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Ultra-thin, light, portable and free-standing. Users can easily unfold it, adding one to two extra screens to their computer.
Anytime, in any circumstances. Available in 16 finishing materials and 3 sizes. Le Slide works on a single USB port (2,3 or C).
Plug it and that’s it.
Anytime, in any circumstances. Available in 16 finishing materials and 3 sizes. Le Slide works on a single USB port (2,3 or C). Plug it and that’s it.
1,626 backers pledged €600,514 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Steve about 19 hours ago

      To Erick Anderson, Graphics HAHAha! at this point I'd be happy just to get the product (I should add a working product). Given the amount of communication required as part of fulfillment and if putting graphics on, and given past experience, I see fulfillment being a long nightmare.

    2. Missing avatar

      Kim Covil 2 days ago

      I am not sure why that would stop them. They have only ever given the same excuses in each update anyway.

    3. Missing avatar

      Mr P 2 days ago

      I assume the creators have given up on updates because they have run out of excuses?

    4. Missing avatar

      Erik 3 days ago

      I want a full refund based on the Kickstarter TOS

      "Project Creators are required to fulfill all rewards of their successful fundraising campaigns or refund any Backer whose reward they do not or cannot fulfill”

      This is going on how many years? 4 soon??

    5. Missing avatar

      Mr P 6 days ago

      I can't believe they are still taking deposits for a product that does not exist. It is so wrong.

    6. Missing avatar

      Dwight Schrute 6 days ago

      Since I've backed this project, Me and my small team have built 2,454 sheds and log cabins. The creators have used our money to go on holiday, show off about it and give us no tangible evidence of ANY work they have actually done. As far as I can tell they've hired other people to do the actual work and this is a shit show. I'm disgusted. @creator it doesn't matter how many times you change the name of your shit product, it's still gonna be shit.

    7. MIB 6 days ago

      Did I say I was in charge? All I’m saying is that Your cut & paste will do nothing as it hasn’t done anything on other projects. I just want to avoid the endless cut & pastes spam that helps nobody.

      It’s very clear that the Creator, I use that term loosely, isn’t interested in the KS backers. In their last updates, they haven’t answered one question. They aren’t going to deliver to us in January, otherwise we would’ve seen updates here with pictures of the end product, received surveys to confirm our choices etc etc. After 2.5 years, they are NOT suddenly going to change their approach, guaranteed!

    8. Missing avatar

      Mr P 6 days ago

      @MIB who put you in charge? I think it is a very effective way to demonstrate dissatisfaction at the appalling level of communication. I'm sick of this project and I'm sick of the arrogant creators who refuse to share any meaningful information on their journey to deliver. I don't think they have a cat in hells chance of delivering in January and after 2+ years, I've had enough. I want a refund.

    9. MIB on November 15

      Please don’t copy & paste invoking your rights. I’ve seen that on other projects and apart from being like spam, it won’t change anything. What do you expect to achieve by doing this?

    10. Raju Joseph on November 15

      Will this product work with Surface Pro? or will the weight be too much for SP4 to handle?

    11. Missing avatar

      Mr P on November 15

      I invoke my rights under Kickstarter's Terms of Use:
      "Project Creators are required to fulfill all rewards of their successful fundraising campaigns or refund any Backer whose reward they do not or cannot fulfill."

      We have seen no discernable progress in two years. We have ZERO evidence that delivery will be made in January 2018. Enough.

    12. William Lehman on November 14

      Backer# 1769

      I invoke my rights under Kickstarter's Terms of Use: 
      "Project Creators are required to fulfill all rewards of their successful fundraising campaigns or refund any Backer whose reward they do not or cannot fulfill." 
      I demand a full refund for my pledge amount

    13. Erick Anderson on November 13

      I actually forget about this project, come back expecting an update from months ago...then remember why I am happy that I don't check often... Over promise, under deliver. Anyone think there is a snow flakes change in hell for the graphic design to be added to the slidenjoy like they promised...lolololol

    14. Missing avatar

      Fagio on November 12

      @ Jörg Wurzer
      nothing to do with good or bad reputation at this stage; crowdfounding websites to my advice have lost the real meaning of it, they should have found a corrective line to "Bad Business Behaviour", instead they put the focus elsewhere.

      I also backed many projects, mostly they are/were delivered and are/were terribly (years late, meantime technology surpassed) later then promised date, the reward under delivers the promised features.

      I guess communication is key factor too, not sure if project creators would be willing to release publicly their mistakes.

      Therefore you are supporting an idea, more like a Donation, once you allow the transaction; your money its gone!

      Anyone willing to donate money let me know I will be willing to share my bank account… ☺!
      In return I promise late reply (lies) and lots of cheap chinese gadgets.

