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Ultra-thin, light, portable and free-standing. Users can easily unfold it, adding one to two extra screens to their computer.
Anytime, in any circumstances. Available in 16 finishing materials and 3 sizes. Le Slide works on a single USB port (2,3 or C).
Plug it and that’s it.
Anytime, in any circumstances. Available in 16 finishing materials and 3 sizes. Le Slide works on a single USB port (2,3 or C). Plug it and that’s it.
1,626 backers pledged €600,514 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. MIB about 23 hours ago

      아니, 개가있다.

    2. KyungHo Jung 4 days ago


    3. Yin on August 13

      We will go to trial even if these cost are far more than the 510€ we have invested in this project. But this is pure fraud! This is a big repetitional risk for Kickstarter!

    4. Erick Anderson on August 10

      Fraud...bottom line. A representation that they were far closer to completion than they were. That they could finish the project in the very near future, when in reality they were years away.

      I hate this stupid project and kickstarter does nothing to help us. Will never use it again.

    5. Missing avatar

      DR on August 5

      Aside from the clowns running the clown show, I learned not to trust Kickstarter with my money.

    6. MIB on August 4

      The article is just a repeat of the last 18 months. In other words, it adds nothing new except the delivery date of Jan 2018, which I take with a pinch of salt. Why didn't they announce the new delivery date here?

      It's a very bad article and will bite the publication if this project fails. It fails to challenge the Creators at any level. They shouldn't have bothered.

      CES 2018 had already been announced by the Creators. The statement that had they revealed how long it would have taken, they would never have succeeded on KS has been said before. No mention of Media Markt. No real explanation of the delays, except that it takes a long time and cost to get production plates up & running. No mention of this on KS updates.

      For those of you asking the Creator for updates, you're wasting your breath. They have rarely answered any reasonable questions. The fact they inform the article of their new delivery date, rather on here, says everything I need to know. They have little respect for KS backers. So, forget this project. If it happens, it happens, but it will likely be heavier & thicker than originally advertised. If it doesn't, we'll have learnt a valuable lesson.

    7. Missing avatar

      TH on August 3

      I never read so much text without actually getting something of interest. If ever delivered I will send the product back to my past ME, when I actually had a use case for it.

      Seriously, I want that individual back cover though. It took me hours to create and cut in 3 individual pieces. I think I shouldn't even have to ask for it, but I kind of feel I have to.

    8. Missing avatar

      Kim Covil on August 3

      From the (google translated) article: In fact, Slidenjoy says he will be at CES 2018, the largest new technology show, held every year in Las Vegas. " We have our stand, it's done. We will present the final product, then the first deliveries will begin ."

      So, it went from July-Sept delivery to backers... to delivery by the end of the year... to delivery after CES 2018?!

      Will the Slidenjoy team actually speak to us about these changing delivery dates or is the only way to get information for us to prompt newspapers and online media? This is getting more and more ridiculous... and I thought we had already hit rock bottom.

    9. Missing avatar

      Laurent Reynders on August 2

      An article was written about Slide'n Joy by a belgian news media :

      As usual, "we will deliver, we don't lack funds, etc..". Oh and "good news"! They will make an appearance at CES 2018! They seem to have reserved a stand there. And we will receive our Le Slide around that time.

    10. Missing avatar

      Michael Winter on August 1

      Just over a week away from the big scamiversary - too bad only one of us can afford cake!

    11. Missing avatar

      Dwight Schrute on July 31

      Still feel sick about this whole project. If you can even call it that. Most people call it a scam now. :) I also love the fact they've changed their name to "le slide" as slide n joy has too much negative press. I hope karma gets you thieves so much.

    12. Maxime Lannoy on July 31

      Could you please provide an update please?

    13. Missing avatar

      Israel Illan on July 27

      And thats in us that has more "relaxed" laws about consumer rights, this guys are in EU... it will be fun

    14. Missing avatar

      Mr P on July 27

      As reported in various places over the last few days, another failed kickstarter is the subject of a US lawsuit instigated by a government consumer rights organisation on the grounds of mis-representation.

    15. Raju Joseph on July 23

      I was wondering if this can be fit behind a surface pro - with the revised weight dimensions? any ideas?

    16. Missing avatar

      Joe on July 23

      Are they still working?

