received no updates from the creators, I sent Mr. Chiang an email to clarify what we need to do concerning KS backers. Here is the correspondence:

      Mr. Chiang,

      I apologize if I misspelled your name. First I would like to thank you for taking over the SlideNJoy from the original creators. I have been following the progress of this project through various channels. I recently saw a correspondence, you had with @Zufryy in which you stated that the first to receive the new product will be the "initial investors" I am hoping you mean the Kickstarter backers. I am Kickstarter Backer #31 and have patiently been waiting and am really looking forward to this product. Is there anything that we will need to provide to receive the Slide.

      Thanking you in advance,
      Richard (

      2:58 PM (19 hours ago)

      to me
      That's great please forward the payment record. My initial concerns are if we don't receive payments from The Belgium founder then we are not able to produce the units for their clients then you guys will be victimize by this action Try to avoid that situation another scenario they take the remaining balance from 12000 units presold and walk away without paying the factory then my reputation 90+ could be jeopardize wrongfully by kickstart backer .

      May be with your assistance or others can act as guidance for Kickstart social media on this matter and direct all future transaction with existing ”preorder backer only” to deal with us direct to avoid any fraudulent issues just in case .

      The time line will be confirm after receiving the final prototype by next Tuesday if no modification or minor then could looking at 75-90 days productions of first shipments


      Sent from my iPhone

    17. Missing avatar

      ghentchimaera on


      Can I get my Sliden’Joy now?
      We are in the stage finishing and perfecting the product. Thus, our guarantee is that when our kickstarter target is reached, we will be able to deliver your Slidenjoy before the year-end holidays.

      Last updated: Tue, July 7 2015 9:44 PM CEST


    18. Missing avatar

      ghentchimaera on

      Any news on delivery date ? It's a bit long..............

    19. Missing avatar

      dezi on

      @Djayawarman Alamprabu
      It has been ages, that they renamed it to "Le Slide". It was after not even a year into the campaign i think ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
      Apparently they just dumped the whole project to Richard Chiang. Well their "prototype" at least and told him to go and make it.
      I have more trust in our bling boss than this team here. The first timeline he gave was end of September, so maybe he gets it done. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    20. Djayawarman Alamprabu

      Thomas, Charlee and Laurent You guys have no shame and respect to us backers. These scammers slidejoy creator making new name and marketing their fake monitors on instagram. Lets bombarded this post with real comment and get this fake creator straighten out and start respecting us backers NOW!!…

    21. Djayawarman Alamprabu

      These scammers slidejoy creator making new name and marketing their fake monitors on instagram. Lets bombarded this post with real comment and get this fake creator straighten out and start respecting us backers NOW!!…

    22. Missing avatar

      DR on

      just checking in to see what the latest lies (or as you would call them marketing) are.

      Let's see you guys hopped on plane for some international travel and met with someone important and had a really amazing time.

      Or, you got some press in some far out place in Europe in a paper not in English.

      Or, you're really excited and know that we're going to be as well. Cause the wait is definitely worth it.

      Or, the release is coming very soon before we know it.

      Does that about cover it?

      I would be surprised if all the money hasn't been spent, so I highly doubt refunds will be in order.

    23. Djayawarman Alamprabu

      These scammers still disrespecting u backers shutting their mouth and giving middle finger to us. TALK PUT UPDATES REPLY to COMMENT and MESSEGES @creator @SlidenJoy WTF

    24. Robbie on

      Hello Slidenjoy - it’s been months since I heard anything of the status of the product I back over three years ago. Can you please let me know when you expect to ship my order? I don’t comment often, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not interested in getting what I paid money for.

      Thank you,


    25. Kristie Leung on

      I have been wondering whether there may be any chance that I can get my money back? Anyone has any idea? Thanks!

    26. Missing avatar

      Mr P on

      "There is no excuses for the delay"

      Mr Chiang shoots from the hip. At last Slidenjoy have someone with the tech skills to actually deliver this project, and is a straight talker.

      Meanwhile I expect the Marketing Muppets are sunning themselves on the beach having "worked sooooo hard" all year.

    27. Missing avatar

      Carfnann on

      I'm living within less than 100km from their office... I'm hesitating to go ans ask for a refund! and with a baseball bat as an argument...

