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Ultra-thin, light, portable and free-standing. Users can easily unfold it, adding one to two extra screens to their computer.
Anytime, in any circumstances. Available in 16 finishing materials and 3 sizes. Le Slide works on a single USB port (2,3 or C).
Plug it and that’s it.
Anytime, in any circumstances. Available in 16 finishing materials and 3 sizes. Le Slide works on a single USB port (2,3 or C). Plug it and that’s it.
1,626 backers pledged €600,514 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Djayawarman Alamprabu
      6 minutes ago

      From the video: What is slide&joy? A: it's a scam made in kickstarter

    2. MIB 2 days ago

      When an update lacks details, it’s often because they won’t reveal the truth, which would break the illusion they’re trying to portray.

      In many of their updates, it’s the lack of their product visibility which strikes me most. It’s the reason why they exist, yet they hide it. When you’re so close to production (if you believe them), I would be showing the production/pre-production model at every chance, but they don’t.

      Someone posted on FB, a chat with their website person and was asked if it was still in development or production. They said both!! How can you be both?

      So as someone else mentioned, this is either a scam or one of the worst run campaigns ever! The lack of detail in their updates, the lack of answers to justified questions and lack of visibility of the whole process to apparently production, raises many more questions than it answers. Based on this, I’ll be surprised if it works as advertised. It’s a shame.

    3. Missing avatar

      Mr P 2 days ago

      All that stuff about product secrecy - and you volunteer to show the product to a CEO of Lenovo (there at least 90 according to LinkedIn, odd the Chinese guy didn't mention his actual name).
      And when were the clips used in the video filmed? Cos I strongly suspect it was all captured as part of your original trip and you're just stringing us along and posting content-free updates to keep KS off your back.

    4. David Modic 2 days ago

      I went to the web page mentioned in the comments. Quite slick and convincing. If I was not a backer three years ago, I would find it quite enticing.

      I also noticed that there is no mention anywhere on the page about the delivery date (Or the High Sierra issue, of course).

      I went through the order process and stopped just short of paying for a new order trying to find out what the delivery date would be. There was no mention that this is essentially vapourware. Wow, guys. If this is not a scam, then it is a shady business practice for sure - keeping crucial information from consumers (i.e. the product that they are buying does not currently exist).

    5. Missing avatar

      Ruth Stockhammer 3 days ago

      Wow, more travel & big shot meeting. It's obvious that you have forgotten your backers who gave you funding in good faith for a product. When will you deliver, we have been more than patient with you!

    6. Missing avatar

      Barny Bidwell 5 days ago

      Still no responses to the below concerns.


    7. Missing avatar

      Joe 6 days ago

      Its a neverending story

    8. Tony May on April 9

      Will this ever ship??

    9. Missing avatar

      Mr P on April 8

      Come on @creators, you're got a product that's about to go in to production, and a documented issue with OSX.

      Can you offer some reassurance that LeSlide will work with High Sierra?

    10. Missing avatar

      dezi on April 5

      @Mr P
      Lets hope they don't start to work on that... that would be another 6-12 month delay for that alone to start to work on ...

    11. Missing avatar

      dezi on April 5

      @Timothy Chia
      The deadlines are maybe one of your biggest gripes, but not mine. Mine are the lies and no communication.
      They don't want the product infos to go somewhere? at least try to make them as Backer only updates. If they get repostet everywhere ok, tell the backers in an update that is the reason for no more tech updates. But that wasn't the problem here.
      Every question was ignored time and time again.
      We still don't have answers about the single screen version, that they haven't mentioned in like over a year, what happend to the custom designs etc.

    12. Missing avatar

      Mr P on April 4

      @Jackie I think it's because they are on LeSlipperySlope

    13. Missing avatar

      Mr P on April 4

      You may have read recently about the latest release of MacOS breaking some use-your-ipad-as-a-second-monitor apps. What has been less widely reported is that it has also broken DisplayLink's drivers - DisplayLink is the technology on which this KS is based. Will it be fixed before they ship? Let's hope so...