      Where is our product? 2 years delay and no communication about the delivery...what are you doing the whole time,guys?

      2015 I was fascinated about KS and pledged two projects. None of them finished...KS never ever.

    17. Erick Anderson on July 18

      "Thanks for the follow-up. I’ve reached out to this creator and offered our assistance. In my note I've encouraged them to provide an update on their project for backers, as well as respond to any messages sent through Kickstarter. My goal is to open the lines of communication and encourage them to update more openly moving forward. You should continue reaching out to them on your end as well. Through this joint effort, we’ll be reminding the creator to check in."

      Pretty much, we have no recourse through KS.

    18. Missing avatar

      Olesh on July 17

      There's been a lot of negativity associated with this. I wish it could have taken less time, but I don't believe this is fraud, and I'm still really looking forward to this product! ANY information is helpful, please just keep us in the loop, good or bad. Avoiding telling us about setbacks is a sure way for people to think that you have no intention of giving us our products.

    19. Maxime Lannoy on July 17

      Je cherche un contributeur vivant en Belgique et d'accord d'accorder une interview à la RTBF pour le journal télévisé de ce soir/ ou de demain.

      L'interview sera filmée.
      Si vous êtes disponible, merci de vous manifester ici :)

    20. Erick Anderson on July 16

      Fraud...bottom line, misrepresent status of project repeatedly. We will not get these 'rewards', honestly its been more of a punishment at this point, for 2.5 years after backing. Honestly, can we just get our money back. Has anyone continued to contact KS for help. This is fraud.

    21. Ulrich Hoecker on July 13

      @slidenjoy team: Are you still alive and could you please give us an update with the delivery date?

    22. Missing avatar

      DANIEL YU on July 12

      @manuel di Pietrantonio : Thank you very much for chasing after the media markt in Belgium.

      @slidenjoy: How can you explain this news? please do come with real concrete news or legal actions are waiting for you for real very soon. Thank you

    23. Missing avatar

      manuel di Pietrantonio on July 12


      I had a contact with the Media Markt team here in Belgium. They mentioned that the business project they had with Slidenjoy was cancelled.

    24. Missing avatar

      cantero on July 10

      Hi team ,

      It's possible to have again a feedback ?
      What's the relation with Mediamarkt now ?in the past you had explain that you have signed a contract for end of june + shipment ?
      Thanks for your response.

    25. Andy Hürter on July 5

      Im nit sure if they still plan to make the thing with the choosen picture.
      I didnt get an answer to this question, because after such a long time I would like choose again my favourite picture....

    26. Missing avatar

      TH on July 4

      I hope, if delivered at some point, we will also get that individual design with our custom images on the backside of the slidenjoy.

      Otherwise, I definitely want to choose a different case color.

    27. Zachary Lopez on June 30

      hello slide n joy. i am active duty military and i have moved recently. I will be having to move again soon. Can you tell me what address you have me under to ship the slide n joy to? If it is different i would like to change it to the correct one.

    28. Bérenger Lieber [bel57] on June 30

      @Team: Kickstarter has a live feature since november 2016 you should do a livestream, as I see some creators use this fonction to discuss with bakers and answers questions...

    29. Missing avatar

      Kasper Rugård Thomsen on June 29

      @creator: Looking at the bulkiness of "Le Slide" (really? Le? Maybe you should hire a marketing person?), I fail to see how this will be able to sit on the back of the new Macbook Pro. I have a case on right now and just that extra weight on the hinges on the screen is an issue - it sometimes push the screen forward if I move the machine around just a bit. So putting at least +1 kg on the screen will be even worse I suspect.

      Have you tried out the Slide with this setup at all?

    30. Catherine Choachuy on June 28

      I saw the latest update. CAN YOU PLEASE JUST GIVE US OUR MONEY BACK?

      We worked hard for our money and believed in the product. You guys keep making "improvements" and now talk about employment which will be added cost.

      If there is a class action suit against this, please update everyone

    31. Maxime Lannoy on June 27

      I will be contacted early next week by the journalist in charge of the case.

    32. Maxime Lannoy on June 27

      @Israel lllan, I just sent a e-mail to the newspaper's redaction.
      I keep you posted

    33. Missing avatar

      Israel Illan on June 26

      Can any french-speaking backer write to that newspaper and explain what kind of assholes are out creators?