    28. Missing avatar

      dezi on

      And another 45 day delay, we have to get informed about from some other media ...…

    29. Missing avatar

      VanharzeN on

      Bonjour à l'équipe Slidenjoy.
      Je ne laisse généralement jamais de message sur internet, mais j'avoue que, dans ce cas présent, le manque d'informations se fait ressentir. Certes le délai est purement dépassé, certes vous êtes encore (je pense) les seuls sur le créneau du double écran supplémentaire, mais quelques informations au bout de 3 mois peuvent rassurer.. vous faites des partenariats, des salons, etc.. mais n'oubliez pas vos premiers partenaires, les gens qui ont cru et qui continue à croire en vous. Votre idée a un potentiel de fou... Est ce qu'un double écran SlideNjoy sera fixé à l'arrière de mon portable de 17 pouces fin 2018 ? j'y crois !^^

    30. Missing avatar

      dezi on

      2 Day hype till we all have our leslide in our hands ( at least that was there last promise :D)

    31. MIB on

      I’d rather they say nothing, then write a book about their marketing activities. All I want and has been asked for since their first production release date, was a timeline, a final production model demo and status on the various stages. Unfortunately, we haven’t had that and we NEVER will. A leopard doesn’t change its spots. The fact the KS backers haven’t received a recent survey, clearly shows to me that they’re no where near Production.

    32. Missing avatar

      TaZMaNiaNKinGs! on

      Must be very difficult for the SlideNJoy team to get off their butts to drop us a simple progress update despite a 3 months gap. Backers are suppose to be ALONG with the journey, not ALONE in the dark.

    33. Missing avatar

      Mr P on

      Anyway, been THREE MONTHS since the last update. Maybe Manuel could find out how the tooling is going?

    34. Missing avatar

      dezi on

      @Andy Hürter
      No they didn't
      They Promised a "upgraded product" ;)

    35. Andy Hürter on

      But early birds from cheapest version will get an free upgrade to the premium version.
      They promised that onetimes - long long long long time ago

    36. Missing avatar

      dezi on

      @Mr P
      Still it's a joke. i paid 338€ with shipping as an early bird some years ago
      If you "buy" it now you pay 349€ (inkl. shipping) So the not early birds pay more via kickstarter...

    37. Missing avatar

      Mr P on

      @Tomer - the prices shown are the deposit, not the full purchase price. (Click through for the further info).

    38. Missing avatar

      Tomer on

      Sadly I am one of the disappointed backers that lost hope.
      Also sadly i noticed something which i am going to share.
      Leaving aside at the moment the calls of scam or cry or disappointment and enrage, i am going to say it more jokingly (as bitter as it may seem) as i am reminded of the "old spice" comercial when i say:
      look at the price we payed on the campaign page
      now look here
      look at the campaign page, look at the shop.
      if once wasn't enough for you do it until you notice the difference.

    39. Missing avatar

      Whitney Coyle on

      Every time I come on here I laugh. Then I forget again for about 5 months that I ever backed it ... then I remember, come on here, see no progress and forget again. Not holding my breath but in the rare occasion of optimism ... hoping mine will be made with a USB-C as technology has changed and so have all of our needs!! Ready for something more than empty promises.

    40. Missing avatar

      Kim Covil on

      *laugh* (because otherwise you would cry)... How many times have they started production since this project launched? I am not sure they actually understand the meaning of the words they use sometimes... or at least they mean something completely different by the words they use to their standard meanings of those words to the rest of the world.

    41. Ke So

      Hello i write Slidejoy When i can expect my Slidejoy delivery and here is what they answered:
      We’re sorry for the long wait, we wanted everything to be perfect and it took more time than expected.
      Our production just launched and it will be delivered in a few months. As of the moment, we do not have available ETA since the production has just launched. We are still waiting for more updates and development from the Production Team
      You will be notified once the shipment starts.

    42. MIB on

      If you haven’t received a survey, then your unit isn’t in production. We haven’t even been shown the production model, which indicates to me, nothing has happened. The Creators, I use that word loosely have forgotten its backers and even when they have updated us, there’s been no real information. They’ve been more like Marketing messages. So, don’t hold your breath.

    43. Missing avatar

      Dwight Schrute on

      I don’t even own a laptop anymore. Nor can I afford one. 10/10 great job slidenshit

    44. Missing avatar

      Karl Salvatierra on

      yeah I'm surprised that there's still no updates up until now and saw another project and thought this was it..
      Appreciate for any updates - it's been a while so I guess it's worth the wait?

    45. Dalton Lim on

      Hello there, it's so long already!!

    46. Mark Blooman on

      Backed in 2015.

      Technology has moved so much in three years - you are in danger of being obsolete before you start! On my 3rd laptop since backing you.

      It’s time. Deliver already.

    47. Missing avatar

      dezi on

      And now we are under 1 month ( after there timeline) and we still don't have an email, to confirm our order, change the designs , update shipping information, ..., ...
      and again nearly 3 month total silence here...

    48. Danny Davila on

      @mrp how DARE you call the creators Musketeers. Musketeers had a code of ethics and honor. Take it back!

    49. Erick Anderson on

      this project is such a fraud...glad I forgot about it for two months. KS has their blame, and Slide N Joy is a joke, their "leaders" are a joke, they have defrauded us all and there is no recourse. Sad.

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