    15. Missing avatar

      Kim Covil on November 10

      Only when they want to. I will post this here despite the request for discretion because I have lost all faith in their ability to keep to their end of what they are supposed to do. In 2016 I asked about what chipset would be used in the device.…

    16. MIB on November 10

      They do communicate on Facebook and are a lot more responsive, but don’t here. I find that very odd, considering we’re the backers that enabled them to get this project off the ground. Shrug shoulders again.

    17. Missing avatar

      chris borland on November 8

      New person same communication

    18. Missing avatar

      Kim Covil on November 8

      Still no further communication. Have they broken the new person too?

    19. Missing avatar

      PICARD on November 7

      Des nouvelles du SLIDE? Nous sommes à moins de 2 mois du CES 2018 et toujours aucune nouvelles? Vous avez engagé un nouveau repsonsable communication et pourant toujours aucun effort n'est fait à ce niveau là, c'est vraiment honteux ...
      J'ai beau croire en ce projet depuis le début, le manque sérieux de communication sur le projet impacte énormement l'avis des premiers utilsateurs, nous backers, et cela risque d'impacter directement vos reviews à la sortie officielle du produit.
      Que faites vous?!

    20. Missing avatar

      Fabian Kirsch on November 2

      I have not been following this drama very closely for the last month (I understand that I have not missed anything as far as communication from the creators goes).

      My question: Is this project finally dead and can go into liquidation? I would like to finally have my money back (product I no longer need and that, according to creator information, does not meet the original specs in terms of weight and portability).

    21. Missing avatar

      on November 2

      Wanneer word dit apparaat geleverd?

    22. diane booth on October 26

      Hi, I have moved house, please note my new address 63 Broad Lane Coventry CV5 7AH thanks Di

    23. MIB on October 22

      @Jörg The biggest issue with projects like this is the lack of COMMUNICATION, COMMUNICATION, COMMUNICATION. And when there is communication, it’s supposed to give an insight to the project in a timely manner in addition to answering sensible questions from the backers. This has NOT happened here or on many others.

      The Creators have even acknowledged the communication issues, yet they keep making the same mistakes! They have misled us on some updates and in a lot of cases we get some update via another source.

      Most projects are delayed. Fact! But the ones that COMMUNICATE & are HONEST with the issues, have very few complaints from their backers. Fact! One project recently had a delay of over 6 months and after returning from China, they found an issue with one of their promised features. So, they sent out a survey asking who were prepared to wait for another 2 months to fix the feature or get their product much sooner without the feature. Guess what!? Nobody complained and backers complimented the Creator for their honesty.

      When there’s a lack of communication and little detail in an update, it will likely result in accusations of being a SCAM or hiding something from the backers.

      You don’t need a degree in communication to do this. You just need an Internet device, a key pad and the ability to put yourself in the shoes of your backers.

    24. Jörg Wurzer on October 22

      I hope, that these kind of projects won’t have the impact of a bad reputation of crowd funding. I backed 48 projects at kickstarter, yet. 36 project teams have delivered the promised product, 1 project was refund after my notification of the public prosecution office, another project failed because of an incompetent project team. Thus I’m waiting for 10 deliveries. I’m quite sure, that at least 9 of them will deliver. At Indiegogo I backed 6 projects. 1 project team delivered and FedEx announced the delivery of another project. Overall I would estimate a failure quote of 4 percent. Technical products have usually the most delay.

    25. Missing avatar

      Chris on October 20

      @Israel Illan

      I was having a bad day, but you made me smile. Thank you. ;-)

    26. Missing avatar

      Israel Illan on October 17

      @Barny i was thinking in more sophisticated promotions... tshirts to give away, stickers to cover their booth...

    27. Missing avatar

      Barny Bidwell on October 17

      The best "promotion" for these people would be to answer backers and release an actually achievable release date, If i was able to attend CES i would stand by their space and ask them When it will be released and why they have repeatedly lied to their backers in front of every person who walks over.

    28. Missing avatar

      Israel Illan on October 17

      Apparently I will also be in CES next january... let's discuss on our groups facebook ideas to "promote" leslide

    29. Missing avatar

      Daniel Page on October 15

      Good to see the communication has improved......

    30. Missing avatar

      Kim Covil on October 5

      @MIB: I agree. Especially since we know the 3 primary members of the team are themselves not actually involved in the engineering and development - that was all outsourced to an external engineering team.

    31. MIB on October 5

      I’m sorry, but it doesn’t take a dedicated person to communicate to the KS backers, where ALL first communications should be.

      There are many projects that require many stages of development, testing and production and are able to communicate regularly. Why is Le Slide so special?

      If Jan 2018 is a genuine release date, then I expect regular communication with proper updates ie. all materials are in, production run test starting next week, production started, but found some issues. Here is the packing. Here is our very first off the production line etc etc. If none of this, then it won’t be Jan 2018.

    32. Missing avatar

      DANIEL YU on October 5

      @Bérenger: It is nice but sad to see you here again.

      The dudes have answered in the twitter message that they would get the product out in January 2018 NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS if I understand things correctly.