    34. Missing avatar

      Randall Einhorn on June 26


    35. Yuk Shing Marcus Leung on June 26

      As one of the backers, I don't really care about your social responsibility. I just need to know the delivery date of my pledge. You have failed to deliver the product. Apart from posting some self-satisfying updates, would you consider doing something meaningful to all of your backers? e.g. estimated delivery date, updated the spec or so

    36. Missing avatar

      DANIEL YU on June 26

      @slidenjoy: Again, you did not confirm the delivery date in your so-called update number 52. Please confirm the delivery date, thank you.

      In the newspaper, it says that 'at the end of the year' for the production but only heaven knows.

      I do not know how people there will "welcome" you lot in San Francisco... we will see. I hope that you will not change the date nor the place for the meeting like you used to do.

      P.S: The newspaper gets to put a picture of the "prototype" of the product that I PAID for, but I could not take a picture of the product that I paid for when I met you lot in Paris ? Thank you for the royal treatment.

      Did they sign any dodgy NDAs?

    37. Grace on June 26

      A useless update as usual ....

    38. Erick Anderson on June 24

      Here at Kickstarter, we expect creators to fulfill rewards, offer refunds if they’re unable to complete their project, and communicate with backers at every step along the way. While Kickstarter is the platform for this agreement, we are not a part of it. We do not investigate a project creator’s ability to complete their project, nor do we facilitate refunds or the fulfillment of rewards. While in most cases you’ll find that rewards are delivered as promised, it’s also important to realize that some projects might not fulfill as planned.

      When you back a project on Kickstarter you enter into an agreement with the project creator, as described in our Terms of Use:

      These terms outline the responsibilities of backers and creators. This information can serve as a basis for legal recourse if a creator doesn’t fulfill their obligations under the agreement. We hope that backers will consider using this provision only in cases where they feel that a creator has not made a good faith effort to complete the project and fulfill.

    39. Erick Anderson on June 24

      This project isn't just behind schedules. It is fraudulently behind schedule with completely different specs, timetable, and a complete lack of transparency. Unfortunately, I don't believe their is any recourse for us now. Kickstarter got their massive cut, these crooks took the money knowing there would be 0% chance to get the product delivered in their time table. Of course we can take to social media, or perhaps the better business bureau but SlidenJoy crooks have got away with Fraud plain and simple. Happens everyday. SlidenJoy, shipping in December 2034

    40. Missing avatar

      Barny Bidwell on June 23

      I feel as though you guys haven't lied to us all for a while, any updates?

    41. Missing avatar

      Roy Nielsen on June 20


      Is there a timeline for when kickstarter supporters will receive their units?

      Thank you,

    42. MIB on June 20

      They're waiting on USB-D standards to be released, so they can support it. Until then, you have to wait. :))

    43. Thomas Quiroga on June 20

      It's been a month and no updateS, what's going on? :(

    44. Thomas Quiroga on June 20

      It's been a month and no updateS, what's going on? :(

    45. Missing avatar

      Israel Illan on June 19

      They dont give a shit about the investors, we are just HATERS, but haters than sooner than later they will meet face to face in court and in some fairs they will be attending to.

      See you soon @assholes

    46. Missing avatar

      Ruth Stockhammer on June 18

      When will we get this? Advertising on Facebook, but no updates to investors.... STATUS PLEASE!

    47. Julia Piccoli on June 18

      It's coming up on 2 years and still nothing to show for my 'investment'. I did ask for a refund and they actually told me it was a non refundable DEPOSIT... I'm sorry, if they expect any more money out of me they can get stuffed!!

    48. Missing avatar

      Michael Winter on June 17

      Who else is excited for their $500 screens that fit three laptops ago?!

      It's like a rollercoaster that only goes down! Woohoo!

    49. Missing avatar

      DR on June 17

      "Anytime, in any circumstances. Available in 16 finishing materials and 3 sizes."

      Anytime as anytime other than now or in the near future. You guys are a bunch of liars and thieves.

    50. Missing avatar

      Mr P on June 14

      PS. Noticed the banner photo has been updated. The whole setup looks a bit unstable, especially the laptop screen at a rigid 90 degree angle. What happens if you tip the screen back in that configuration? it looks like the second viewer's screen would be on the tilt? Perhaps Daniel knows? Fingers crossed the finished article is a bit more polished!

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