    14. Timothy Chia on March 30

      I've heard of Kickstarter Projects ideas getting stolen and mass produced faster than the original before like in :

      Keeping your production under wraps could help you prevent that, but for us, one of the biggest gripes we have with this project is simply the frequent deadlines that were missed again and again. I sincerely hope you can meet it this time.

    15. Missing avatar

      Jackie Allum on March 29

      Love how they're moving away from SlidenJoy to LeSlide. Probably because SlideNJoy has such a bad name.

    16. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Seely on March 29

      How about a video of the fully working product!

    17. Missing avatar

      Fagio on March 29

      Dear "Le Slide" what about "Le Ship Date"?

    18. Missing avatar

      roadhunter on March 29

      the new Video is great!

      Still not showing anything functional!

      AND: PLUS(!) 4 (in words: FOUR) Months , then well have the product!

    19. Missing avatar

      Randall Einhorn on March 29

      LIARS AND THIEVES! Shame on you all. 3 years and still waiting. I like many of the poor folk who you have scammed have NO FAITH of ever seeing ANYTHING!

    20. MIB on March 29

      @manuel Don’t worry. Laurent called me and said everything will be great. We won’t be disappointed :)

    21. Missing avatar

      manuel di Pietrantonio on March 29

      @MIB - It was obviously (or not) ironic :D

    22. MIB on March 29

      @manuel You seem surprised. Another missed target. It happens every time. Relax, have a drink. Look for another option.

    23. Missing avatar

      manuel di Pietrantonio on March 29

      This is an outrage, the two weeks are over and still no new promise of future delivery of a perfect product! SHAME!

    24. Missing avatar

      Frédéri POCHARD
      on March 26

      @dezi: it's even more probable we won't hear/read anything for the next two months... as usual. :-)

    25. Missing avatar

      dezi on March 26

      Tomorrow is the "HUGE news" day.
      Who takes bets, that we won't hear anything for another 2 weeks? :P

    26. Missing avatar

      DR on March 25

      As others have stated, their website is down. However, their new website at remains open to take payments. They are now offering free shipping which appears to be extremely generous. The domain is still registered to them. I think they may just want to disassociate themselves from our bad press. They claim 10,050 orders. If each order was $300, that would be a $3 million dollar international scam so far.

    27. Missing avatar

      Erik on March 21

      This project is exactly why I tell people not to use Kickstarter for any new project. This project started with a prototype being displayed, and then for years kept promising delivery in a few months... over and over. Kickstarter needs to step in and make refunds for anyone that asks. I would happily take a refund with the agreement that I will never use Kickstarter again.

    28. Peter Reeve on March 20

      Do not have anything to do with this company! I backed them on kickstarter 3 years ago and still no product. Just constant delays, lies and no information. And kickstarter won’t do anything to help us get our money back. Do not order thus product! I don’t think it will ever ship and you won’t get your money back. Avoid them at all costs!

    29. Troy Swindells-Grose on March 20

      Do not do it! I backed this project in Aug 2015 and despite constant "updates" never received a product to today (21/3/18) Kickstarter will not assist (or even reply to) backers and these guys also don't respond anymore here or on social media. It's hard to believe it's a viable business - to me, the indications are it was a financial scam. Kickstarter I will never again back anything on your platform - thank you.

    30. Missing avatar

      TaZMaNiaNKinGs! on March 16

      SlideNJoy Project is beyond disappointment to either insult, troll, query, or nag. But just so you know, i am still watching; we are still here; and STILL WAITING....

    31. Djayawarman Alamprabu
      on March 15

      The only reason this SlideNJoy sucks because @creator don't reply comments, leaving backers in the dark and only giving updates when they want to not periodically. No more trust in SlideNJoy

    32. Bérenger Lieber [bel57] on March 14

      FYI it seems that the website is offline/cannot be reached. Bankruptcy to the point team cannot afford domain/hosting anymore?

    33. Missing avatar

      dezi on March 14

      I have to agree with Isreal Illan 100% here.
      They just tell us nothing. No updates about technical stuff ( because someone could steal it? external displays are out already...)
      No questions get answered. All we here is " we went here. Traveled there. Showed off there. Those tested it too ( even thought backers wanted to really test it since over a year...)"
      If we have an update every month with stuff like
      "the power setup was too instable so we have to redesign it", "the hinge designe we had wasn't stable enough in a long term test. We are currently trying different options to improve it", "the display chip we used has a too high input lag, so we have to try out different options" or anything of those kind of infos. even something like " the lcd panel supplier couldn't deliver the needed quality" would be neat to know.
      Like that we would feel included, know that they are working hard on it and what they are working on.