      @Slidenjoy: Please do correct me if misunderstand your answer with regards to the delivery date. Thank you.

      Please do let us see how good your communication skill has become right now when it comes to the delivery date of the goods and etc... Thank you

    33. Bérenger Lieber [bel57] on October 5

      Yeah january 2018!! So, a two years delay, great... what about the so-called "free upgrade" for the backers? And the customization?

      I hope your communication support will do a better job than you and your long silence. Answer now.

    34. Missing avatar

      DANIEL YU on October 4

      Sorry, a little mistake...

      @Patrick: Please stop writing and start to help them in the production line right away, thank you.

    35. Missing avatar

      DANIEL YU on October 4

      @Jourdain: Please stop writing and start to help them in the production line right away, thank you.

    36. Missing avatar

      Patrick on October 4

      Bonjour, Je ne me suis pas encore exprimé depuis juillet 2015, faisant parti des premiers contributeurs. J'étais un peu inquiet depuis le mois d'août et l'absence de communication, mais me voilà rassuré, même si la date de livraison est encore reportée. Mais je ne perds pas espoir. Je trouve étrange les réactions des potentiels acquéreurs, en effet si il n'y avait pas de produit derrière cette campagne ou si vous n'étiez pas en mesure de livré un produit fini, pourquoi une telle débauche d'énergie pour rassurer les futurs acheteurs et nous expliquer les évolutions du produit. J'attends avec impatience et vous soutien vivement pour l'aboutissement de ce super projet.

    37. Missing avatar

      DANIEL YU on October 4

      @MIB: The dudes are still reasonably not clear in their so-called update - no clear delivery date and who knows what. If it ever happens that the dudes give us some kind of "finished product", it will be a miracle itself. I do not hate them because I have got tons of things to do, I just feel sorry for myself and fellow victims.

      @Slienjoy: You did mention in the twitter message that you are going to get the products out in Janurary 2018. I hope that you do know which year and which month that I am talking about. Enough communication stunts, give us 1. the 1st production date of which model ( 1+ / 2+ screens) - do not tell us that you have not got a clue since you just signed the contract with the company 2. warranty details 3. the way the goods (if ever going to be produced) will be delivered to us. Thank you.

    38. Missing avatar

      Dwight Schrute on October 4

      I love the under "10 minutes on average" I waited 4 hours on their website, before giving up on a simple question of a release date. What a fucking joke.

    39. MIB on September 29

      @Daniel Yu
      Delivery dates mentioned on updates here are:

      Dec 2015
      Apr 2016
      Nov 2016
      June 2017

      Since then no official updates on delivery from the Creator. Only via articles or other social media. So Jan 2018 again is just a diversion to stop you asking more questions and making you angrier. They have no clue if or when they will deliver.

      The excuses for delays have been the hinges weren't up to spec, upgrade the components, then out of no where, patent issues, but they won't give out their patent no. Now nothing, because they probably don't know themselves.

      They've created a big situation here and I think the investment and effort needed to get out of this will be too much for them. In the meantime, other solutions are available and as Razor has shown, soem of the big guns are probably looking at this as a option, rather than fixed version in Razor's prototype. As with the true wireless market, it will likely happen very quickly, leaving behind the samll fry like Slidenjoy if they ever release their version.

    40. Missing avatar

      DANIEL YU on September 28

      After speaking with slidenjoy this very morning (28/sep/2017) on twitter, they have confirmed that they would definately get the products out in January 2018. They would probably do an update of their situation. Only the truth would tell.....

    41. Missing avatar

      PICARD on September 28

      Any freaking news Slidenjoy?!

    42. Missing avatar

      Kim Covil on September 22

      Now it looks like all the direct visitor posts on their Facebook page have been deleted too

    43. Missing avatar

      dezi on September 22

      Probably 100%
      thy won't post another update, because they
      a) don't care about the Kickstarter Backer, as they already have our money
      b) don't have anything new to talk about. As there isn't a new "investor" they probably don't have the funds to do anything
      c) they probably already build a house from the money they got from here so they wont do anything anymore
      that is pure guesswork from my side. Best try to get a "reply" from them with their point of view :D

    44. Missing avatar

      Steve on September 19

      How many components are you STILL waiting to get from the manufactures before you can start building the slidenjoy? If you don't want to give an actual number, how about a percentage? If you've got design done you should now have some time to post a kickstarter update after all this is the biggest community you have for your product.

    45. Missing avatar

      TH on September 19

      Dear Slidenjoy Team, this silence is frustrating.

      Update please. And this time actual facts, not just vague indications put into ridiculous long updates. I honestly don't understand your attitude.

      That individual back cover we all sent to you, how about an update about that?

    46. Missing avatar

      Joe on September 18

      Hello? Le slide....someone here? *knock knock*....

    47. Erick Anderson on September 16

      I honestly laugh whenever I look at the original estimated delivery date. Such Fraud.

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