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Slice of Life is a love letter to the Science Fiction genre of the 80's, entirely made with practical effects and miniatures!
Slice of Life is a love letter to the Science Fiction genre of the 80's, entirely made with practical effects and miniatures!
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UPDATE 18 - Happy Holidays!

Posted by Julius Film (Creator)

Yippee ki-yay!!!

How are you guys??? Chillin' during the Holidays??
Here's some info from the Slice of Life headquarters. As we said, sound and music mix on Slice of Life is almost finished. The big news for us is that very soon we'll head to Berlin, Germany to do a professional 'Color grading'. That's gonna give our movie that little extra something to make it just the way we envisioned it.

So now we finally had some extra time to focus on perks and, dare we say it... it's gonna be awesome! One of our biggest challenges (besides making the movie, of course) was creating a commendable hard-cover art book, and we are happy that so far, it's going great. All of the texts have been written and we are currently in the process of designing the layouts and editing it. So, those of you who opted for that perk are gonna get over 100 pages of detailed technique descriptions, in-depth personal stories and an excessive overview of the whole production, with all of the ups and downs we encountered during the last 4 years and tons of photos you can feast your eyes on.

That's a 100 PAGES! Of the text that makes sense! Boy, that was hard!
That's a 100 PAGES! Of the text that makes sense! Boy, that was hard!

The next big thing is an official soundtrack, and as many of you opted for some of the perks that include it, we wanted to give you your money's worth. Even tough Slice of Life will be 25 minutes long, the OST will have an extra 20 minutes of music, with all of the cut-out and alternative pieces. So, 45 minutes of those sweet, sweet dystopian sounds to get you in the right mood.

Oh, and let's not forget the "Making of" documentary, which we also started filming and editing. It's hard do condense the whole process of making this movie in a single documentary, but when it's done, it's hopefully gonna be a great insight to lives of a couple of guys with a big dream and one garage and a true testament to all of you who supported us and made this project possible.

That being said, and as it's holiday season after all, we want to share a little bit of trivia with you: Slice of Life is set around New Year! It's not connected to the plot in any way, it's just a secret 'easter egg'. But in the future during Holidays, and after all of the Wonderful Lifes, Home Alones and Die Hards (yes, Die Hard IS the BEST Christmas movie ever!), we hope you'll pop-out our movie, relax and really enjoy your Slice of Life.

We love you guys!

Merry Christmas, Joyeux Noël, Frohe Weinachte, Feliz Navidad, Buon Natale and have a greatest, most awesome and happy 2019!

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    1. Lenore Wagner

      Wow, I'd love to get the book too, thanks for setting up rewards for later!

    2. Julius Film Creator on

      @Matthew Lorono; Damn it you're right! And when you're right you're right!!! Thanks for reminding us, it's done! ;)

    3. Matthew Lorono on

      I know you guys are busy, but one thing that would be kinda nice right now is to have the Kickstarter backers' page up on your website so your fans can take credit now for being a part of this amazing project.

    4. Duncan Shotton on

      +1 for rewards later. I've fallen in love with this project! ^^

    5. Julius Film Creator on

      @Joe Clay; Sure thing! We'll contact you once the rewards will be ready! Thanks A LOT for your interest! ;)

    6. Missing avatar

      Joe Clay on

      I'd also be down to purchase some of these rewards later. I don't remember seeing them in my haste to join in. :)

    7. Missing avatar

      merv storey on

      I’ve said it before, I am sooo happy that I pledged to this campaign!!
      If there is an opportunity to get the book and some other items from shooting I will be even happier!!
      I hope you’re Christmas was awesome and your New Year is great!!
      Have a great time but don’t call me for bail money, I’m saving for props!!

    8. Julius Film Creator on

      @Andreas Bøttger @Ron Newcomb @Stephen Bell Thanks for your interest guys! We plan to setup a webshop with all the perks in the near future, so it will be possible to get the book as a hard-copy or digital pdf, as well as other stuff we'll offer..

      We'll put you on our list and get back to you when we start shipping stuff to see who is interested.

      Thanks a lot and happy holidays! ;)

    9. Stephen Bell on

      I had either forgotten, or had not realised, that there was going to be a book. Is that going to be available to buy separately?

    10. Zane

      @David S.R. Richter Love "The Ref", underrated Christmas film.

    11. Fred Blanchard on

      Thank you for this new update and Merry Christmas guys !

    12. Missing avatar

      Ulf Göransson

      God Jul!

    13. David S.R. Richter on

      I am so looking forward to seeing "all" of you hard work come to fruition. Denis Leary's "The Ref" is up there with "Die Hard" as the greatest Christmas movie.

    14. Ron Newcomb on

      If we pledged another amount - get we add on any of these epic items now?

    15. Andreas Bøttger

      Merry Christmas, guys! Any way to change my pledge to include the book? Looks awesome! :)

    16. Zachary Prusak

      Oh WOW! You guys are going the extra mile, and we really appreciate it!!!! Happy Holidays, Happy 2019 and "Welcome to the party pal!"

    17. Florent C. on

      Happy end of Year !

    18. Missing avatar

      Robert Shill on

      Keep up the passion. The long, hard road will be worth it!