    34. Missing avatar

      Israel Illan on March 14

      @Dascanfe we talked about that many times, is NOT about the delay, most of us can understand it (I could even understand a cancellation).

      The problem is the plain lies from the beginning! ignoring us, insulting us (calling us haters).

      A kickstarter project should be transparent for the backers, that way we can understand and support delays and problems that appear... that exactly the opposite slidenjoy has been doing.

    35. Dascanfe on March 14

      for all the negative comments: I'm a backer from Italy, a disappointed one. but I understand all the problems that come with a new product development. I launched a kick's campaign with an innovative product and shipped it almost a year late. That could be disappointing I know, but this is thing is a development of a single product, other thing is a mass production. there's too many problems with the production of (only) 1.000 production for selling. You will see these kind of thing only when you do them.
      This is the game, you bet. So let's play and wait SUPPORTING these guys.

    36. Missing avatar

      Israel Illan on March 14

      Let the people know your love for our creators

    37. Djayawarman Alamprabu
      on March 13

      Let the world know to never trust SlidenJoy people

    38. Missing avatar

      dezi on March 13

      @Jenny Marsden
      Sadly this isn't even one of the worst things yet, that happened on kickstarter. And never they got involved in any real manner. Kickstarter is for those with too much money imho

    39. Jenny Marsden on March 13

      Do you guys have any concept how damaging this process has been toward other Kickstarter projects? I used to regularly support new products and have had some very cool devices through Kickstarter, but NOW - solely because of your complete ineptitude in delivering what we've all paid for in a timely manner, while you swan all over the globe, has resulted in me not backing a single new launch in 2 years. Kickstarter - you need to take action here. This has moved over into the realm of a scam.

    40. Missing avatar

      DANIEL YU on March 13

      @slidenjoy: Just give us a real delivery date and how you will deliver the thing to us and more details, will you?

      I do not care if it is made in Europe or somewhere else in the galaxy. Just get the thing done correctly NOW.

    41. Missing avatar

      Suzie Greenman on March 13

      Felix, Im in! Has anyone else had the problem that they've started to ignore you? They no longer respond to my emails, chats, Facebook messages, comments or anything else. Anyone else?

    42. Missing avatar

      Israel Illan on March 13

      @Felix, we are already on it on the facebook's group

    43. Missing avatar

      Felix Betzenbichler on March 13

      who´s in to create a kickstarter-campaign to raise the money for paying lawyers etc. to kick their asses?!

    44. Andy Hürter on March 12

      Just thinking to the development time from „Duke Nukem Forever“ :-)

    45. Missing avatar

      Chris on March 9

      Hmm, doesn't look like LeSlide team have made it back from Las Vegas....
      Perhaps they tried to gamble their way back into solvency, lost the lot and are now busking their way home?
      Can't be sure, but with no communication since they arrived in Vegas, we can only wonder at their fate. ;-)

    46. Silvio Paganini on March 6

      is this still happening?

    47. Missing avatar

      dezi on March 6

      The better question would be, how should they produce the units, if they have no clue how many they need of each version?
      They said we can change to any of the sizes if we want to.
      I certainly need a different size than the one i ordered. I could bet several backers changed the notebook several times in the last 2+ years :D

    48. MIB on March 6

      @Jorgen Nobody as far as I’m aware have received a survey. This is the first point in confirming our delivery address, specification and image choice. Without the survey, I can’t see how they can deliver. So many people will have moved in almost 3 years.

      I can guarantee that had they started production, they would have been updating us here, telling us how wonderful they are, blah, blah, blah. They’ve been silent for 2 months on here.

      I can’t see how they can deliver 1600+ units by April. A miracle needs to happen. Maybe we can get hold of those guys who travel in time and show a Picture to prove something, like a Slidenjoy exists.

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